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 Niko Busama (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Niko Busama (Heroes Uprising)   Niko Busama (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeSun May 12, 2013 5:40 pm

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"When my eyes open, you will feel the power of my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, through him, I shall deliver Divine Justice!
-Nikolai Busama

Name: Nikolai "Niko" Busama
Codename: Blaster
Alias: Niko
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Weight: 155 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: Israeli
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, and Brother.

Allies: Shadow Escorts, Shadow X Men, Manny's Crew

Enemies: HAMMER, Forgotten, VW Group

Occupation: Traveler
Religion: Jewish
Theme Song:
LaCrae Fanatic

Personality: Niko was born in Israel, and is a strong believers of the Jewish Faith, believing int he God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, he follows many of the customs, and is very devout, and does not want to live of a life of sin. Even hearing the name Jesus is a curse word to him, and one that will offend and provoke his rage. He often pardons his acts of violence saying that he is doing them in the name of the Lord, and has a love of all people from all races, and cultures. He wants to connect with others, and get them to understand the nature of his God, and come to serve him. Ironically enough e despises extremists, and hates Those who classify people. He hates any form of oppression, and believes he's chosen by God to be a hero, and often commits acts of heroism, attributing his heroic nature to the Lord. He despises sinful people, and refuses to live a life of sin.

After traveling America, and ending up in the Shadow Escorts he realized he did not want mutants to suffer, and believed God gave mutants there abilities. With that belief he has aided in the battle against the persecution of mutants, or persecution of any kind. He is a selfless leader devoted to his team-mates, and has a strong bond with all of them, and wants to work with others rather then be hot headed, and hopes to aid the new generation of mutants.

Skills: Niko believing himself to be a Soldier of God, has trained extensively in the art of Self Defense, wanting to be capable of defending himself, and being a dangerous combatant. He's trained himself for many years, and has traveled training with some of the most skilled masters, and has learned how to wield bladed weaponry such as swords, and knives very proficiently. He's highly educated, and has memorized most of the Hebrew Bible.

Weapons: He carries a dagger with him, that he has named Elyon, one of the names of his God.

Niko has the ability to absorb ambient solar energies which his body metabolizes and converts into powerful optic blasts. Unchecked, his optic blasts can easily level buildings or more. These red concussive blasts are not lasers, and do not create any heat. Rather than cutting or burning, his blasts are pure kinetic energy. They can push or smash objects with pure force. However, there is no action/reaction involved with this force; Niko' head is not pushed back when he uses his power. It has been theorized that this is because the particles are extra dimensional in nature.

Niko lost the ability to control his mutant power as a child. This was originally thought to be due to damage to his brain, but it is actually due to a mental block. Along with being unable to turn his power off, Niko never uses his power to their full extent because deep down he is afraid of what could happen if he truly loses control. There is no known limit to how much damage the optic beams can cause, although they can be draining depending on how long he uses them, and overuse of his abilities can have horrible physical, and mental strain on his body. Another thing that can affect the level of his optic blasts is his stress level.

Bio: Nikolai Busama was born in Israel, to a middle age family of Devout Believers, his older brother being shaky in his faith, but still semi-devout, Niko was instantly sucked into his family's religion, and desired to spread the word of God, and go against those who went against his God. From a young age he formed a bond with the pastor of his church, whom was a close family friend, and who became his Godfather, his brother began to fall astray from the religion, and began speaking to Niko about abandoning there family, and moving to America, Over time Niko grew angered with his brother's plans to abandon God, but hid them from the rest of his family fearing for his family's life, later they ended up helping a couple of Messianic Jews hide from some Zealots, and there Niko's family was affected, changing religions. Niko's parents decided to aid the Messianic Jews into getting to an airport, and his brother Tsion decided to aid them, wanting to escape Israel, and Niko was conflicted, over his family, or his God. He decided to aid them, going to his pastor for help in dealing with the Zealot Faction.

During the escape to the airport, they were ambushed, and Niko blamed, his parents angry that they betrayed him, while the Zealots moved in to attack there family, a violent battle took place, and Niko's ability manifested for the first time, and he fought off the attackers with his optic blasts, but his parents were dead, and Tsion escaped with the Messianc Jews, abandoning Niko, who choose to remain with his God, and fled to his church ,many of the Zealots in pursuit of him believing him to have powers from Satan. Niko's Godfather, and now paternal Figure, learning he was raising other mutants, whom the Zealots believed were allies of Satan. Niko befriended the fellow mutants there, until years later when he was seventeen, the Zealots set fire to church, killing his godfather, and most of the mutants there, Niko having gained more control of his powers battled them, and fled joining the Israeli Army which was of course mandatory, and he served for two years.

He believed the Military did not follow God, and was once again conflicted, he served, and burned his medals of honor, now alone he decided to track down Tsion and confront him for abandoning God, and their family. He was captured, the Israeli Government building there own army of mutants to use to gain complete control of The Holy Land from the Muslims, with the aid of some Missionaries, they managed to escape, and stole a vehicle, escaping to the States, he was shot down by American Forces, injured, he escaped, and was taken in by a kind elderly couple. He was taken in by James Rocker, placed in the matrix style system where his beliefs where tested. nearly becoming an athiest, he managed to escape during a black out, and went into hiding, emerging later he sought out a ship to Genosha intending to go after James Rocker, and rescue the other captives. He met up with Josh on the ship to Genosha befriending him, and quickly joining the Shadow Escorts.

Working with Josh to rescue his brother Jack from the forgotten, he managed to escape captivity, and tracked down Justin a former member of the VW program. After a brief struggle he got the help of him, Mikey, and Dracarot to rescue his friends from the Shadow Escorts, and murdered with Virus. After defeating the Forgotten they escaped, and Dracarot and Emma joined their group, and he assumed leadership determined to track deal with the rising anti mutant behavior's dealing with James Rocker, Ford, and a rogue faction of the Israeli Government who had joined forces to neutralize mutants with the VW program.


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Niko Busama (Heroes Uprising)
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