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 Shawn Jackson (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Shawn Jackson (Heroes Uprising)   Shawn Jackson (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeSun May 12, 2013 5:21 pm

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"I'm Shawn Jackson, The Spirit of Vengeance."
-Shawn Jackson
Name: Shawn Jackson
Codename: Spectre
Alias: Shay, Sha-Sha, SJ, Swag Jackson
Age: 36
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Human/Vengeance Spirit
Race: African American
Known Relatives: Jerome Jackson(Father), Maria Jackson(Mother, Deceased,), Damian Jackson(Brother), Tasha Jackson(Wife), Selena Jackson(Daughter), Brian Jackson(Son)

Allies: FBI,


Occupation: Detective
Religion: Abrahamic Mythology
Theme Song: Waka Flocka - Live By the Gun [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: Shawn Jackson is a man dedicated to his job, and can be classified as an workaholic. He's obsessed with his job, always working over time. He is a very inspiring man, always inspiring people, and motivating people to do the right thing, and do good. He's very serious, often classified as a constant church goer making time for that, and his family whom he loves dearly. He will do anything to aid his family, even questionable acts. He can even compromise his moral system for them, and he has trust issues and hates being lied too. He does not trust vigilante's or anyone that cannot be judged by the police system. He believes the system is corrupt, and will sometimes over step his boundaries when it comes to criminals. He is not one to compromise when it comes to evil people, and considers doing the 'right' way over the 'easy' way. He is somewhat racist towards Middle Eastern blaming them, and is somewhat of a conspiracy Theorists. Despite his serious personality he has a form of dark humor, and enjoys killing. Despite his religious affiliation he enjoys the finer things in life, thanking God for his powers. He has a hatred for fictitious stories, and prefers to stick to the real world. He is somewhat of an extremist, believing smaller crimes lead to bigger one's, and is considered a Serial Killer, and prefers to operate from the shadows, leading him to be an active hypocrite due to his views on Vigilante's, and does not believe in Redemption. He's somewhat paranoid, and this can lead to him making rash decisions. He loves the cold weather especially snow, and Christmas is his favorite holiday, and time of the year.

Skills: He's a skilled detective, so he's good with investigations, and coming up with conclusions. He's a master of Law Enforcement, and knows how to operate, and manipulate the system. He's a skilled combatant, and can also used armed weapons. He's a master of interrogation, and torture export.

Weapons: He has a standard police hand gun, but has built up his own private arsenal of weaponry.

Powers:Shawn was once a regular mortal, but as a ghost he was empowered by the Spirit of the Vengeance given powers on Biblical Proportions, and attributes his abilities to the Judeo Christian God. It is unknown what his exact power range is, but he's shown no limitations.

Divine Wrath: His primary ability, and the Biblical Version of The Ghost Rider's Penance Stare. This causes them to be punished in ways similar to the sins they've committed. Someone who's shot someone may get lead poisoning, or an arsonist might get frozen to death. He can use Divine Wrath to kill someone, then sentence them to Hell, or send them back to life, sometimes in a comatose state. He can also trap someone in Divine Wrath letting them relive there ironic punishments for a period of time determined by him, and this can even cause physical, emotional, and spiritual damage. Physical Contact is not required, only eye contact.

Teleportation-He can teleport through time, and space, and can even traverse dimensions, and alternate realities.
Fear Projection--can project fear into the heart and souls of adversaries
Inanimate Possession--inhabit and animate inanimate objects
Illusion Casting--ability to project realistic illusions
Magic Manipulation-various mastery over virtually all forms of magic. He can gain control of any magic he's exposed too, and is immune to all forms of magic no matter there capabilities.
Discern Motivation--can sense the intentions of people
Cosmic Awareness--knows many secrets of the universe
Precognition--sometimes gets glimpses into the future
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Speed
Death Sense
Size Alteration
Massive Cosmic Energy Manipulation-Can manipulate large amounts of cosmic energy, and can even manipulate all forms of energy. He can even transmute energy into matter, and back again allowing him molecular manipulation.
Divine Will-Taking on the power of God he can manifest the Divine Will one of the most powerful aspect's of his abilities. With vocal commands he can usher the power of 'God' himself. With this he can overrider all forms of control, and control people, and can even defy reality itself with vocal commands. With commands such as Suffer he can bring powerful beings to there knees and give them immense pain, or saying Wake he can bring people out of comatose states, and possibly even revive the dead. With commands such as Cease he can decimate entire civilizations.

Bio: Shawn Jackson was born into the projects, his mother dying in child birth, this changed his perspective on life, and he was raised poor, often getting into fights, but he could not stand injustice, and continued to fight. He developed an interest in sports believing it was a way out of the projects, but seeing how heavily crime mixed with sports, he left football when he was in high school unlike his brother Damian who became involved with drugs, his father Jerome a preacher and religious man was against drugs of any kind. He became interested in Law Enforcement seeing how corrupt cops ran rampart, also during his child hood he grew to love Christmas. Eventually after graduating high school he began working hard to become a police officer, but his father got shot in a shoot in thanks to Damian's gang affiliations. He ended up leaving the force, working with his brother, and bringing down the gang.

After that he became a full fledged police officer, and decided to work his way up into the FBI, and had Damian placed in a rehab center, struggling to make ends meet. After his father's recovery he came to accept Jesus Christ, becoming a Christian. He became an active chuch-goer. He worked his way up into the FBI, becoming one who's morals became black and white. He fell in love with Tanya Baker, someone who was also in the FBI. There relationship deepened, and they continued there war against rime, as Shawn became obsessed with his work, and began dealing with rogue cops, realizing how corrupted the system was, he began overstepping his boundaries. He grew to hate vigilante's when they sprung up especially the SXM, and years later he was murdered when infiltrating a dangerous gang. A Divine presence met up with him, and empowered him stating the Former Spirit of Vengeance had betrayed the Heavenly Host, and he was empowered now the new Heavenly Host, retired to life with limitless divine powers he has made it his mission to assist the Heavenly Host, and eliminate evil, but also combat the 99 souls raised by the Fallen.

He quickly coma-batted the Fallen, and after dealing with them used his abilities in his own work as a police officer. His abilities kept his marriage to Tasha stable, and his teenage daughter Selena was safe, and his son Brian Jackson now in sixth grade. A Family Man and a superhero he got involved with dealing with crime on a bigger level getting recruited into the New Avengers by Oliver. Unlike other members of the team he harbored a hatred of Sammie, and nearly killed her once until he was found out by Oliver. After the team was disbanded and brought into the SXML. He joined and helped deal with Kosmos's rampage upon joining. He proved himself to be a useful member of the team against the various supernatural threats, but was at odds at his more extreme and judgmental methods. During the Serpent's rampage, he lost his wife and daughter, but continued to fight against everyone against God. He eventually joined Mephisto's crusade to save the afterlife upon being persuaded by Fathae that compromise was necessary to save the afterlife from Hel. He was overpowered by the power of the fighters, and upon Death's curse on humanity he reunited with his family ignoring his mission to carry out wrath.

Shawn's 'Human' Form
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Shawn Jackson (Heroes Uprising)
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