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 Vincent Cross (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Vincent Cross (Heroes Uprising)   Sun May 12, 2013 5:27 pm

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"Why shouldn't Mutants rule over humans? The Strong will rise, and the weak shall fall, history repeats itself, so let it do so now!"

Name: Vincent Langross
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 27
Height: 6'1
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: Italian
Known Relatives: Father, and Mother.

Allies: New World Order,

Enemies: S.H.I.E.L.D, Shadow X Men

Occupation: Geneticist
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song:

Personality: Vincent is a man who hates being oppressed, and is very outspoken about his views, believing it's only natural for mutants to rule, and does not seem to pose any hatred towards humanity, believing them to be a mere obstacle for evolution. His father was a geneticist, and as such he is determined to play his role in evolution, and enjoys fellowshipping with other factors of evolution. His morality is skewed due o his obsession with evolution, having no qualms with killing or murdering people considering them mere factors of evolution, and while he is sexually active he considers women merely methods of pleasure which are necessary for a positive environmental.

Skills: Vincent is a very skilled public speaker, and a great debater as well. He's mastered the art of kick boxing as well, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to genetics.

Weapons: Vincent does not believe in weapons, but sometimes uses handguns if necessary.

Powers: Sense Manipulation
Sense Manipulation, also known as Senses Manipulation or Sense Alteration is the ability to manipulate the senses of subjects by act of will. With this ability, one could devoid a subject of the ability to see, or increase a subject's sense of smell, and the like. Although this power does not do damage to the organs for the senses, it could negate or increase any of the five senses so as to greatly hinder foes and help allies. Changes may range from generating sensory illusions to inducing Synaesthesia to increasing foes' senses so much that they overload and are overwhelmed, resulting in shock. This ability even allows one to selectively not perceive a certain subject, if desired.

--Pawā Gunshū Kara: This literally means power from Crowds. An ability that allows Vincent to feed off the powers of other mutants presence. The presence of mutants in his vicinity greatly enhanced his powers, and can even push his range to planetary level and beyond. He is able to 'feel' the presence of mutants, and this feel can override even psionic defenses. His range for drawing on mutant power is unknown but he may be able to gather power from every mutant in a Metropolitan area. This ability grants him partial immunity to certain abilities for example since he can feel mutants he is immune somewhat to there powers, so stopping time would leave him feeding off the power of the time stopper, and any form of X Gene induced mind control would fail as he is feeding off said psioninc mutants allowing him to reject commands. It is unknown if he is limited to feeding off mutants, or if he can feed off the power of any superhuman being.

After absorbing his father he gained the ability to use more advanced senses. These senses include the sense of pain, temperature. Proprioception, and a sense of time giving him abilities like Harish, and Yamairo. He is capable of manipulating the sense of existence, meaning he can make people believe things aren't really happening or even eras people from existence or fuse with people by making them believe they are one. He can become one with things such as gravity, time,space, reality, even inanimate objects such as planets, and even existence itself making his reality, this asset of his power basically means his power makes him God, but is the one he has the least control of due to a self imposed mental block from fusing with his father revolving around how limitless power could tamper with natural evolution, as potentially he is one of the strongest beings in the marvel multiverse as unlike reality warpers who shift reality he can make his will reality.

Bio: Vincent was born into a family of geneticists, but was raised by maids as his mother died of cancer. His mother's death is what set his father out on a quest to accelerate evolution to eliminate all known diseases. This eventually led him getting arrested as he experimented on Vincent, who rid him of his sight. Vincent was sent o an orphanage where he tested his powers out on the other children, and grew in power. After his father was released from prison, he took Vincent back. Vincent accepted his forgiveness also wanting to escape the orphanage where he was bullied.

Vincent's father seeking forgiveness got a new job, and raised Vincent. After he left high school, he convinced his father to teach him all he knew about genetics, and help him maintain his abilities. His father choose to retain his blindness as a reminder to never go to far, Vincent eventually absorbed his father allowing them to become one to accelerate evolution for the 'good of the earth. Vincent's powers grew, as he pulled together an army known as the New World Order. With NWO he discovered his sixth sense, and is now on the move against mutant persecution. He recruited Kevin into the NWO in order to steal Milo's body so they could make a move against the SXM. However after Milo's body was recovered the NWO became far less active, and just worked on combating mutant persecution in China. In a battle in a mutant working for the Chinese government with division manipulation he was separated from his father's conscience and as a result the abilities it granted him.


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Vincent Cross (Heroes Uprising)
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