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 Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising)   Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 1:24 am

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Being the good girl isn't all it's cracked up to be, heroism is overrated.
- Katy Karma.

Name: Katy Karma.
Codename: Hydrogirl
Alias: N/A
Age: 28
Height: 5'6
Weight: 128 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Katy was a nice girl, caring of friends and often helping however possible.  She held personal hatred for Joe and Jin, as well of the grief of her family's death. But she never let it consume her like Isabel's pain did to her.  She feel in love with Troy, and made friends easily.
Perhaps the only people she truly resents are her brother Jin, who though his machinations lead to her killing Troy and turning her back on her friends, and Joe. Although, perhaps thanks to Joe's efforts to return her to normal, and the revelation of what really happened to him and the role Spike played, that resentment may be gone somewhat.

Known Relatives: Suigetsu Karma (father, deceased) / Mai Karma (mother, deceased) / Jin Karma (brother) / Troy Crosby (love relationship) / Joe Dark (former love relationship)

Allies: Shadow X Men.

Enemies: Jin, Iliria, Akatsuki, AVALANCHE.

Occupation: SXM member
Religion: Agnostic
Theme song:
Past (With Joe) - Within Temptation - Angels.
Regular (old) - Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire
Regular (later) - Kristina Maria - Let's Play
Manipulated/Influenced - Within Temptation - What Have You Done
Katy Water Theme

Skills: Katy was one of latest people on the SXM to truly open up her abilities, it wasn't until Harry pushed her to the limit that she really started exploring her power more deeply.   This could largely be due to the fact that in most of her early SXM years, she focused largely on physical combat.  

Katy's fighting skills had her holding her ground against the likes of German since the early SXM years.   She had trained a lot within her time at SXM and even occasionally teached others.  Her skill as a fighter often go's unnoticed, but on a technical level, her pure skill has likely exceeded even her spar partner Troy.   She may not have the same instinct for battle though, which brings the two to a more or less even combat level overall.  

Powers: Over the course of the story Katy as changed from an inexperienced fighter to a powerful and main member of the team. She can control all states of water and use it to attack and defend, making her an elemental manipulator of the highest caliber.

-Hydrokinesis, Katy has the ability to manipulate water for both attack and defense. She can use pressurized water attacks and raise shields of water, and can even part lakes and cause tidal waves. However, even with lack of water, she can summon it from the atmosphere itself by condensing vapor around her. She can even manipulate the water inside a person or suck that person dry of moisture
She can manipulate water vapor to form fogs to delay her opponents and allow for rapid attacks and melee approaches
-Water form: Katy can change herself with liquid form, in which she is practically invincible, able to avoid all physical attacks. She can turn individual parts of her body to water. She can turn to vapor to move from one place to another extremely fast, or to rebound from heat based attacks.

-Cryokinesis: The ability to create and manipulate ice. Katy, as a result of controlling all states of water, can create ice from liquid or gas to attack her enemies. Her power isn't as evolved as Filipe's, as she can only use the normal cryokinesis.

Bio:  Katy was born and raised in an average family until she met Joe. Katy shares a history with Joe, they were couple years ago. However, when Joe revealed his dark side side and tried to move in on Katy against her will, he was stopped by Katy's father, and Katy stood up in court and set him to prison where he was sentenced to live.

However Joe was only in a few years and he and Katy began gaining there powers. Both trained there ability, Katy learned some close combat as well. Katy first was shown using her powers to help put out a raging forest fire. Thinking she wasn't seen, she turned to walk away when Milo stopped her.  Milo was the one to introduce her to the group, and she first went with them against Benjamin. She fought him one on one for a while till Milo arrived.

Later  Joe broke out of prison, he tracked down Katy and both ended up fighting. Katy managed to hold her own until Joe turned her own attack against her, hurting her quite a lot.  If not for Milo  stopping Joe, she would have died. She joined the team and bonded with Sandra and Abagail. She went with Abagail to the hospital and they fought Wave.

