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 Greg Retsky(heroes Uprising

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PostSubject: Greg Retsky(heroes Uprising   Sat May 11, 2013 8:15 pm

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"Haha Took your mother, and father again? Listen Troy, your my son and I'm Always Always one step ahead, now save me from these magic ass Angels."
-Greg Retsky
Name: Greg Retksy
Alias: N/A
Age: 54
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Alignment: Bad
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-Superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Greg can be defined in one word as a selfish individual who only cares about himself. He is all about himself, and only forms alliances about himself. He enjoys the finer things in life, and only strives to gain more control, and hopes to unite America's crime family. He has a hatred of those who stand in his way, and has no problem eliminating them. He enjoys causing others harm especially defenseless people making him a sadomasochist.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Katie Retsky(Baby-Mama), Troy(Son)

Allies: New World Order, Dark Avengers, HAMMER

Enemies: Shadow X Men, Avengers, HAMMER

Occupation: Mobster
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song: N/A

Skills: Greg is skilled with fighting, and with guns.

Weapons: He carries a gun.

Powers: Thermokinesis
Greg has the ability to mentally manipulate the motion of molecules, thus changing temperature in the immediate vicinity. This can range from controlling his own body temperature to generating large amounts of heat or cold. He is also immune to temperature changes and as a result extreme weather such as heat from stars or Sub Zero temperatures. He can generate hot air around himself to grant himself flight, or to give others fevers. He can use this to make his breath capable of melting through metal or freezing others.

He can selectively change the temperature of body parts or objects such as making a road burning hot but not changing the area or increasing the heat the sun release. He can combine heat and cold to generate tornadoes or powerful gusts of wind of varying amounts of power. He can also affect intangible aspects such as minds, physics, or auras, such as causing a mind to burn or to get cold but using it in this manner drains much more energy. He can also heat the air around objects using air to rise and move them with a technique he calls Temperature Telekenesis.

Bio: Greg was born in a poor part of New York with nothing raised by his mother a drug addict, he was introduced to drugs as she was a drug dealer, and he dealt drugs for years until his mother was arrested, and he was put in Foster care only at the age of eleven. He manifested his powers as he was bullied, and already addicted to drugs, he burned a bully alive, and st the orphange on fire, and him and the other survivors weret taken into the police. They were adopted by one of the Orphage workers siter, and raised he befriended them, but she became involved with a crime boss, and around thirteen he met and began working for Victor the crime boss she was dating, and in return he supported there family.

He was given a good education by the Mafia in New York, and eventually gaining more control over his powers he murdered Victor, and took control of his men eliminating his opponents rising in his power as a mobster, and considered Cindy who raised him his mother, and the others in the orphanage his family, he tracked down his mother learning about his origins, and he had her put out of prison. He eventually met a stripper named Katie, and started a relationship with her, and impregnated her. However he abanoed her, and grew more obsessed with his criminal activities, after Cindy was murdered. Years later he went after Katie again wanting to resume there relationship but learned she was with Jacob feeling betrayed he learned his son was in the SXM, and wanted him eliminated not wanting a connection to Superheroes.

He clashed with Troy, and Katy, and using his power he boiled Katy alive disintegrating her she regenerated amnesic. He was later captured by Troy with a squad lead by Sandra interrogated on Genosha he was trapped in Carmen's dimension but escaped because he was recruited into the Dark Avengers forced to work with Troy and Katy whom he hated, after the fall of HAMMER due to the Cosmic invasion he resumed control over his Phoenix Empire, and met Mishi funding the New World Order whom he became allied with ,and Mishi kidnapped Katie. Troy came after him, and he confronted him, and gave them information on the NWO overpowering his son causing him to flee with Jacob to go after Katie. LAter Troy came after him again with the intention of finishing him off once and for all after a brutal fight Greg came out on top even inventing a new technique combining heat and cold for control over the wind, and as a result Tornado generation.

He actually wanted Troy's help revealing he had Katie, and Jacob kidnapped, and wanted his help to deal with a fellow mobster Castiel. He was kidnapped and forced to work for him. He contacted Troy wanting his help to fight off the Angels in return for his family. Troy agreed, and they worked together with Katy, and Sandra's help against Castiel, and Terrell joined the fight, and Sandra ended up using cosmic flames to take down Greg, and SHIELD came to fight the Phoenix off.


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Greg Retsky(heroes Uprising
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