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PostSubject: Jericho-Exodus   Wed May 08, 2013 3:26 am

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Name: Jericho D'Angelo
Codename: Exodus
alias: The magician, necromancer, metamaster
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Weight: 167
Alightment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Guarded
Personality:Jericho is a rather Mephistophelean fellow. Cunning, devious, and wicked to a T, his overall attitude fits a young aristocrat, polite and studious. But it belies his true demonic self. He treasures power above all else, playing for neither good nor evil but for whatever lengthens his own goals. Though if asked he would say he likes the word evil more then good.

Known relatives: None

Allies: None at the moment

Enemies: None at the moment

Occupation: Bookshop owner, medium, deal maker
Religion: pointless
Theme song:

Skills: Jericho is an incredibly good with his words, able to smooth talk and manipulate most anyone, a skill that comes in very handy with his less “ moral “ business. Unlike most spellcasters, he’s seen fit to teach himself physical combat skills, using in conjunction with the modifications on his body.

Weapons: Various staves, wands, and knives


Necrokinesis: Jericho possess the mutant ability to reanimate dead cells and revive the dead in the form of zombies. Upon awakening, they are automatically under his controll, he can manipulate them through either verbal or mental commands. He is able to reanimate humans, animals, or other mutants but not angel, demons, gods, etc. For that he he must turn to his magics. If he brings back a mutant, they retail their powers in all forms. Unless completely obliterated they will remain active, in whatever form from from a crawling hand or a twitching ear, any ounce of a cell still infused with his power. Jericho can choose to let them retain their initial personality or leave them slobbering, mindless puppets.

Magic: Jericho’s real power comes his mastery in the mystic. A prodigy of great talent and monstrous power. Trained from a young age by the Lich, Szass Tam and shaped to be the spellcaster he is today.

Necromancy- The art of death, a magic that governs life and death. Suiting him perfectly do to his mutant powers. Ever since he was young, he has been able to see and communicate with spirits. A mark of his path to come, through this magic he can reanimate the dead, but unlike necrokinesis, he is able to reanimate anything and breath life into a mere object. This last part is done by instilling life force into them. He can create different forms of undead aside from simple zombies. Such as dread warriors, skin kites, vampires, liches, etc. Through spirits he can forsee future events, as is one of the main practices of necromancy, going old school and using a crystal ball as a medium.

Soul- he can manipulate souls, keeping and stocking them as ingrediants for various infernal spells and things. His main bussiness is making faustian deals with people in exchange for their souls, though he will give them what they desire, at the end he always collects.

Undeath-Jericho has made many changes to his person, applying various abilities from undead creatures.

Vampire: Vampires have one of the highest forms of healing, he' managed to duplicate this ability to great highs, the downside to it is has had to take on a vampires diet, drinking blood three times a day to keep it working.

Chilling touch: The poisonous touch of a lich, he cruelly " aquired " it from his former master. He can make his touch become poisonous, as death and " freeze " anyone that touches him or he touches. In effect it's basically stealing life force as many undead posess a poisonous touch.

Elemental magic: Though he employs them in their darker, twisted forms. Earth, ice, and darkness

Metamagic: Incredibly rare, thought only appear only once every few generations.The Metamage is a magician who specializes in manipulating magical energies beyond the norm. Bending and warping magical energies and pushing them well beyond their limits. By doing so he can achieve great feats. Some of the main ones are augmenting his spell way beyond their capabilities, turning an opposing spell into pure magical energy and absorbing it, creating areas where another spellcasters powers are voided and etc( I'll explain further if desired )

But of course with great power comes even greater risk, pushing the limits can cause magic destablization and rebond back on the user. The reason the nmber of users is severel small

Bio: I'll explain over the course of the rp

Str: D
Ma: A
Psi: B
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