Katy has since helped out the good guys against Samuel, received more training, and has defeated German in the first round of Shawkun's tournament.  Now the stage is set for Katy to face Joe again in round 2.  To them however Shawkun doesn't matter, they stated that this encounter will be there last, and one of them won't be walking away. They fought each other and both died. TOAA resurrected Katy and William healed her. She left  and met up with Shin she got trapped beneath a volcano when trying to free Sandra. She was later freed and helped fight in the Symbiote invasion.

She went to Asgard with the others but was beat up easily due to the lack of water and later helped fight Cyber and train evolved humans during the  outbreak.  She helped out in the demon invasion and fought Rail and Tanya when Controller possessed her. Later Shawkun took her soul and she battled Troy. She was freed by the SXM after the Secrete Wars. She rejoined the team, and celebrated during Milo's birthday. She was one of the members who helped defend Genosha, instead of participating in the initial attacks against the Espada.

However before the battle on Genosha she helped battle a crazed Elle, but she was very helpful in the fight against Tercera. During the Civil War she joined Filipe's Anti Registration side, but was later shipped off to a prison facility after engaging Milo in combat. She was released thanks to Samuel, and later helped fight the Government's Sentinel army. After the team was disbanded, she remained on Genosha. After Milo returned, she was one of the few that wanted to get the team back together. She helped fight Nightmare's gang, proving very useful.

During the rise of the newly revived Hitler, she once again proved useful to the team. She helped fight off Hitler's forces, participated in the time travel mission to capture Hitler's wife, and helped fight Legacy. During the next arc, she was one of the SXM members taken to the Future, by Future Milo. There she was captured by the Government, and learned of her relationship with Troy. After escaping, and returning to the past her feelings towards Troy grew. Her powers also grew thanks to Harry she began learning the elemental shift, and in the future Milo's girlfriend Kairi helped her gain more control over her hydrokinetic powers.

Once again the lives of her friends, were put in danger with Akatsuki the new terrorist organization on the loose. She made a new rival in the form of the Shark Humanoid Kisame, however in all of their battle's Kisame won. During their final encounter, she manged to use water in it's solid form aka Cryokinesis to defeat Kisame. After this she nearly died from fatigue, but helped fight off Isabel to stop Troy's death.  She started a relationship with Troy, after this.  Early on..she was a victim kidnapped by the Phoenix Alliance, and hidden in Troy's mind. She was later rescued by Amber, growing closer to Troy.

After the SXM learned of the Hunters impending invasion's, she was placed in Troy's squad. Their bond grew closer, but later she was kidnapped by Akatsuki during the hunt for Elementals. After being freed, she was nearly killed by Illiria. After her revival, she helped fight off the Olympians during their invasion. She helped out during the Titans attack on Genosha, and during the Sefirot Arc was one of the members transported to Milo's pocket dimension to survive Earth's destruction.  After Sefirot defeat, Katy and the others are brought back, quickly getting in a fight with Illria and hr team.   Katy was later shrunken by Kathy when she got sick and rescued some time later.  Katy was later shrunken again when Kathy lost control, and swallowed with the rest of the island.  While shrunken, she argued with Rail who would refuse to let Tanya in the safe area.  She later escapes Kathy's stomach with the rest, and are brought to full size by Filipe.  She then helped in the sentential attack.

Katy later helped fight the Horsemen and the mutant army.  Later she came with Yamairo's team to fight Kony.  Leading up to the hunter invasion, she was annoyed when she learned Jin would be joining SXM.  Upon facing Jin, she learned defeating him wouldn't be as easy as she once thought.  Over the course of the story Jin would use his electrical powers to torture Katy until getting straightened out by James.  When time came for them to face the hunters, she put her hatred aside and fought with Jin.

