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 Roberta Dias (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Roberta Dias (Heroes Uprising)   Fri May 10, 2013 7:59 pm

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("The US is so boring. I'm the only Maid with more than one gun here.")
Name: Roberta Dias
Codename: The Maid
Alias: Rosarita Felipe
Age: 53 (looks far younger)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 147ibs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Citizenship: United States/Columbian
Marital Status: Single
Species: God Avatar
Ethnicity: Latino
Personality: What is a easier way of talking about a woman who can be a caring, loving, clumsy, selfless maid that can also turn into a blood thirsty killer maid? Also did I forget that she has many other issues?
Base of Operations:  White House
Universe: Heroes Uprising
Known Relatives: Marco Dias
Allies: President of the United States
Enemies: Interpol, CIA, FARC, Columbian Drug Cartels
Occupation: Maid
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: As a child she was stronger, faster and her senses were remarkably advanced in comparison to adults. Her parents knew she wasn't normal, but tried their best to protect her. She run 80 kph and stop a speeding car with  her foot. Her reflexes are fast enough to dodge bullets.

She learned how to fight from Martial arts lessons and military training her parents paid for, but when she was born Roberta gained an almost innate understanding of warfare and fighting. This was just remedial training. Roberta is an artist with almost any weapon and is quite capable of teaching veterans a thing or two about their favorite guns.

Knows English, Portugesse, Spanish

Weapons: Duel Desert Eagles, two MP7 SMGs, Combat Knife, Large bullet proof Suitcase carrying weapons.
Powers: Super Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Innate understanding of warfare and all its aspects, Cellular Regeneration (heals sever wounds in a day and extends her life to centuries)

Immunity- Immune to nearly all Disease and Viruses.

Power Growth- The more she fights the more she becomes a true Avatar of War. Her current power level will grow, but it isn't a no limits fallacy situation. She can peak, but right now she isn't near that level. For the time being It appears that she gets more powerful the bigger the conflict she is in. After all she is War's representative.

Roberta is highly resistant to pain and very durable. Small caliber bullets can barely get pass her skin and she could block a sword with her arm. It will only result in a flesh wound.

War- Roberta is a Avatar of War. She even expands a field that will assist her allies in combat. Make them stronger and faster, but also smarter to. Someone who can destroy a planet would only grow in strength a small amount. An Improved regular human would probably go from lifting 200ibs to 240.  Its a passive ability.

Bio: Roberta was technically born in Columbia and raised by a wealthy family related to the cartels. She was born in 1967 into the Dias family. Technically Kano's mere existence brought about her creation, but she was birthed by a human. For 10 years of her life her family went through a lot of fighting with multiple groups in the region. Its possible Roberta's mere presence caused the violence or it was just bad luck, but Roberta was sent away to live with her uncle in Brazil. Not long after that her parents were killed by rival cartels.

Her uncle Marco tried his best to take care of her, but Roberta couldn't accept his help. All she wanted was to either go back home or try and deal with it herself. Right now all she could was make sure this wasn't a wasted opportunity. Even as a teenager she already knew what she wanted to do for the next 20 years. Her plans were to go to a University in America and join Law enforcement. Getting a education and working as a cop made her feel like it would do her family proud. When she was going to leave for College her uncle explained everything to her about her parents. At first she couldn't even conceive of his claims, but knew it made sense. She left hating that he told her that, but it didn't change her plans.

After four years in University of Michigan she went back to Sao Paolo Brazil and became a police officer. With her abilities she was an out of context problem for criminals. She knew that she wasn't a normal human and tried her best to act normal around fellow officers, but when alone with a criminal she did not hold back. Rumors of Roberta moving so fast her opponents couldn't react seemed like pointlessf rumors to cops who just used that as a way to scare criminals. Countless arrests combined with cleaning up the streets made her many enemies on the police force and even organized crime. Eventually some corrupt cops set her up and ambushed her along with cartel members. She killed all of them and was eventually framed as a cop killer. Roberta fled the country with help from her uncle who gave her money that was left to her by her parents. Her next stop was Columbia and there she felt the need to continue fighting.

Roberta had a taste for battle and Columbia was where her parents were killed by Drug cartels. She couldn't help but fight them anyone who supported them. For the next 15 years she fought and killed dozens of cartel members, corrupt police officers and even innocents in her way. The more she fought the closer to her own demise she became, and the more she started to realize what she was doing. This wouldn't bring her family back and the more she fought the more money was poured into her enemies to stop her. Eventually she decided that this needed to stop and left Columbia. From the money she stole from her enemies, Roberta started a new life in the United States.

At a election rally Senator Taylor (now President) was giving a speech to a mutant was getting ready to electrocute him. Roberta knew what was happening and reacted before anyone else could. She snapped the assassin's neck and was quickly detained by the secret service. Before they could identify who she really was the Senator found a opportunity. He wanted to get her as a bodyguard as exchange for not going to jail. Roberta declined the offer, but instead wanted to work as a maid instead and if someone happens to attack the President or his family then she would obliged to end their lives.

