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 Ricky Furnace(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Ricky Furnace(Heroes Uprising)   Sat May 11, 2013 7:56 pm

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"America won't know what hit em."
-Ricky Furnace

Name: Ricky Furnace
Codename: Patriot
Alias: Rick, Rickster, Rick Roll
Age: 31
Height: 5'6
Weight: 171 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Ricky is a very Jaded and Cynical individual. He doesn't believe in hope or a brighter tommorow believing that only force can achieve peace, and prosperity. He believes in using more brutal methods to get things done, and has no qualms with the killing of others in his way. He considers himself a hero and a patriot and supports the Vigilante movement. He is a nihilist having little morality or concern for human life. He has a dark sense of humor only he understands, and considers himself at war for heroes.
Known Relatives: Father(Deceased), Mother, Brother

Allies: Vigilante's

Enemies: SHIELD

Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song:

-Skilled in hand to hand combat.
-Master of Armed Combat.

Weapons: Several Guns, knives, and explosives.


Bio: Ricky Furnace was born and raised by his father a general in the army, and they were constantly moving. He became a patriot at heart, dedicated to his country, developing racism against Iranians, and other from the Middle East having a mind set of being at war. After finishing high school he joined the army, and became his dad's favorite son, along with his brother a medical doctor. He quit the army after his father's death, and started a new life in America starting a Vienna Beef in New York. Rising in fame a true patriot going to help problems in his country helping raise money, and finally when his store was robbed he managed to save the store fighting off the thug but got shot. He recovered months later, and got involved with Law Enforcement wanting to fight crime, and was drafted into SHIELD. He joined the Superhuman Response unit befriending Clint Eastwood, and eventually during the Age of Vigilantism inspired by Punisher he adopted the alias Patriot, and using his SHIELD contacts and information formed a deep friendship with Punisher, and the X Force helping take out several criminals.

He remained active in New York City, but began to fear super humans power, and the general chaos vigilante's were causing. He was targeted by the U.S Government because of the Vigilante Registration Act, & ended up arrested after helping stop a superhuman attack at a local bank. He was pardoned because of his actions for S.H.I.E.L.D, and ended up recruited into the SRU using his dual identity as Vigilante to be a sort of interpreter for vigilante's. When New York City was miniaturized and captured he helped join the new government formed to run the city. Because o his status he was given a high position, and helped keep order in the miniaturized city. He was working with the mayor to prevent Arthur and Marianna as well as others from trying to restore the city to normal size, as anything to piss off Tess at their size could get many or all of them killed. He ended up shooting Jay and had a shoot out against Arthur. He lost and was hospitalized, and suffered when Tess wiped out the city on live television.

He along with Arthur where some of the few to survive New York City's destruction, and he blames himself for working against Arthur believing if he had helped Arthur, he could have saved the lives of everyone in New York, and prevented the subsequent destruction of the other cities, and tried to take too many pain pills on the Mourning, the international holiday created by the U.N to honor the billion killed by the SXML.  His fear of superhumans was intensified, and he suffered from depression post suicide with his mother and brother trying to help him via preaching to him. Project Contego approached him with their mission and he was eager to join to prevent another Mourning and find a way to prevent that from ever happening again.


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Ricky Furnace(Heroes Uprising)
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