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 Velon Rostaf(heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Velon Rostaf(heroes Uprising)   Tue May 07, 2013 11:32 pm

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It's all good business

Name: Velon Rostaf
Codename: N/A
Alias: Magnet Head (by Harry)
Age: 60
Height: 6'1
Weight: 166 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Public
Citizenship British/American (Dual Citizenship, American Passport)
Marital Status: Engaged
Species: Homo-superior
Ethnicity: English
Personality: He is cunning and very manipulative. He knows how to get what he wants and is very cruel. He can easily wipe out other businesses and have people assassinated with no guilt. He often brags but is serious and while he enjoys torturing others will finish battles in time needed. He is a Mutant driven towards his hatred of persecution and inequality.
Base of Operations: New York City, New York.
Universe: Earth 618
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Angel(Engaged)

Allies: SXML, Agency,

Enemies: HAMMER,

Occupation: Retired
Religion: Protestant
Theme Song:

Skills: He has nearly mastered his power and is a master of armed and unarmed combat. He speaks several languages and can resist telepathy very well. He controls a large army of men and is rich.
Weapon: He has a watch when he clicks it his metallic armor comes around him he can use his magnetic powers to open the armor as well.

Velon can make use of any metallic object as a weapon.

-Velon's Helmet: Magneto's helmet is built to shield his mind from psychic probes and manipulation. It was given to him by the Agency

-Armour: The costume that Velon wears is actually a type of armor that he has created through the use of his magnetic powers. The costume is actually an amalgam of various lightweight, but highly durable, metallic alloys that further protects him from many forms of physical injury.

Velon is one of the strongest mutants and an omega level.

-Magnetokinesis: Velon can shape and manipulate electro-magnetic fields that existed naturally or artificially, allowing him to lift and move heavy objects, control ferrous particles in the atmosphere, and even alter the Earth's magnetic field. It is unclear, however, whether he has to draw magnetic force from outside himself (if so, then he can do so over vast distances).
Velon's power is for all practical purposes limitless. He has performed feats of huge power, such as lifting cargo of several tons easily. Although Velon often gestured when using his magnetic powers, he could utilize them fully merely by concentrating.

Velon has the ability to fly by riding the electromagnetic spectrum. He can control the iron in a person's brain in order to alter their perceptions and control, knock them out or even kill them, and is capable of firing an EM Pulse. Velon could maintain total control of an entire planets electromagnetic field and can manipulate it accordingly.

--Electro-magnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Although Velon's primary power is magnetism, he seems to have some ability to project or manipulate any form of energy that is related to magnetism. He can fire bolts of electricity and create enough intense heat to destroy a metal door. Heat, or infrared radiation, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also included visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and x-rays. Velon can project any of these. In addition, he can create anti-gravity fields, and did so whenever he levitates non-magnetic objects. However, Velon almost always used only magnetism since it was more difficult for him to manipulate other forms of energy. When supercharged, he more easily uses these powers.

--Diamagnetism: Velon can manipulate other forms of matter by applying a magnetic field using his powers. This requires effort and he only uses it to greater extents when supercharged. However, it grants him unlimited potential in terms of materials for manipulation. He can't destroy or reconstruct matter, only manipulate it macroscopically.

--Electro-magnetic Sight: By concentrating Velon can perceive the world around himself solely as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. He can perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings, as well.

--Magnetic Force-Fields: Velon can erect electro-magnetic force fields with a high degree of impenetrability, protecting himself or others from almost any psionic, energy, or physical attack. He usually protected himself with a personal force field that he could quickly expand to protect large areas. His force field has withstood the affects of multiple nuclear weapons and volcanic eruptions. It was possible he is absorbing or re-channeling the energy of these attacks, rather than simply blunting their impact.

--Geomagnetic Link: Velon is intimately linked to the Earth's electro-magnetic field. As it is effected, so is he. He knows instinctively all that happens to it. The Earth lends him strength by virtue of it's existence.

Velon's ability to wield his superhuman powers effectively iss dependent upon his physical condition. When severely injured, his body is unable to withstand the strain of manipulating great amounts of energy. His advanced age has also impaired him somewhat. However, if he wields such power now, one can only imagine his potential during his prime.

Bio: Velon was born and raised in England where he had an obsession with cars and other metallic devices. He learned from videos and his Janitor who was a part time mechanic and learned from despite being such a young boy. His parents though knowing about cars was useless and wanted him to be a lawyer. Velon rebelled and instead helped Gangs repairing their vehicles for money and later when cops came to stop this he discovered his magnetic powers and defeated the cops before they exited the vehicles. However due to this impulsive action, he was deemed a freak, and other gangs quickly cut off their ties with him.