Katy's troubles has far from ended however, in the mini side arc involving Troy's mother Katie, and his evil father Greg.  Katy suffered a attack from Greg, causing her complete memory loss.  Moving into Dark Reign, Jorgan helped Katy restore her memories, with the condition that she and Troy join the Dark Avengers.  With Jorgan threatening to take away Katy's memories if she act against him, the lovers found themselves in the same position as Sandra and Dave, that they would battle against SXM.  Katy was released from Jorgan's control after his defeat.

Moving into Nightmare's/Shawkun's arc, after suffering her own nightmare as well as everyone else, Katy was later captured by the Dark Phoenix Sandra clone.  She was effected by Spike, and her personality was altered.  In attempt to join Illiria's group, she pushed her emotions aside, and turned on Troy, killing him.   Iliria wanted proof this was not simple mind control, and forced Katy's emotions to emerge.  Katy later took care of Troy's body personally.  When Katy's emotions was manipulated as well, she started getting back together with Joe.  This forced Anna to take action herself to help Katy and make her realize Jin's manipulation.  After facing Anna and speaking to her, Katy is left in a frustrated, and confused state.  With emotions that doesn't match up with her memory's, she begins to question what she's doing and who she's trusting.

Katy helped Iliria's team battle the invading Predators.  Jin was not willing to lose Katy to Anna so easily and told her not to trust Anna or the SXM, and that her memories where fake.  After the time skip, Joe's newly revived emotions seem to be getting in the way as he contemplated finding Spike and Kelly to return Katy to normal.   Katy was later rescued by Sandra and returned to normal.  Sandra revived Troy and both got back together.  Katy joined X Lords later when Troy joined.

Katy rejoined SXM after the X Lords ordeal ended and stayed as a active member to be called into duty, often front lining battles with Troy and other SXM members.  Later Milo would bring forth the feelings Katy had for Joe, giving Joe a fighting change at winning Katy over.  However when opportunity provided itself, Joe took advantage getting Cupid's help to sway Katy completely over to his side.  Katy has remained with Joe though the battles with Serpent tossing Troy aside.  

Katy later admitted to finding out what Joe had done, but stayed with him anyway.  Milo seemed to hold some resentment towards Katy for this, but Katy defends her innocence by claiming herself and Troy had has tension between them for a long time.   Katy claims that while she and Troy was all smiles on the outside, behind the scenes Katy has spoken of settling down, wanting a child, start a family and a less hectic life.   In her words however, Troy would completely reject the idea of having a child, wanting no part of it what-so-ever and would not listen to reason.   It got to the point where Katy no longer felt she could achieve the life she wanted with Troy, which was one of the deciding factors on her falling back on her former boyfriend, Joe.

Her decision to go back with Joe was met with disapproval by many despite her reasons, and Katy has shown she still cares for Troy as she still try's to talk to him and worries about him, but since going with Joe Troy tends to just give her the cold shoulder.    Eventually after the ordeal with the many angled ones and Zed, Milo had enough of Troy acting like a dick and took his powers.   This let Katy pin Troy back in a corner where he admitted to formerly having, and murdering a family.  

Knowing of Troy's past and seeing his willingness to not accept that he's become a better man.   Katy is now considering cutting her ties with Troy completely and moving on with life, despite her feelings for him.

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PostSubject: Re: Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising)   Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 1:25 am

Katy in water form.
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PostSubject: Re: Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising)   Katy Karma (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 1:28 am

Character name: Spike Torsin, Joe Dark, Katy Karma.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: Spike's Revenge (Part 1) - The Crime Bosses Son.

We begin our story with a overlook of some busy city streets. These streets appear to be full of gangs. Most vehicles driving around are old and rusted, some even missing body parts such as bumpers or even fenders. The building are not in that much better condition with broken or missing signs, visible property damage, even rot in some of the older wooden structures. The roads, although drivable, are poorly maintained with many bumps and deep holes. Driving though this rundown section of city, a shiny black limo stands out among all the other vehicles. Slowly making it's way down the streets, several bullet shots sudden hit the limo's back window, causing the car to quickly speed off.

