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 Crowley (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Crowley (Heroes Uprising)   Sat May 11, 2013 8:06 pm

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"Let's make a Deal."
Name: Crowley
Codename: The Dealer
Alias: Salesman, Soulman, King of the Soul Deals,
Age: 400
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Bad
Identity: Public
Species: Demon
Race: Demon
Personality: Crowley is a very charming individual who enjoys complimenting others, and taking advantage of his situation. He's a Ladies Man, and enjoys messing with ladies, and is known for his love for S & M. He remains calm, and is slow to anger, leading to some believe demons have a chance for redemption. He's the master Dealer in Heaven, and is very persuasive leading many to believe he is Lucifer himself or his descendant. He strives for power, and is determined to obtain as much as he is, and is very interested in mortal souls. He has an interest in music, and in his spare time enjoys composing his own songs.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Wifes, Robert Cross(Son)

Allies: Hellfire Club, Predators, Shadow X Men


Occupation: Soul Dealer
Religion: Abrahamic Mythology
Theme Song:
Chris Brown Gimmi That: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Ludacris: Last of a Dying Breed: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Crowley is one of the most skilled Salesman in the world.
He has coerced millions to sell there souls, and developed the Soul Deal. Very Persuasive raised in the ghetto use to the Black Market, and use to using high caliber weapons, and capable of street fighting.

Weapons: Crowley owns several highly advanced technological and supernatural weapons.

Powers: Crowley is an extremely powerful demon due to inventing his signature technique the Soul Deal. A Soul Deal links people's souls so if you cannot break the dela, even trying renders you in a state of immense pain the more you try and shatter the deal and can even decimate your soul, leaving it in Crowley's command. He has control over all soul deals made and can make them null, or restore shattered soul deals. He feeds off the energy of the souls to grant the user's desires allowing him to things he cannot normally do such as restore the Predator Species, or restoring someone's superhuman abilities.

Being a demon he wields a variety of demonic abilities such as shape shifting, telekenesis, Enhanced Physical Attributes, and Teleportation. He's also invulnerable to most forms of harm, and conventional means of weaponry. He's resistant to weaknesses being a high tier demon such as holy water, and banishment spells. He can manipulate demonic energy using it on a wide range or focusing it into concentrated bolts, and imbue regular weapons with demonic energy.

He's a master of magic having studied it and gained control over it over the years. Being the master of Soul Deals he gains a portion of power from people who use Soul Deals, contributing to his magical mastery as even rogue angels have performed them, and Victor Von Doom and of course shawkun making him somewhat of a soul mimic due to the technique. He's capable of sensing essence due to training, and his blood can imbue beings with demonic abilities.

Bio: Crowley was born a mortal Damian Cross, a man born with an alcoholic father, and mother running a day care. His father left them early on, and his mother abusive raised him for many years in the ghetto of Bedstie, most of his friends were African American ,and he took an interest in Hip Hop Culture trying to emulate its treats, and was taken in by Eminem after his mother committed suicide. He became a skilled rapper, known for his deals with others, and eventually made a deal with a powerful demon for larger 'parts.' He eventually struggled in his later life with multiple wives, and several kids many of whom he had a bad relationship with, and in his early 60's died from an STD. He was sent to Hell suffering he made a deal with a demon, and tortured souls of the damned promising to help torture souls.

He became skilled, and burned away his essence becoming a demon. He sensed the damned souls had power within them, and made a deal with a human making him a famous musician in exchange for his soul developing a new technique the Soul Deal. Working his way through the system in Hell now a demon, due to numerous soul deals he became quite a powerful demon, and developed an identity on earth becoming a wealthy man forming a massive Car Dealership in Europe, and Asia which spread to the USA. He moved to America, and making a pact with demons he taught them a minor version of the soul deal in exchange for the souls, making him commander over all Soul Deals. He was ambushed by a group of demons lead by Belasco, and was rescued by Mephisto who he formeda massive friendship with, and he was put on Heaven's most wanted list, and later Castiel his best friend helped him out.

He remains a vigilant master of the Soul Deals, growing, and during the HEll Wars he remained neutral and now aids business involving Mephisto, and Castiel. Recently he aided with some business involving the Hellfire Club, and sought out Sandra from the Shadow X Men having business. He managed to obtain her soul, and Dave's killing and reviving the family except Abby whom he left in Hell.


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Crowley (Heroes Uprising)
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