Now Sixteen he fled to Paris, and was quickly brought into a local orphanage. He quickly learned these were orphans who ran away from home for one reason or the other, and it was here he developed his ability. However the lady in charge of the orphanage Mrs. Romello was eventually arrested, and the police came to shut the whole place down. He escaped, however this time the Agency came after him. He began traveling Europe, avoiding the Agency, and starting up an on the road mechanic business. Eventually he met up with Benjamin's father Venjo, and they started up a Mechanic Business in America.

It quickly grew successful, thanks to Velon & Venjo recruiting orphans, illegal immigrants, and runaways into the business. Around this time he met Rose Alharto, and a year later they married. He started a family, and met one of his other best friend's Dimitri a run away. He helped Dimitri gain control of his ability, and quickly he became his right hand man. Around this time tragedy struck, as Venjo developed a serious case of cancer, and died months later. However around this time he met Samuel..a man trying to rebuild the Agency, and Velon denied joining.

Months later his wife, and kids died in an explosion caused by the Agency. However He joined The Agency, wanting to make sure mutants payed..for the death of his family. Eventually he & Dimitri were given the task to free Benjamin, which caused him to make a new enemy in the form of Milo Ventro.

He had a show-down with some others in Hawaii and had them captured. He became an enemy of Isabel and Anne later facing them many times although he always wanted to fight Milo. He later betrayed Blot with others and helped Samuel capture Milo and defeat the group. In the end he saved the group with Kathy and Zulan simply because he wanted to rule the whole world and later went into hiding with Dimtiri and Benjamin. He lived in peace till Zulan came causing a massive battle and he ran off with Dimtiri and later was taken to Shawkun's tournament by Joe. With Zulan's help he was super-charged and managed to defeat Isabel who had William remove the iron from her blood.

He fought and killed Riya and than took on Alex next. He finally faced Milo nearly winning but lost and Milo took his soul. Milo later released him and he was free to do whatever he wanted. He restarted his criminal organization with Dimitri, and Ledge. He still was good friends with Wave and later encountered Aaron during the Symbiote Invasion. He, Dimitri, and Wave worked together on a plan and with Silver Surfer's cosmic energy they managed to defeat the Symbiotes only for the Government to capture them. He was recruited into Samuel's tournament. He helped and later left to work with Dimitri to ressuerct the Brother-hood. He planned to use them to draw out the X-force and later had the Brotherhood save the SXM and fight in the Demon invasion.

He was dragged to the Secrete Wars where his brotherhood was murdered and Cyber beaten up escaping them. His soul was later taken by Samuel, but was released upon his return to earth. He took over his crime industry once more, and his partnership with Aaron remained firm. However During the Civil War, he joined Anti Registration. After dealing with the Government he remained hidden, and formed a partnership with Angel to stop Legacy. After the fall of Legacy, and the newly revived Hitler, he resumed his hidden life. He later joined forces with Priest to to form a mutant army to rule earth, but was killed by Sandra.

Later he was brought back to life one of the 99 risen souls who escaped Hell, his time in the afterlife burning for his sins changed him into a hero determined to change his ways an save the world. He then came to his senses after a good trip on Shrooms, and tried to take vengeance on the Fuller Family for his murder but was captured by Milo, and his soul was dispersed into several Fragments. Dimitri broke Shawkun out of the Negative Zone Prison to patch his soul together, and after being bought back together was determined to wipe out the Superhero Community, and during the Dark Month his company rose to pwoer as he helped several people.

Gaining the Public's favor working with Dimitri he pulled together the Brotherhood, finding out he was a descendant of Joseph Magneto's clone. With Magneto revived he confronted him, and later united the Brotherhood against the SXM. After Milo was determined he intended to usurp control over the world via the Brotherhood. When Milo lost his powers he united an army of villains to attack Washington D.C, and while he managed to overpower the SXM with Loki's help, they were no match for Kano and his armies which stopped them. After that Velon was arrested and sentenced to serve time in the Vault. Spending time in the vault he reorganized his life, letting Dimitri run the company as atonment. Upon realease he learned from Dimitri what the Agency covered up at his children's death, and made a deal with Galactus.

When Galactus came he revived his children Peter, and Catherine. With them revived Catherine was taken as his herald, and he revealed his fatherhood to Peter. Peter didn't care rejecting him as a father and leaving him, in the end however Velon did not give up on his son instead seeking out Angel confessing his feelings to her. With that they started a relationship with her finally over Samuel's death, and they revealed it to Milo who he just wanted Velon to promise to take care of his mom. He later confronted Peter during Dark Serpent's attack on earth, and they made a bond together to be a family.


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Velon Rostaf(heroes Uprising)
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