Inside the car we see Spike ([You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]) grinning, alongside him is a older man, thisd man in his mid to late 40's. With white hair, and overweight, the now panicked man wears a black suit. None of the shots had gotten through the cars bullet proof glass.

Spike: See Mr. Mayor. I bet your glad we took the bullet proof car, are you not?

Claiming down soon after, the mayor replies.

Mayor: Yes, good thing we did.

Reaching it's destination after a few more blocks, the mayor orders the limo driver to stop. The rare door opens and Spike steps out first. Taking a quick look around, he signals the mayor to step out. Both quickly enter a near building. As they walk though, they pass many armed men with hand guns, as well as a fair few who carry AK47 machine guns. None of these soldiers attempt to stop them however. Continuing through the hall, they make a turn heading down a flight of steps. Reaching the bottom, they enter a warehouse type area. This area contains many crates containing various weapons. We even see a open crate that has a rocket launcher laid in it. Spike guides the mayor to a back room. There they are welcomed by another older man again in his late 50's (appearance)

...: Ah, Mr. Mayor. Glad you could come.

The old man walks around to the back of a desk in the room, he takes a stash of cash and tosses it to Spike, who catches it.

...: Well done as usually son.
Spike: Same deal father?
...: Yes, half now. The rest when you return the mayor home, safely.
Spike: Consider it done.
...: Good. Mayor, take a seat.

As the mayor does so, Spikes father takes him aside, so the mayor can't hear what they are saying.

...: So, your sure he's the same man?
Spike: Don't worry about it. His personality is almost completely unchanged, the only difference being that he now supports you, off the record sort to say. He will deny all claims in public.
...: Fantastic. With support like this, we'll run this city in no time.
Spike: Please, you already run this city. This will just tighten your hold further.
...: I really wish you would reconsider, to take my position when I die.
Spike: Sorry father, but sitting around counting money and buying guns, it's my type of work. I prefer to be out there, doing these jobs.
...: Very well. You can wait outside until it's time to leave.
Spike: Very well.

Spike leaves the room. A few hours later, all arrangements and deals are made. The mayor exits the room, with the other man behind them.

...: Everything is settled. Get him back, and you will receive the second half of your payment.

Spike, sitting in a chair by the door, stands up.

Spike: I haven't failed you yet, have I?
...: No, that's why I trust you.

Spike and the mayor are next seen walking up the stairs, to the main hall. Once there, they hear gunfire at the exit they are suppose to take. 3 armed men then approach them.

Armed man 1: A rival gang is trying to invade. It's to dangerous for you to leave this way. We've arranged for a helicopter to pick you guys up. We need to get to the roof.
Spike: *grin* Gotta love that government funding. You don't mind paying for the ride, do you Mr. Mayor?
Mayor: Just get me home, I'll pay for the helicopter.
Spike: Good.

Making there way to the roof, the armed men run out first as Spike and the mayor stay out of view. On a rooftop across the street, the armed men see a rival gang member with a rocket launcher. He fires down upon the street, blowing up the mayor's car. Spike see's this as well.

Spike: Just as I figured. They are after the mayor, probably wants him to use as ransom for money.

The armed men quickly shoot the rival gang member. As the helicopter approaches, more rival gang members run up on the rooftop across the street, returning fire with sub-machine guns. A gun battle ensures, and although both sides take out men, the armed men on Spikes side are the first to all die.

Spike: For the love of... father has to train these guys better... set up a shooting range or something. *sigh* Stay here.

Waiting till the rival gangs focus is off, Spike suddenly runs out, grabs one of the downed mens guns, and takes cover behind a exhaust vent just in time to avoid a rain of bullets. Upon the first opening, Spike returns fire, making the rival gang members scatter.

Spike: Run to the chopper!

The mayor makes a run to the chopper. One rival member tries to shoot the mayor while he's in the open, but is shot by Spike as soon as he reveals himself from cover. Spike backs up, getting into the chopper as well. Spike takes a few more shots, taking another rival gang member down, then the chopper takes off.

