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 Traveler (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Traveler (Heroes Uprising)   Sat May 11, 2013 1:16 am

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"Party Time!"

Name: Traveler
Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Bad
Identity: Public
Species: Cosmic Cube mutate
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Traveler is a party animal, who only seeks entertainment and having fun for all eternity. He enjoys partying with others, and considers his friends to be fellow party animals. He enjoys animals and is often a habitual user of recreation drinks and various forms of drinks. He does not appreciate being talked down too, but does not have an anger management issue, and is very hard to get him upset. While he is far from any hero, he does not appreciate large scale mass murder or discrimination of any kind nor suffering unless it's too amuse him.
Known Relatives: Beyonder(Father)

Allies: Tyrant,

Enemies: SXML,

Occupation: Adventurer
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Traveler is a skilled traveler, and master of operating most vehicles from planes, ground based vehicles, and even ocean based vehicles. He is a master of reading maps.


Powers: Space-Time Manipulation
Traveler is the son of the Beyonder, and is the master of manipulating space time. Meaning he is capable of teleporting, stopping time, and traveling through time. He is capable of using his abilities on a planetary level and beyond capable of moving stars around, warping entire planets into temporal loopholes, and selectively stopping time in certain areas. Being the creation of a cubed being he is able to affect space in ways normal manipulators cannot. He can create, destroy, and alter space meaning he can create areas, creations, duplicates of existing space, ect. He can feel the space/time continuum as well as alterations and variations in it.

-Cosmic Energy Manipulation- Traveler is a cosmic cube mutate, so he is able to manipulate cosmic energy for offensive and defensive, and has limited control over other forms of energy. He has natural control over cosmic cubes, and is capable of absorbing them for short periods of time. Due to the cosmic energy within his being he is very durable, as he was able to survive a chaos magic powered attack from Milo Ventro.

Bio: Traveler was created as the son of Beyonder was he was lonly, and wanted companionship. Beyonder decided to raise Traveler in Manhattan as that was his favorite city, and was human in his first few years restricted from using his powers. However when he was a teenager when he was at a party he got into a fight and was nearly stabbed. His abilities manifested allowing him to murder the students, and Beyonder came and they left earth to an alternate dimension. He explained their true relationship, and Traveler decided to finish his senior year in high school becoming a party animal. After completing it he decided to travel the earth to learn more about earth and took a liking to humans until the Hunters war came about. He battled the Hunters but not wanting to die he abandoned earth traveling to the Skrulls home planet.

From then he traveled from planet to planet exploring and partying. Upon reaching Zenn Lavia he learned several navigational skills, map skills, and more which came in handy when he attempted to absorb a cosmic cube and was stranded in a dark void universe where he was lost. He ended up meeting with Tyrant, and in exchange for energy they managed to escape the universe and he decided to help Tyrant getting revenge on earth. Traveler and him went to earth, and he set up a Secret Wars for the SXM. Where he tested them and pit them against each other for enjoyment realizing why his father enjoyed the Secret Wars. However he was forced to confront the heroes and defeated when Milo used Scarlet Witch's chaos magic on him rendering him unable to control his powers and trapping him in a random dimension.

He grew to enjoy the chaos dimension, but eventually escaped to continue his traveling. He's recently returned to earth where he began pestering the SXML members Katy, and Joe toying with them, and inadvertently tying them to the Civil War in Africa.


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Traveler (Heroes Uprising)
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