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 Benjamin Viper (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Benjamin Viper (Heroes Uprising)   Sat May 11, 2013 12:42 am

"The world is just illusion..."

Name: Ben Viper
Alias: The Illusionist
Age: 23
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 162
Alignment: Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-sapien?
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Ben is full of himself thinking he's the best in the world. He has a cheery attitude. And has an all around happy attitude. But when he is about to kill someone he becomes really dark. Exposing their worst nightmares to them. Slowly driving them insane. Not until they are on their knee's begging for death does he comply with their request.
Known Relatives: He has two Brothers. Luck Evans and Derrick Manning.

Allies: none at the moment

Enemies: the good guys?

Occupation: As a normal person he does professional magic shows to the public. Other than that he is a thief and makes a living by stealing from others.
Religion: none
Theme Song:

Skills: He is amazing at all kinds of games. And knows almost every card trick in the book. And is excellent at normal magic tricks.

Weapons: None


Illusions: He can create illusions. Some so powerful they border on the line of reality warping. And if concentrating he can cast an illusion over machines.

Teleportation: He can teleport at high speeds and all across the world.

Telekenisis: It's not as strong as his illusions but it's there

((this bio is for all three of the brothers life in the orphanage))
When they were young, the three brothers Derrick, Ben, and Luck, were put in an orphanage. They youngest, Ben, was only 5 years old. Luck was 7, and Derrick 10. Even though the orphanage was gloomy and dark, the always kept bright faces, and energetic attitudes for the day they would be adopted, or get out of here. Not long after they were put in the orphanage the oldest, Derrick, was adopted, leaving the two youngest alone. As time passed Ben began discovering the abilities he had. He could make things become real by just thinking. He never showed anybody. But eventually he learned he could teleport. At the age of 14 he teleported right out of the orphanage, not looking back to his brother who was still in the orphanage. But it didn't matter, Luck kept a smile on his face and endured the last two years he had at the Orphanage and then was let go.

Ben: When Ben had teleported out of the orphanage he immediately worked on scamming people out of their money by using illusions. Three cups and a ball, he would always make the ball disappear. Card games, he would always bring out a better hand then everyone else. This was more advanced though. Because he would have to stand up out of his place being invisible and making an illusion of himself there, and then look at everyone's hand as to not make a card appear in his hand that was in another person's. Eventually his scams kept getting bigger and bigger robbing people of their money. It was only petty crimes, nothing to make a living on. So he would teleport inside of hotel rooms where he would stay at nights, and leave to another room should anyone enter his. As the years passed and Ben, somewhat, matured he sought after bigger plans. More than just scamming people. He wanted to rule the world with his illusions! So now he is devising plans to take over the world. On a side note. When he turned 18 he changed his name to Ben Viper. Leaving his old name behind, and taking on a new one more fitting to him. Viper is a serpent, and serpent in the bible was what tricked eve into eating the apple. So he found the name very fitting. A tricky devil. Thus why his name isn't Ben Evans.
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Benjamin Viper (Heroes Uprising)
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