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 Jin Karma (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jin Karma (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:32 pm

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Jin: You know why I wanted you to join me before?
Katy: Why..?
Jin: Revenge. Oh what better revenge could I get then taking you and bringing you to my side, raising you to be just like me. *grin* You, would refuse to turn however. That's when I settled on killing you.

- Katy/Jin Karma.

Name: Jin Karma.
Codename: Hydro.
Age: 39
Height: 5.9
Weight: 158 lbs
Theme Foo Fighters - The Pretenders - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Disturbed - Warrior - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: Jin is a cold and hateful person who uses others for his gain. He holds a particular dislike towards his sister Katy, angry that his life was hell as a child and she had it easy. He would torture and try to kill her at first. Now he seems more intent on changing Katy into a person more like himself. He dislikes his parents for how they treated him when he was young.

Known Relatives: Mother and father.
Skills: Military skills, backed up with martial arts skills.

Jin has the same power as his sister Katy. However, he also receive through experimentation the powers of electricity manipulation.

-Hydrokinesis: Jin can control water around him and use it for both offense and defense. He can use powerful blast of water from thin air by using the moisture in the atmosphere, and he can use massive tsunamis when near bodies of water. He can create water prisons, or whip like weapons like his younger sister has created. Jin can also use this ability to manipulate a persons body. Jin is skilled enough to do a elemental shift, but this causes his electrical powers to become unstable, causing him to shock himself. Thus he refuses to use it as it's more damaging then useful.

-Electricity Manipulation: He can control electricity in order to shock, stun or burn foes, even to the point of death. This makes his water attacks deadlier than Katy's normal water. He can send electricity into bodies of water including his own water prisons and weapons. His powers aren't as developed as Blot or Elle's because he gained them through artificial means.

Bio: Jin is Katy's older brother. Born 10 years before Katy, Jin grow up as an evil child. With attempts to kill both his mother and father, Jin was sent to a mental home for children. It's here Jin learned of his hydrokinesis powers.

With the government getting wind of such a young child with ability's, they quickly took him away for there own needs. They took blood samples and did some testing, though nothing extensive. What they did do was offer Jin a job or a alternative option of death. He asked what he'd have to do, and the job subscription was right up his alley.

He gained quick control of the ability and starting in his teen years, began tracking down and disposing of some of the most dangerous criminals known to man. Jin was satisfied with his ability along however, and requested he needed more power to take out a certain group. Although he was easily capable of the job, the worked and his DNA was tested on, resulting in him gaining a ability of electricity.

At first this seemed like a horrible combination of powers, however Jin did a little test him, which included him getting wet then firing electricity upon himself, which had no ill effects. The test however did kill everyone else in the room.

Since this day he had disappeared from the government. The situation was quickly covered up as to not cause a panic. With no one having any idea of people with powers at that time, it was thought the best choice. Jin however was never found, his whereabouts completely unknown. What he's doing, or where he is, is anyone's guess.

His appearance in the Heroes rp is within the Nightmare arc. It's this arc where he first faces Katy, and reveals he is her older brother. At first he wants Katy on his side, when she refuses he tries to kill her. He would later work with Jet when he kills Nightmare and takes over. He's later involved in the battle Jet forged against Harry and the SXM. He gets captured and put in the mutant prison.

He was later released with a team to act as a distraction for Dark Phoenix Sandra and earned his freedom. He would remain as a part of Metallic's group until joining the SXM. He would use his electrical powers to constantly make Katy miserable until getting faced by Troy. He causes massive damage to the Genosha while fighting and both he and Troy are faced with a pissed James. To Katy's great dislike, she would find herself on the same team with Jin. Both have put their feelings aside twice already though and fought both the hunters and Surfer together.

We Katy approached Jin to ask why he hated her so much, Jin decided to reveal his past to her.
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Jin Karma (Heroes Uprising)
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