A view weeks after completing the mission, Spike is seen walking down the streets. With it being night, and most of the lights either broken or burned out, it makes for a dark and dangerous walk as you never know who's around the next corner. Spike suddenly feels a vibration in his pocket. Reaching in his pocket, he grabs a phone and reads the awaiting text message. A little over an hour later, Spike is seen meeting up with a man in his early 30's. Wearing a black suit and brown overcoat, Spike knows the man.

Spike: Why have you asked me here?

The man takes a piece of paper out of his pocket. He lowers his head as he slides it across the table. Spike takes the paper, he unfolds it and reads what is written. He crumples the paper in his hand as he makes a fist.

Spike: Who? Evil or Very Mad
...: Nick Johnathon Dark.
Spike: When can we go after him?
...: Not yet. We was hit hard by the attack. Many lost, many resources also lost.


Character name: Spike Torsin, Joe Dark, Katy Karma.
RP: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: Spike's Revenge (part 2) - Joe Dark.

A month passes by, and we switch our views from the gang streets to a smaller country side town. Overlooking a large building with many teenagers around, we hear the school bell ring as the students begin to enter the building. Our view focuses on one student ( appearance ) who walks along the hallway of the building. As he continues he is jokingly jumped by another teenage male.

???: Last day of school. Coming to the party tonight Joe?
Joe: I'll think about it. It hasn't been a easy couple of weeks you know.

The unnamed student suddenly drops his cheerful attitude.

???: Oh, right I'm sorry man. Your father passing and all.
Joe: In one regard, I'm angry at that idiot. He was warned to retire and take it easy because of his weakening heart. Of course, he wasn't one to take doctors orders, and look what happened. *sigh* Despite this, you can't stay mad at the man. All he wanted to do was make the world safe.
???: Yes, I heard he took down a major crime boss only a week before he died.
Joe: Yes he did.
???: Well, anyway, lets not dwell on the past. I know it must be hard losing a parent, but hey, come and have a good time. Take your mind off all the bad stuff for a while. Who knows, maybe you'll ever get to score, there will be lots of chicks drinking. Smile
Joe: You may be right. Alright, I'll see you there.
???: Great. I promise, you won't have any worries by the time the nights out.
Joe: At one of your party's, I believe you. Razz

As Joe and his buddy's finish up the school day. We skip forward to that night. It's around 10pm at night, and we see a group of young women at the local pool. We see a blue haired women climb up on the diving board, she does a somersault flip into the pool, joining the other women who are already in the water. After about a half hour, all the women get out, except for the blue haired girl.

Girl 1: It's 10:30, Katy you coming?
Katy: No, I may stay here another few minutes. Just float around some.
Girl 1: Are you sure? We'd love to stay and wait, but we've got to get going.
Katy: That's alright, you girls go on. It's only a half hour until the janitor comes to lock up anyway. So I'll see you girls in the morning.

Katy lies back in the pool, simply floating and closes her eyes. About 15 minutes after, a sound is heard, like a gear clicking into place. The pool starts to close over, Katy wakes. (The pool is like the roof of a stadium dome, it has 2 metal plates that come together to seal it off at night.) To her shock, she see's the pool closing over and that the water hasn't been drained out. Katy scrambles to attempt to get out of the pool, but is unable to reach the sides in time and takes a gasp of air as the pool closes over. Not long after, a old man, well in his seventy's at least, enters the pool area and starts walking around the closed pool. As the man walks around the pool, we can hear Katy knocking on the surface from inside. The old mans hearing however isn't all to good, and he fails to notice the sounds. Viewing inside the pool, we see Katy continues to knock a few more times before she starts running out of breath, and choking for air. Suddenly, the closed off pool burst open as water is sent everywhere. The old man is knocked back in a corner, and stairs with a apparently frightened look as he see's Katy in the now empty pool, gasping and trying to catch her breath.

