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 Luck Evans (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Luck Evans (Heroes Uprising)   Luck Evans (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 12:46 am

"I am Cpt. Lucky, take a look and see, luck is my speciality, so if you need some, don't be dumb, come straight to me, there's plenty."
Name: Luck Evans
Alias: Cpt. Lucky, Luck E., Lucky, Luck
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147
Alignment: neutral
Identity: Secret
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Very outgoing, and positive about all of life. But also has a dark side to him.
Known Relatives: Two brothers, Derick Manning and Ben Viper



Occupation: Contractor
Religion: None
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Writing, playing with words, twisting around the truth, and making contracts with almost no loopholes.

Weapons:a knife in his pocket


Immense Luck: He is the luckiest man alive or to have ever lived. Luck shines down upon him 24/7

Contracts: A contract is something made between Luck, and his signer. When writing a contract, Luck is given the power to do anything. Though there is a price. Luck will ask for time or money. Most people will choose time because it's money or fortunes they are seeking. This "time" is taken from their lives, the amount depends upon the request, and added onto Lucks own. Making him somewhat immortal. Though of course Luck has to make sure to pa for the contract as well. Because no power like this can be free. So if he is going to take one year away from their life, he will take two or three instead to benefit himself. Or if he's taking money he will take two or three times the amount needed. When a contract is signed, it is like a hand shake with souls. Basically the signers soul is now tied to this contract. There is no possible way to break the contract, and if someone does try, they will be stopped immediately. Whether it be something with their mind, or physically, they will come to a dead halt. If someone is smart enough though, which not many are, they can find a loophole in the contract. But not always will the loophole get them out of the contract, sometimes it will only lessen the consequences. No normal human could find a loophole. It would have to take someone of beyond this world knowledge. Sometimes when a contract is signed, if the person does not have enough time left, they will pass away from cardiac arrest, and then whatever they wished for will be Lucks.

Stunning: He can stun people for a matter of few seconds

Teleportation: He can teleport only a few miles.

((this bio is for all three of the brothers life in the orphanage))
When they were young, the three brothers Derrick, Ben, and Luck, were put in an orphanage. They youngest, Ben, was only 5 years old. Luck was 7, and Derrick 10. Even though the orphanage was gloomy and dark, the always kept bright faces, and energetic attitudes for the day they would be adopted, or get out of here. Not long after they were put in the orphanage the oldest, Derrick, was adopted, leaving the two youngest alone. As time passed Ben began discovering the abilities he had. He could make things become real by just thinking. He never showed anybody. But eventually he learned he could teleport. At the age of 14 he teleported right out of the orphanage, not looking back to his brother who was still in the orphanage. But it didn't matter, Luck kept a smile on his face and endured the last two years he had at the Orphanage and then was let go.

Luck: When he first got out of the Orphanage and was left on the street he found a 5 dollar bill laying in front of him. Knowing there wasn't much to buy with it, nor much he could do with it, he went to a gas station and bought a lottery ticket. He scratched it off and won the grand prize! With this he was able to get a house and a car and start a decent life outside of the Orphanage. Soon realizing the luck he had he used it to gain millions at casino's horse races and any kind of gambling he could gamble his money on. Quickly rising to be one of the richest men in America. On the side he would make what he called contracts. Giving him money, and time to live. But now he has decided it was time to find his brothers. Ben and Derrick.
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Luck Evans (Heroes Uprising)
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