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 Dimitri Rasputin(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Dimitri Rasputin(Heroes Uprising)   Wed May 08, 2013 8:05 am

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Name: Dimitri Rasputin
Age: 21
Height: 5'2
Weight: 165 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: He is a very cold man and like Velon has no problem killing people. However he cares nothing for his men and his only true friend is Velon. He disliked large organizations with people higher than him in authority and enjoys gaining private or hidden information. He enjoys abusing his powers and using his powers intelligently.
Known Relatives: Father and Mother

Allies: Velon, HAMMER

Enemies: SXM

Occupation: Velon's right hand (formerly), HAMMER Director
Theme Song:

Skills: He is skilled at manipulating technology and using what he has to his advantage. He is a master of armed combat and is an average person in terms of fighting.

Dimitri makes use of his power to create an armor of technological devices that he uses both defensively and offensively.

Technopathy. He can control electronic devices with his mind. He can shut down electronic systems and control vehicles with his thoughts alone. His power works with or without contact and he can hack into electronic device. He can access broken and fixed technology alike. He can track down people by finding technology near them and manipulate the internet. He can trigger alarms and even program objects such as cranes or cars to hit somone at a certain time.

He can also form armor made of technology normal size or if he has an access to a large amount a giant amount of armor. His armor can usually use house-hold items such as CD players, using micro-wave to heat his armor up and others near him, usually has guns attached, has electric wires, and can plug himself up to absorb electricity into the armor like a generator to increase it's speed and strength. He can also absorb natural lightning and emit it in destructive blasts. He can add missile launchers and other weapons. He can gain transportation from wheels or aerial attachments such as wings or helicopter blades if near.

Bio: Dimitri was born and raised in a middle class family with parents both involved in the Government and rarely home he was raised mainly by maids his parents bought. He would always scare the maids off with his technopathic powers and later when one absusive one came and nearly hurt him. He caused the oven to open and pull her in burning her. The police came and suspected he pushed her in he made the guns kill the cops and escaped in a cop-car running away,

He left and went to take a large sum of money from an ATM and became a fugitive avoiding police and living a semi-good life with food and his parents were both assigned on his case to take him down. He was captured by the Agency and taken to a lab to be experimented on meeting Ray. German erased his experience of being there and he was sent out on the streets again learning of Velon at the age of eight and found him learning to use his powers to help Velon the latter trained him.

The Agency came to recruit them both and they agreed since they helped start there career's. Dimitri and Velon became best friends and later he saved Velon and killed his parents by causing their elevator to fall killing them. He than helped the Agency try and free Benjamin only getting him to a hospital due to his injuries. When Milo sent Dave, Troy, and Katy to their HQ he escaped with Velon going to the Agency base.He helped him contact Milo and set up a plot so members of the team would go to face him in Hawaii.

He later helped keep members captive and when Yamairo came to rescue members of the group he fought Isabel and Milo. He nearly killed Isabel but Milo came and helped beat him. He was injuered and did not come back till the final battle where he came and helped until Blot fell. He later went to help Samuel but not participate in any fighting and helped Velon escape the base along with Benjamin. During their time on the run Milo came and get Dimitri to help him in his quest to locate Strade.

He returned to his life on the run and later when Zulan attacked the trio and made his powers useless he escaped contacting Milo who came and rescued him. He was brought to the tournament by Joe and faced Harry in an abadoned city. He fought eventually hiding in the sewers as the nuclear missiles he called hit but the sewer fell apart and injured him. He emerged from the Sewers defeated and his soul was taken by Shawkun. Later he helped Velon and Wave developed a device to save the world and met the Silver Surfer. He later helped Velon resurrected the Brother-hood and helped Velon use the machine to make the Brother-hood fight in the demon invasion. He aided Velon for many years, and during the time of Legacy he ended being forced to aid Angel, and Samuel's group along with Velon. He continued to support his closest friend throughout the years, even mutantism at one time believing he was the savior of mutants. After Velon's death, he was the sole heir of his will, and decided to continue his master's work.

He eventually due to his ability, became an ally of Jorgan, and the Dark Avengers. Using his ability to control voting machines he aided Jorgan in becoming the President of the USA, and dealt with Dracarot, and Emma when they started to investigate. He then joined HAMMER, working his way up he become the director, and become close friends with John. Leading HAMMER he formed an alliance with Aaron of the Avengers becoming the Heroes inside man for HAMMER until it's downfall at the hands of the Shadow X Men where with John he formed the Liberators a group which fought all forms of oppression.

After a few months the Liberators fell apart, and he took over Velon's company and helped Milo form economic and political stability in Africa, and other third world countries. After Velon's revival, and soul shattering at Milo's hands he saved Shawkun from the Negative Zone prison to restore his fractured soul. Together they lead the company, and recently he played a massive role in the formation of the Brotherhood, and gathering footage of Milo after he was rendered powerless. After the fall of the Brotherhood he betrayed them, and took over Velon's company Rostaf Repairs, and began gathering information about the Agency.


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Dimitri Rasputin(Heroes Uprising)
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