Old man: The stories... are true. I thought they was just stories but... they do exist... *takes out a cell phone and dials a number*

Katy climbs out of the pool, the metal platforms that had before sealed it off, now peeled back like someone had taken a massive can opener to it. Observing the damage, and seeing the frightened old man, Katy herself has a look of fear.

Katy: Oh no... no, not again...

Katy backs up, and seems to leave the area quickly in a panic. We check back in with Joe who is walking down the street. He soon spots the women from before ( appearance ) as she ran down the street, several people appear to be chasing after her. As she was being chased, with noting on her feet, she ends up tripping and falling when she steps on a shape rock. Just as one of the chasers closes in on Katy, he is suddenly struck in the face by a strong punch and knocked to the ground, out cold. Looking up, Katy see's Joe standing between herself and the people chasing her.

Joe: Alright, what's the meaning of this?

A man makes his way to the front of the group.

???: Out of the way kid. We got to finish off this water freak.
Joe: Water... wait, are you saying she controls water then?
???: You are correct. New step aside.
Joe: ... No.
???: What!?
Joe: You heard me. I will not step aside.
???: Your a fool. We have to eliminate the girl before she learns to call on her powers freely.
Joe: Why, they have to die just for being different? *smirk* No, not tonight. I won't allow it.
???: Stubborn child, you have no idea the danger these beings process.
Joe: Hey miss.
Katy: Y-yeah.
Joe: Listen, go, get out of here. I'll hold these guys off.
Katy: Why would you..?
Joe: Don't worry about it. Just go while you still can.
Katy: T-thank you.

Katy scrambles back up to her feet and continues on down the road. Meanwhile Joe blocks the way of the group. Joe then charges the group, clenches his fist as he made a mighty battle roar. The view then pans out into the night sky as the sounds of fighting are heard. The next day, Joe is seen waking up in a bed. With various bandages, Joe looks around the hospital room he is in. Sat in a chair, with her head resting on a pillow laid against the wall. Joe see's Katy sleeping.

Joe: It's... why did she come here?

Katy starts to wake up shortly after, and notices Joe is awake as well.

Katy: Hey, your awake.
Joe: What are you... doing here?
Katy: Those people, they would have killed me last night if you hadn't stopped them. I... couldn't leave without knowing what happened to you. So... does the hero have a name?
Joe: I'm... Joe.
Katy: My name is Katy.
Joe: It's a pleasure to meet you, Katy.
Katy: Same.


Character name: Spike Torsin, Joe Dark, Katy Karma.
RP: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: Spike's Revenge (part 3) - Revenge Of The Crime Bosses Son.

A couple of months had now passed since Joe and Katy met. Joe learned about Katy's ability's, and suggested that she should train them. Katy however refused to, she didn't want everybody seeing her as some kind of freak, she just wanted to live a normal life. The two by now have started becoming really close. Katy invites Joe to meet her parents, and Joe invited Katy to meet his mother. It's at this point she finds out about Joe's father dying only a few months ago. Checking in with the two, we see them at a beach, lying back on the soft sand and getting a tan.

Katy: Say Joe, what happened to those people from that night we met... those chasing me?
Joe: Well, turns out they was taken to a insane asylum for two weeks, after spending a night in prison for what they did to me.
Katy: Insane asylum?
Joe: Well, you know, it's not like the world is full of people that process um... powers. Your the only one I've ever met. Anyway, yeah, when those guys said they was chasing a girl who could control water... well, the police didn't believe them. One officer even made a signal with his finger as if saying to the others "these guys are crazy".
Katy: So that's why they haven't come after me.
Joe: No. I gave the police your description. Told them the group was trying trying to attack you when I stepped in. I guess they made sure those people wasn't allowed around you again.

Meanwhile, we check in with Spike again as he meets the same contact.

...: Here is all the information you requested.

The man slides a folded piece of paper to Spike.

Spike: Thank you.
...: What are you going to do?
Spike: Nick killed my father. And since I can't take revenge on him directly due to his passing, his son will just have to pay. Joe life is so nice and peaceful right now. After tonight, that will all change.