During President Taylor's term and even the campaign rumors about his creepy Mary Poppinsesque maid flew around. The more she hovered around the family the more the media attempted to figure out her story. Saving the Senator's life was the first step in uncovering her true identity, but Taylor made sure to keep the story off of her. At worst his political opponents could say was that he had a new guard around. He even joked around about having a polite caring maid who would defend his family as well as he would defend this country.

She was eventually given the position of Director of MRD. It was a position she didn't want but the President needed someone skilled and loyal. Her time in that position consisted of helping fight of Demonic invasions, Shawkun's takeover, and an alien invasion. To say it was stressful was an understatement but she was able to perservere. When Hydra came back to invade Roberta and a significant portion of MRD were recruited in part to launch a worldwide attack. Robert would have attempted to stop this, but her nature was drooling at the possibility of a World War. Being an Avatar of War had its drawbacks and this was one of them.

When the war was over she forced herself into isolation. At that time she focused on traveling and controlling the side of her that craved conflict. Now she acts as a traveling mercenary.

Character Stats

Agility: C
Endurance: B
Energy: E
Luck: D

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PostSubject: Re: Roberta Dias (Heroes Uprising)   Thu May 23, 2013 6:11 am

Roberta in the MRD

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Avatar of War Possible Form

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Roberta is a representative of war. She may not show it, but all of the pain and suffering War is resides in her. Not just that but the thrill, skill, knowledge and strength that War brings out in the participants also makes its home in her.

When in her Avatar state not only does her mind changes into something more akin to a Cosmic force, but her power is unleashed.

Strength- A++

Theoretically she has no limits. The better the battle she is in the stronger she becomes. It all depends on how much the Avatar is enjoying the fight.

Agility-  A+

Those wings aren't just for show. She can run or fly at faster than light speeds without experiencing the normal effects of flight at those speeds. The wings actually move as she flies and even in space they are required. No air current is required for them to work.

Combat at these speeds isn't abnormal for her, and eliminating someone as fast as possible instead of toying with them is to her a far more honorable fight.

Endurance- A

The Avatar is Nigh invulnerable but not impossible to kill through brute force. That armor she usually dons is called her Celestial Armor. Its the source for her near invincibility. Without it however she could still take a nuke to the face without really noticing it, but fighting something like the Phoenix force would be incredibly dangerous.

Mana- A

Very powerful magic wise, but doesn't use any actual spells. The Avatar simply has great potential for it.

Energy- A++

Similar to her weapon form she can still absorb a limitless amount of energy. Fighting with this amount would cause an enormous amount of destruction. War hasn't taken the leap yet to a true Avatar State. So for now Roberta limits herself to what won't destroy everything. Even in this state the Avatar hasn't reached full potential.

Psionics- A

Its not quite able to manipulate anyone only those who wield the Avatar in its state. Kano is especially resistant, but can be influenced. Anyone else who tries to wield the Avatar as a weapon can potentially be overwhelmed or even taken over by it. That is only if someone thinks they can wield it.

Luck- B


Death and destruction follows this Avatar everywhere. Its only natural for people to naturally seek conflict when in its vicinity. Murdrs, Riots, Wars anything could occur when the Avatar appears. Of course this is only if it allows this to happen. Its a passive Psionic ability, but can be toned down willingly. This may not occur if the Avatar loses control (usually during a fight).

Weapon of the God's

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Cosmic Bond

The Bond between Kano and the Avatar is unbreakable. Its more than a simple physical connection, but when called upon the Avatar will find anyway to reach Kano. Even in the more human form Roberta will feel compelled to reach Kano. She will even be able to cross oceans on pure speed alone to reach Kano. Of course temporal abilities will make it a bit more difficult to reach him.


The Avatar can transform into any sort of weapon it chooses. From spear to Anti-material rifle. Its limited to its own imagination, but usually whatever fits the situation best for Kano she will turn into it. Generally the Avatar prefers melee weapons, but Roberta/War can be very fickle about the form.


In weapon form it can manipulate natural world in a similar way to Mjolnir. Gravity and even Dark Matter can be manipulated to be used as weapons. It can seemingly absorb an infinite amount of energy. Although the result of constantly taking in energy from another Universe is unknown other than something will blow up.


The weapon can cut through space and time and create a portal that can transport the subject anywhere. Time travel is a possibility, but in most situations the Avatar will utterly refuse doing so.


Nothing can destroy the weapon when wielded by Kano. That of course doesn't mean that the user of the weapon can't die.

Power Enhancement

The user's power can increase exponentially. If the Avatar chooses to do so Kano will not only heal, but also recover any injuries and even become stronger through wielding it.
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Roberta Dias (Heroes Uprising)
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