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 Ellen Grey (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Ellen Grey (Heroes Uprising)   Sat May 11, 2013 1:11 am

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"Haha This is soo fun, damn mutants taste is amazing, but kids got that sweet innocent taste mhmm mixed with fear. God staying young is fun! Ellen you out did yourself again."

Name: Ellen Grey
Codename: The Witch
Alias: Elle, Ell,
Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Ellen Grey is a sadist by heart, and enjoys causing other people pain and discomfort for no reason then for her sheer enjoyment. She enjoys using her abilities to satisfy herself and do as she pleases. Her only goals in life are to find a stable form of immortality so that she may enjoy life forever, and considers S&M as well as cannibalism a turn on. She has a hatred of idealism but further more Superheroes of any kind especially the Shadow X Men. She also has a hatred of organized movements be they political or religious. Traveling is something she enjoys doing, and she is always willing to try new things, and also "Suffers" from Nymphomania aka Hyper-sexuality. Aside from this like her mother she is Bi-polar, and
Known Relatives: Scott Grey(Father), Madelyn Grey(Mother) Jean Grey(Mother/Original), Cable(Alternate Future Brother), Nate Grey(Alternate Future Brother), Havok(Uncle), Vulcan(Uncle), Vulcan Project(Clone-Uncle.)

Allies: Sisterhood,

Enemies: SXML, SHIELD, Police

Occupation: Witch;Traveler
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song:

Skills: Ellen is skilled in hand to hand combat. She's also knowledgeable in magic and has some information on the weaknesses of demons, how to summon/banish them ect.


Powers: Ellen is mutant and has powerful psioninc powers like the rest of her family. She is capable of using Telepathy, and Telekenesis on Alpha Levels, and potentially Omega levels if she was ever to focus on harnessing her abilities.  She is capable of siphoning Psioninc Energy from other mutants, and from people in general.She has the potential to use the Phoenix Force but so far has only used it when she's near death. When using it she's capable of cosmic flames, Flight with the Phoenix Ensigma around her, and the ability to heal herself, and others.

-Magic: Ellen is a powerful witch. She is capable of using magic for a variety of purposes such as magic bolts, Forming Shields,  Curses, Teleportation, Illusions, Healing/Degeneration, Mesmerize others, Alter memories, open dimensional portals, and utilize numerous spells which she has learned due to her ability to contain knowledge via telepathy. She is one of the last few living who has utilized Selena's magic, allowing her to convert mutants into raw energy, and absorb them and convert their power into mutant magic. Using Mutant Magic she can simulate the various powers of mutants or whatever super humans she siphons in the form of magic giving her a unique form of magic. She is not limited her conversio nto mutants able to use raw life force as well, and convert other things such as oxygen her conversion technique leaves her nearly limitless magic with near limitless control over her surroundings. Every living thing she absorbs it trapped within her forever similar to Selena and Emma.

-Chaos Magic-Ellen has converted energy from The Scarlet Witch's body, allowing her a form of Chaos Magic. It's far more limited but aside from being able to use powerful curses she is capable of animating any affect she does by saying it backwards, and with her mental powers this is fairly easy. By saying Nrub she can cause things to burn from bodies to souls, by saying Cigam she can use various forms of magic.

Bio: Ellen Grey was born the son of Scott, and Madelyn. However upon Scott learning the truth about her origins when she was only four he left the family to fend for themselves. This upset Ellen's mother greatly leading her to reform the Sisterhood of mutants and raise Ellen teaching her magic.  She learned how to use magic, and learned about the world from Madelyn. She used her powers to help the Sisterhood, and met up with Selena when she  planned to absorb the powers of nearly 300 mutants to become a God however Ellen learned the magic and saw the disadvantages of the "God" technique. She harassed the magic for herself honing it, until she was trapped in an alternate reality by Wanda during a battle against the New Avengers. SHe was trapped in a hellish dimension and was saved by Erik a Crossroads demons but she used his own powers against him to escape becoming a target of Hell. However she returned to a desolate earth in a dimension where Hunters ravaged earth and the Celestials. She traveled the ruined universe drained of magic, and learned about her powers. She used her powers to join the Resistance against the Red King of Sakaar who'd expanded his empire with the universe war torn. She managed to help Gian and helped stop Red King and murdered him.

Upon murdering him, she used the Imperials help to restore her magical energies, and became the Red Queen using the killing curse to murder all those who defied her, and used her own mark to mark her servants gaining a following. She sought out Scarlet Witch of this world, converting her body into energy gaining her own form of chaos magic. She returned learning about the Hunter's tampering with the world, and began kidnapping mutants converting them into energy to maintain her own immortality. She has lived for the years and was nearly killed during the Second Hunters War. She tapped into the Phoenix Force healing herself, and some other witches she pulled together. She eventually murdered the witches after the war seeing them as useless, and went to travel the world to see how it's changed. She recently moved to Manhattan, and got a job working at Broad-way in Manhattan via her abilities. She now does shows, using her fame to satisfy her hyper sexuality also using her position to find mutants and feed off their energies.

During one of her stints she ran into Simon, and this lead into a confrontation with the X Force investigating her for her murder of the mutants. Seeking her innocence she offered to be the X force's magical liaison to help them in their assignments that dealt with the supernatural. However she also did this due to crush she developed on Simon, and through them developed an interest in the SXML particularly Karen & Carmen whom she marked hoping to recruit them to the organization she intended to make the Sisterhood of mutants.


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Ellen Grey (Heroes Uprising)
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