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 Roger Hamilton (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Roger Hamilton (Heroes Uprising)   Roger Hamilton (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 8:04 pm

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Name: Roger Hamilton
Codename: Stellar
Alias: Rog,Roggy
Age: 37
Height: 5'7
Weight: 164 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Caucasian
Race: Homo-Sapien
Personality: Roger is a man who's "trapped" in a life that he views is boring, and wants to help people, and be a hero his desire to change the world. Unlike many mutants he enjoys and flaunts his powers often. His drive is to be a hero, and has a superiority complex when it comes to other heroes. He enjoys the finer things in life, and hates normal life. He is a habituation liar when it comes to his secret, and seeks membership in the SXML.
Known Relatives: Mark Hamiltion(Father,), Catherine Hamiltion(Mother), Diana Hamiltion Whitney Hamilton(Brother), and Carter Hamiltion(Brother), Joey Hamiltion(Grandfather), and Susan Hamiltion(Grandmother.)

Allies: Shadow X Men League,

Enemies: SHIELD

Occupation: Repossession Agency
Religion: Christian
Theme Song: N/A

-Roger is a skilled pilot, and master of aerial combat and using various types of planes.
-He's a great Football player as he played in High-School to get a scholarship.
-Skilled in basic armed and unarmed military combat.

Weapons: He owns a gun.

Powers: Stellar Energy Manipulation
Roger is capable of manipulating Stellar Energy which is often seen in multiple colors mainly green.  He is able to absorb and utilize near limitless amounts of stellar Energy for a variety of uses.
-Roger can use this energy to create constructs, fire blasts of energy or create shielding.
-Roger can use this energy to fly at speeds ranging from the Speed of Sound to near the speed of light when in space.
-He can focus Stellar energy into enhanced physical attributes such as strenth, speed, and durability.
-He can convert other forms of energy to Stellar Energy his own form of Stellar Conversion, and can even convert kinetic energy and such it is unknown if he can manipulate other forms of energy.
-He is capable of shifting into Raw Stellar Energy, but has not yet learned too. He can use said conversion for teleportation through space and time.
-He is capable of using this for a form of Matter Manipulation using Stellar Conversion.
-Using Stellar Energy he can open Wormholes, Gravitational vacuums, and all forms of portals.

Bio: Roger was born in the deep south raised in Georgia he was a born and raised a southern boy. He enjoyed fried chicken, football, wrestling, and more. He grew up in a family with former military members, and such. He had a good life growing up, and was a good person. He was a church goer, and wanted to be a youth pastor from a young age wanting to work with youth. He was a good person often doing his best to help others, and his family. During High School he dropped out to support his family getting a job when his father pulled a muscle, and might not ever helped. His ability manifested and he managed to heal his father who went to working two jobs to support him after Whitney graduated. Whitney began to support his family attending school in Georgia, and Roger however wanted to be in the Air Force to get a better education. He played Football, and got involved with many activities in his church, and eventually became an Air Force Pilot. His power manifested during a combat mission when he was shot down, and his power manifested and he survived the accident.

Learning about his new powers, he sought to make use of them in the Air Force. However one of his fellow soldiers planted drugs on him, and he was sent home on dishonorable discharge despite trial. His education incomplete, and his dreams for flight over, he decided to go spend time with his grand-parents not wanting to return to his family to disappoint them. His father taught him more about air planes, and he went on to open his own shop called Hamilton Repair Service. He started a new life in Florida, while trying to get more control of his powers. The Store was burned down by local thugs, and he was recruited into Unit X by the Government a team of elite mutant assassins. He was re-accepted into the military, and working with Unit X in their military unit he was a hero taking on the code name Stellar gaining control of his powers and becoming a hero meeting other mutants such as Jin and Kiya. Eventually seeing how corrupt they were but was taken out and his memories of the organization were wiped. On the streets, he was found by the police and reunited with his family at their family reunion needing a new life.

His family supported him, and he worked on his father's farm again wanting new hope in life. However he was growing hopeless until the Military Approached him after the loss of pilots in World War 3, and he became an Aviation instructor. He worked there until he manifested his powers again flying into the air to save his students who crashed into each other, he was outed as a mutant and a hero. He fled but the power outage occurred, and feeling cured he decided to pursue his child-hood dream of becoming a youth pastor, and the surge that took out powers also began to trigger his lost memories of his powers, Unit X and more. He sought work in a electronics store in Atlanta becoming one of the first to join the new electronic company, and seeking to get back involved with aviation.


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Roger Hamilton (Heroes Uprising)
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