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 Emma Windstrom (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Emma Windstrom (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Emma Windstrom (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) I_icon_minitimeSun May 12, 2013 5:32 pm

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"I don't like anyone having too much power!."
-Emma Wells Windstrom

Name: Emma Wells Windstrom
Codename: Famine
Alias: Em,Ems,
Age: 20
Height: 5'2
Weight: 135 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race:  Caucasion
Known Relatives: David Wells(Biological Father, Deceased.), Siya Wells(Mother), and Dracarot Windstrom(Husband)

Allies: Shadow X Men, Avengers, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse,

Enemies: X Lords, HAMMER, and Dark Avengers.

Occupation: Student; Vigilante
Religion: Mutanism ; Atheist
Theme Song: Nelly Furtado; Maneater

Personality: She has a cheerful and bubbly personality for a cannibalistic mass murderer who views humanity and even many mutants as the ultimate snack. Her ability has only enhanced her cannibalistic nature, making her capable of devouring entire landmasses. She tries to always remain cheerful to those she cares about, and will protect them at all costs, an example being how she hunted Alastair for months when Dracarot died. She is not submissive to her loved one's, and will often do things they don't like her doing such as continuing to kill people against Dracarot's wishes or rebelling against Siya's "liberation" of mutants. She has doubts of any religion anymore, and is a borderline athiest, learning on Roman catholic due to Dracarot. She does not like the judgement aspect of religion, and loves being with people.

Due to being with Dracarot, the SXM, and other good people she's changed. She no longer wants to wipe out the human race viewing them as her snacks, and still enjoys feasting on living people, but prefers to target bad people. She has an intense love for Dracarot, and her family. She hates being dominated, and people who have too much power.

Skills: Emma has shown during her time with the SXM, and Resistance she has some skill in armed combat, and is a capable singer having been in her church's choir for years.

Weapons: N/A

Powers: Molecular Absorption
Emma has the ability to absorb and store matter within her body. Her ability works as a massive gravitational force that even super human beings such as Alex, and Mikey cannot resist being pulled by. The Force quickly reduces the subject(s) to microscopic size automatically, and they are usually by default placed in her stomach where they are digested rapidly, her stomach acids being incredibly powerful and can digest beings of great power. She is capable of absorbing entire buildings, and has shown no limitations to her powers. She has once been noted to digest an entire city, and can 'feel' the people squirming inside her, often claiming it tickles or feels good. With focus she can store people and objects in other parts of her body such as her ears.

This makes her a living storage unit, and she can simulate Kathy's power, as she can use her power as a form of mass manipulation as the people she stores are stuck at microscopic size. She's recently learned to send out things she'd stored but mainly objects, and it is unknown how a living object would respond to the resizing process. She usually triggers her ability by dragging matter in via her mouth, and she can take in non tangible sources such as Oxygen. This makes her Expulsion aspect of her ability, as she can consume cruise ships then release them in the middle of a city, releasing it covered in ear wax to immobilize people or stomach acids to melt people.

-Famine: She was once a horsemen of Apocalypse, and can enter her Famine state which gives her a new host of more powerful abilities. She can rid people of there food, causing all the food they left to leave them or even dehydrate them causing all the water within there bodies to leave them which can result in a slow and brutal death. She can cripple people leaving them in a state of extreme hunger, and can cause people to crave anything they've loss including money, sex, and of course food. Her own natural ability is increased to a dimensional manipulation level, to the point anything she is thinking about can be miniaturized and placed within her, including islands or even entire cities, which are merely absorbed into her no matter her current location. She can hear thoughts relating to or revolving around famne such as  hungry people, and control famine related thoughts such as thoguhts related to craving for anticipatipn

Emma was born in an alternate future where Mutants had "lost" The fight against humanity, and The Legacy Virus had been used during the Dominance War, and Siya was part of a massive band of Fugitives trying to liberate mutants, and she was raised in the future, born into a new religion Siya started called Mutantism to inspire mutants. She had no ability, and during her early years, was a target of The Government due to her potential according to Holst's paintings that she could draw in the Virus.  With aid from a time traveler she escaped into the past at the age of nine with Siya, and Siya altered her beliefs, and gave her to two humans who Siya also tampered with there beliefs, getting them to raise her in a loving family. Emma struggler to regain her memories, and her powers manifested in High School when she absorbed a man attempting to rape her.

She was later interrogated by the police, and placed as a suspect in the murder investigation. She hated her ability, and it began to manifest,  later at school as she absorbed a girl whom she'd got into a fight with at school, and was once again monitored by the police, and her parents came to her aide. She began to realize her powers seeking out help from comic books to gain control of them, she took an interest in comics gaining control, and began to absorb people when she was stressed out, and eventually absorbed her entire school, realizing what happened to the people she absorbed, she was horrified at the people she killed, her mind fragile that she'd killed hundreds of people, the police brought her ion, and she learned she'd be in prison, she managed to gain some control of her powers in custody, absorbing the police, she stole the vehicle, and escaped to her god-mother, now in her late teens, she sought out Siya, her godmother, and they reunited.

Emma revealed the people in her town had hung and burned her parents, and Siya helped her gain control, and she bonded with Siya, and others at the church, and with Harish's help she retaliated against the murder of her parents, then believed in Mutansim, and grew to hate humanity becoming a mass murderer, until she ran into Dracaort, and the SXM whom she was against, and became Famine a Horsemen of Apocalypse, coming after Sindus, she ended up absorbing him, Dracarot, and Dimitri. The latter two plotted to escape her body, but she trapped Dracarot torturing him as he wanted to change her, but she was severely injured by Natsu the avenger. Dracarot defended her after learning she was manipulated, and she was taken in by Siya, and placed in custody of the SXM on Genosha after being healed.  Later escaped with her mother Siya, and returned to Genosha when the Hunters were coming in search of Dracarot.

She came after Dracarot, and now was obsessed with him, initially he wanted to kill her, but with help from Devon a friend of Siya's, they got into a relationship. Unstable at first, they bonded when the Hunters moved in, and it seemed the Mutant Apocalypse was coming.  There relationship stabilized, and eventually after Jorgan usurped control of the world, they investigated, and Dimitri turned HAMMER against them, Dracarot mudered, after his funeral was held, Emma became a terrorist, and was placed in MHF. She escaped thanks to Riya's electrical outburst, and with other MHF prisoners banded together to track down Zulan to liberate them, she wanted his help to revive Dracarot, a year later they were after Alastair a mutant with reincarnation, and with his help she got Dracarot revived, and they escaped to Genosha where she reunited with him.

They made love, and he asked her to marry him, and they became engaged. That's when HAMMER was decimated, and The X Lords started, she joined Dracarot's Resistance, and they got married on an Navy Veseel, and took a Carribean Honeymoon, but eventually were all arrested by the X Lords. After the timeline was altered, she had still married Dracarot, and went on the Carribean Honeymoon, and Dracarot had gotten his PhD, and was working on becoming a Therapist for mutants in a metropolitan area, and she wanted to help him.


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Emma Windstrom (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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