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 Cain Thompson (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Cain Thompson (Heroes Uprising)   Cain Thompson (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 1:12 am

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"I'm named after the first murderer, meaning your death will not be the last I've caused."
Name: Cain Thompson
Codename: Kaine
Alias: N/A
Age: 26
Height: 5'5
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Human Mutate
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Cain is a very aggressive individual and one who's quick to violence. This is due to his poor anger management skills, and his low tolerance for insults and mockery. Surprisingly enough he does not flaunt his powers and treat them as a joke. He is at odds with his family for religious reasoning, and while not against spirituality is one to question the logic of such things. He cares deeply for his girlfriend Tina, and cares about his fellow man. He is extremely protective of children, and the elderly. Also he enjoys cooking as it puts him at peace, and tries to connect with others. He is very disrespectful towards authority figures, and hates people who confront him about his substance abuse problem.
Known Relatives: Gregory Thompson(Father), Martha Thompson(Mother.), Elizabeth Thompson(Sister), Bart Thompson(brother), Austin Thompson(Uncle.), Kenny Thompson(Cousin),

Allies: SXML


Occupation:Underground Fighter
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song: J Cole Killer

Skills: Cain is an expert boxer and physical trainer. He is very knowledgeable about the Bible particularly Genesis having been raised in a religious family.


Powers: Energy Conversion
Cain can convert matter into energy which he then converts into physical strength. The converted energy takes on the appearance of red streaks, and the more energy he converts the stronger he becomes. The harder the material the more strength he gains from it while he gains little strength from converting a thin piece of paper, he'd get far more converting a metal pole. The more he absorbs the more his strength, and durability increase. However what decreases are his logic and reasoning skills as he's basically fueling his anger. While he cannot convert biological organisms into energy,he can convert their energy into raw strength but has not yet gained control of this skill nor the ability to convert existing forms of energy into physical strength. This ability manifests uncontrollably when he looses control of his emotions particularly anger. If he ever gains control of his powers he may possibly be able to use converted energy as a weapon instead of absorbing it.

Bio: Cain Thompson was born into a violent family into a trailer park family. His parents were alchoholics, and his older sister Elizabeth was a pothead who had no aspirations but to get a job to sustain her habit. Three years later his parents had his younger brother Bart, and he was the one who changed the family. Bart was exposed to religion, and led the family to church. From then on they became a church going family except himself and his sister the latter having been a negative influence on Cain. He often got into fights, and was ridiculed by his parents who tried to lead him to Jesus. Growing older he eventually got sent to Juvenile Detention where he developed a reputation as a fighter, and learned there he wanted to grow up to become a boxer. fter getting out he got his parents to get his boxing in return he attended anger management courses. His life was turning around until a rival boxer's coach set him up before the match so he got framed for snorting cocaine. He was arrested and his family believed the story. Upon his release he got his GED and manifested his mutant ability.

Using it he developed a new purpose, and stopped a car accident. He fled the scene, but was recruited by Bobby the rising Big Man of New York. He put together an underground mutant only fighting ring, and made Cain his star. Cain despised Bobby and the work, but needed money. Ironically during this time he picked up drug use again this time using cocaine the very drug which the framing of him using ruined his career. He got into a relationship with Tina Memphis a college student at NYU, and is seeking out purpose in his life through heroism. His relationship with Tina was rocky, and he moved to Genosha to try become a member of the Shadow X Men, but due to his shaky peace and turbulent times with the heroes maintaining peaceful relations with government agencies he was rejected.

He also began abusing his cousin Austin's anxiety medication mainly xanax, and valium leading to black outs, and fights with police. He became a target of MRD due to his drug induced rampgae's, and one of which ended up hurting Tina during a battle against MRD. This lead to him sobering up, going on the run from MRD, and going into withdrawal in a bus atop in Memphis,Tennessee. MRD had one of it's telepathic agents brainwash Tina into breaking up with him for being a "monster", and having his sister call to reveal she and the family wanted nothing to do with him. Evan Kingsfield manipulated him into joining him, feeling betrayed and angry. He joined MRD as they offered him money, prostitutes, and drugs. He became one of their greatest agents, and clashed with Ikon, the Fuller Family, and the Ventro Family on Emmet's island. Trying to capture Ikon resulted in him being caught in a portal that left him in the middle east in a field of dead bodies courtesy of the Human Supremacist Movement. He was picked up by MRD agents, and continued to work for MRD until confronting an agent that was a demon.

He began investigating the possessed agents, and later defected from the group during the BROOD invasion. He sought out his family, and found out his sister Elizabeth had no knowledge of the phone call that severed his relationship with his family. He chose to stay away from MRD moving in with his cannabis dealer, and helping him until marijuana was legalized in America, and his dealer moved to Europe to continue his business. Cain reached out to MRD again needing money, but was once again forced to battle them as they sided wtih HYDRA. He met up with Sean who revealed files of what Kingsfield di using telepathy to mess with his family, and coerce him into joining. Sean got Tina, and Elizabeth fixed of their mental manipulation. He decided to distance himself from them taking on his codename he took during his illegal boxing days "Kaine" based off cocaine, and sought out Kingsfield for revenge for messing with his loved one's seeking to wipe him out, and the entirety of the HSM.

Other: Cain is a drug addict, his drug of choice is cocaine. He is also a frequent user of cannabis, xanax, and valium.


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Cain Thompson (Heroes Uprising)
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