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 Harvey Osborn( Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Harvey Osborn( Heroes Uprising)   Thu May 09, 2013 1:20 am

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"I must accept my destiny."
Name: Harvey Osborn
Codename: Cyber Goblin
Age: 29
Height: 5'9
Weight: 143 lbs
Alignment: Bad
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Harvey is an egotistic individual, and very charismatic. He is determined to accept and fulfill what he believes is his destiny, and believes he is what the world needs not heroes. He is very charming with the ladies, and enjoys doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. He is a power hungry megalomaniac, and is determined to conquer. He is a Narcissistic, and believe sin himself.
Known Relatives: Jorgan Osborn(Father)

Allies: Oscorp,

Enemies: Spiderman, The New Avengers

Occupation: Fugitive
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:N/A

-Skilled in survival skills such as fires, and SOS signals.
-Skilled in Swordsman ship of various forms.
-Skilled in armed combat, and various Martial arts forms in Japan.

Weapons: He has a blessed blade blessed by a Shinto priest with immense magical powers. It's capable of injuring supernatural creatures, and injuring most super humans.
-Pumpkin Bomb: A grenade used by the Green Goblin, the Pumpkin Bomb resembles a miniature Jack-o'-lantern and, when thrown ignites almost soundlessly and produces enough heat to melt through a 3-inch (76 mm) thick sheet of steel. The Goblin carries these and a variety of other weapons in a shoulder bag he calls his "Bag Of Tricks". The Green Goblin has a range of other "Pumpkin Bombs" at his disposal, including smoke- and gas-emitting bombs. Some release hallucinogenic gases, while others emit a specially created mixture that neutralizes Spider-Man's spider-sense for a limited period of time. All of these are covered in a light plastic mantle that flutters like a ghost when thrown.

-Cyber Guantlet: Harvey's modified his gloves into highly developed guantlets, which have numerous guns and lasers built into them as well as several scanning properties, and the ability to duplicate DNA prints. They are capable of electrical discharges of various voltages, and most of all have a gravitational feature allowing him to lift and move objects as well as leave it suspended or heavier then normal. It also has a built in razor blade composed of vibranium.

-Flying Razor Bats: The Green Goblin sometimes threw razor sharp bat shaped projectiles which could slice into or ram and impale themselves into opponents.

-Cyber Armor: The Cybor armor is perfect for combat, as it increases his strength, and durability. It is capable of absorbing electricity to recharge, and can download songs and files to play.

-Goblin Glider It's capable of great speed & maneuverability at speeds up too 200 miles per hour. The main microprocessor assisted manual controls were behind the head of the glider, and later modifications added voice-activated radio-linked controls integrated into the Green Goblin's mask. The goblin glider was steered primarily, however, by the weight and attitude of its rider. The Goblin's boots locked into the stirrups of the glider electromagnetically. He's upgraded it so that it can fire repulsion beams, magnetism rays, machine gun turrets. The ability to interface and hack into most electronic systems, as well as become a hover board or skateboard.

Powers: None, working on copy of Goblin Formula.

Bio: Harvey Osborn was born and raised the son of Jorgan Osborn. He was raised in a strict environmental, and sent to many private schools his father wanting him to gain the best education. He had a love for his mother, however after her death he was shipped off to an elite boarding school. There he dealt with an identity crisis missing his mother, and often suffering from mental illness due to the death of his younger brother Lucas. He was eventually put in a mental institution, and his father covered up his illness. He conquered his mental issues after his father had him beaten by Oscorp employs, and he was sent to Asia to train in martial arts and harden himself. Training in Asia he gained an elite education and was trained under Monsu a powerful Shinto priest with Self Reincarnation and immense magical energies. He joined Monsu's rebellion against the public Security Burea becoming a master of stealth, and after getting arrested Jorgan had him returned to America where he continued his private school education. He was determined to gain control of Oscorp, and please Jorgan. His plans failed, and after finishing high school he attended NYU seeking to achieve his father's dreams for him.

He studied world History, and sought to be a great politician. However his father became obsessed with vigilante's such as Spiderman, and harnessing and modifying his ancestors technology he became the Cyber Goblin with the intent on killing Spiderman. He failed in his mission ruining Jorgan, and he quit his vigilante work to study NYU. He was invited to a massive party aboard a Cruise ship for all of NYU's richest students, and attended. The Cruise was a ploy by enemies of Oscorp, and it was bombed leading to the survivors being stranded on an abandoned island. Harvey struggled to survive for months, until found by pirates. He managed to rise in rank as a terrorist aboard the seas dealing with amnesia due a blow to the head. He was eventually rescued by the Navy, and murdered the captain of the pirates. Learning that he'd been forgotten from the world, he went to China seeking to regain control of his memories stealing the treasures from the pirates, and becoming a monk seeking medication, and eventually managed to regain the bulk of his memories. He became a narcissistic and studied world leaders including his model Alexander the Great. He murdered several monks, and traveled China learning until managing to flee to the Middle East with a Black Arms Dealer. He did business with him hoping to start his company and rise however he learned Jorgan had adopted a new daughter, starting a new life, and overdosed himself on pain killers, sleeping pills, and numerous other drugs.

Salem set him up, and he was arrested, and learned Salem was a demon. Harvey offered him a Soul Deal, but the "Light-Bringer" came to his aid and he refused both believing in his own power, and healed over time returning to America. He resumed his career as the Cyber Goblin and was determined to regain control of Oscorp. This drive lead to him searching for a weapon Hitler had hidden in the Arctic, which was a hammer. Lifting it transformed into Skadi, and lead to the awakening of the Dark Serpent & The Worthy. With his new-found power he directed his rage at oscorp targeting his family, employee, and Aaron, Shinku, and Neil who all tried to intervene.


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Harvey Osborn( Heroes Uprising)
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