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 Abigail Anderson (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Abigail Anderson (Heroes Uprising)   Abigail Anderson (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 10:31 pm

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Name: Abagail Anderson/Fuller.
Codename: Vector
Alias: Abby
Age: 20
Height: 5'1
Weight: 129 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: She is a very quiet person and often is shy. She is not a coward, she is simply quiet and has bad memories whenever school is mentioned. She was very distant from the team in the begging but close to Sandra and a few others. She was later adopted by Sandra and Dave. She lived in peace and attended school there sad every day she went.
Abigail likes to go by the name of Sandra's family, due to Sandra being the that always stayed by her, adopted her into her family, and cared for her. She keeps her own family's name however as respect towards her deceased family and friends.

Known Relatives: Pete Anderson (father, deceased) / Lilly Anderson (mother, deceased) / Sandra Fuller (adoptive mother) / Dave Fuller (adoptive father) / David Fuller (brother by law) / Chloe (sister by law) / Manny (uncle by law) / Tanya (close friend)

Allies: SXM, Brotherhood.

Enemies: Hellfire Club, Espada, Hell.

Theme Song:

Skills: She's had formal martial arts and combat training as part of the SXM and can fight and hold her own against multiple fighters.

-Vectors: Abigail has what is know as vectors, invisible extensions that can be used for either defense or offense. The maximum physical reach of the vectors is about 10 feet. She can use them directly for attack, or simply use nearby objects as projectiles. Her vectors are unaffected by time control, suggesting their invisibility is due to them being on a different plane of existence, hence being immune these effects. However, when they attack, they seem to gain a physical, albeit invisible form.

Magic (basic level): Abby is in the process of learning basic magical skills with the help of Collin.  She has discovered she can pierce the Veil with her vectors for greater magical power, and is in process of practicing enchantments.  Her goal set by The Brotherhood is to lean enchantments, offensive, defensive, and demonic magic.

Some of Abby's current skills allows her to warp space which can be used in conjunction with her vectors to attack at long range, she can multiply attacks and she can heal.

Because of Collin's Wendigo situation, her training isn't as far along as she'd like it to be.

Abagail was born and raised in a fairly normal family until she discovered her mutant powers  when at school when some bullies attacked her and she unlocked her Vectors killing them.  The rest of her class tried to help her but she was unable to control her powers and began killing them  and lost control and people ran for their lives. The police came but Milo and Nate came for her saving her  ans Sandra trained and befriended her. She was trained by some members while others went to fight Zulan.

She later hid at the warehouse with Sandra and Troy and later went to the hospital with Sandra to prevent Benjamin from being freed. She fought  Wave and Joe until Milo came and saved them. Later she assisted the group during their fights against the Agency  and later remained at the Warehouse. She fought against Samuel's group  and later went on the run with the Government. She had nowhere to go since her parents hated her  and she lived with Sandra and Dave.

They home-schooled her Sandra did with telepathy and later doing the Secrete Wars she fought a lot and later killed Controller. She than helped the SXM battle the Espada.   As time passed Abby became more semi-active as villains started to out league her. She took part in occasional group missions, but was a big help with Sandra, helping her manage her growing family.  Abby would ultimately sacrifice her own soul to hell as a deal to save David.  However when her family was not there to rescue her, she suffered unimaginable pain and became a demon, wanting nothing to do with the family by the time she was revived to life.  Her soul would eventually be purified returning her to normal, but fear and trust issues would cause her to leave the Fuller's, and SXM.  She went to NY living in a old house of Dave's before joining the Brotherhood.  There she met Collin, who she seemed to take a liking to, and started learning the basics of magic.
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Abigail Anderson (Heroes Uprising)
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