We skip ahead to that night. Upon walking towards Katy's house, we see Joe take a shortcut in a alley. As he walks, suddenly Spike steps out in his way.

Spike: Going somewhere, Joe? *smirk*

Joe looks a bit surprised to this stranger knowing his name.

Joe: Look, I'm running late for a date. So if you'll just move aside.
Spike: Oh, your not going anywhere. Well, not yet.
Joe: Grr, alright, who are you? What do you want with me?
Spike: Does the name Torsin mean anything to you?
Joe: Torsin... isn't that the name of...
Spike: Yes, it is. I'm his son.
Joe: Look, if you want revenge, I'm sorry. First of, I wouldn't tell you where he is. Second, your a bit late, he's already dead.
Spike: Oh I already know about that. That's why I'm taking my revenge out on you instead.

Spike quickly runs forward on the attack. Joe takes the defensive and starts blocking and dodging, but he is hit after a short while as Spike appears to be stronger then him. Pushing Joe back to a wall, Spike makes a fist and strikes Joe hard in the stomach. As Spike lets Joe go, his head seems to merely slump forward, and Joe stands motionless.

Spike: Death is to quick a punishment for your family.

Spike places his palm flat on Joe's forehead.

Spike: Forget about the man you are. Look into the deepest desires of your heart. You take what you want, the world is yours. Anyone in your way will pay.

Spike smirks as he brings his hand down, making a fist once again. He punches Joe back against the wall. Spike then watches as Joe drops to the group. Around an hour later, Joe starts to wake up. With a headache, Joe seems not to have any clear memory of what happened. Picking himself up, Joe slowly continues towards Katy's, stumbling a bit at first. Reaching Katy's front step, Joe knocks on the door, and is greeted by Katy's mother.

Mother: Oh hello Joe. Katy's waiting for you, she's just upstairs.
Joe: Thank you.

Joe makes his way upstairs. He enters Katy's room where Katy welcomes him. As Katy cleans up a bit, Joe closes and locks the door behind him.

Katy: Sorry for the place being such a mess. So how are you?

Katy stands back up straight, when she turns around Joe is standing directly in front of her. Katy is a bit surprised by this.

Katy: Oh... you surprised me there.

Joe however doesn't move, and Katy starts getting a more concerned look.

Katy: J-Joe...
Joe: I'm tired of waiting.
Katy: What are you...

Katy suddenly finds herself thrown on the bed, as Joe jumps on top of her, placing his hand over her mouth so she can't call for help. Walking along the hall, Katy's father seems to hear a struggle. Knocking on Katy's door, he ends up not getting a reply.

Father: Katy, everything alright?

Listening closely, he hears a faint scream.

Mother: Is, something wrong dear.
Father: Pass me the gun, and call the cops, now.

The mother quickly gets the shotgun from the closet and passes it to the father before running for the nearest phone. The father loads a few shells into the gun, then breaks the door in. He quickly runs in, pulling Joe off Katy and pointing the gun to him.

Father: Don't move you bastard. The cops are on their way. Katy, you alright?
Katy: Y-yeah...
Father: Then join your mother in the other room, now.

Time skip a few days later and we see Katy, her parents, Joe, a judge, and a bunch of other people in a courtroom.

Judge: With the testimony Ms. Katy Karma, her parents, as well as several cops which wittiness your attack on a officer as he tied to take you in. Joe Dark, I hear by give you 20 years to life under the following charges. Resisting arrest, damage of county property, attempted rape, and attempted murder of officers.

The officers approach to take Joe away to prison.

Joe: Katy! I'll get out of prison someday. When I do, I'm coming for you. *evil grin*
Katy: Why... Joe... what happened to you. It's like your a completely different person now...

The very next day, we see Spike meeting up with his contact.

...: Well, whatever you did to him... you have screwed his life up. Do you want him eliminated?
Spike: No, let him live. Twisted Evil
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