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 Tess Summers (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Tess Summers (Heroes Uprising)   Wed May 15, 2013 12:45 am

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"Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."
-Tess Summers

Name: Tess Summers
Codename: Leviathan
Alias: N/A
Age: 30
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Species: Homo-Sapien
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Tess is a complex individual to most she appears to be money hungry, and selfish determined to achieve her own goals at all costs. Due to her violent history she has trouble trusting, loving or even accepting people as her friends/allies. She's strong, independent, and ruthless especially when dealing with any sort of threat to her safety. She cares deeply about the world, and nature in general believing people's reckless living is destroying everything & unrestricted use of superhuman abilities is accelerating the process. She's very manipulative of most people, and is cruel considering a few hundred or thousand lives lost nothing in the grand scheme if the world is saved. However despite her tough exterior there are some that she truly cares about whether as friends or much more. For those few individuals she will go to the end of the earth to preserve their lives.

Base of Operations:  Terra Corp HQ
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Father, Mother(Deceased), Sister

Allies: Terra-Corp, Hill Family, MRD/SRU
Enemies: SXML,
Occupation: CEO
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

-Hand to Hand Combat- Tess is trained in the art of fighting. She's a second degree black belt, trained in MMA, boxing, and the art of using pressure points.

-Master of Seduction/Persuasion: Tess has no problem using whatever it takes to manipulate people whether the incentive is money, drugs, or even her own body.As long as it furthers her goal she'll put her all into conforming her target to her desires.

-Multi Lingual. Tess has knowledge of English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and knows the basic of many other languages courtesy of a tortured telepathic prisoner.

-Deception: Tess can fabricate the most ludicrous of tales and speak with confidence, and enough certainty to convince you that's real or it's what some super powered being made her remember. She can remember every detail of her fabrications and relay them time after time.

Weapons: Tess carries a .45 caliber at all times.

Celestial Extremis: She's invented her own form of extremis using re-enginered celestial armor. The extremis can be summoned instantly and forms a nigh indestructible celestial armor making her immune/resistant to the most powerful of physical force as well as energy attacks of various kind including cosmic and magical energies. The Celestial armor vastly improves her natural mutant powers, and allows her the powers to absorb various forms of energy including kinetic, light, gravitational, and even life. Using her mutant powers she can gain the energy of those who's mass she absorbs/consumes. The Celestial armor gives her the power to manipulate vast amounts of cosmic energy for flight, teleportation, force fields around herself and others, to rapidly increase physical attributes, manipulate and fuse with technology, as well as suppression of powers & other attributes, cellular regeneration, self duplication, reforming recently consumed matter biological or otherwise aka reversion  and blasts of destructive energy.

Powers:Mass Manipulation
Due to a process she's managed to remove Karen's ability from her, and synthetically transfer it to herself. Unknowingly she also absorbed Karen's Skirn powers as well without the actual skirn herself to hold her back.  With this power she is capable of manipulating mass of herself and others with or without physical contact. She is capable of choosing the mass whether bug sized, or empire state sized. It seems her level of mass has the same limitations as Skirn rather then Karen herself as she can reduce a target to microscopic size or even miles high. Her power is not limited to biological creatures either as she's perfectly capable of tampering with inanimate matter as well. She's trained herself to the point she can use this ability reflexively if she's in danger, and can sense altered mass as well as non altered mass a sort of byakugen vision. As with the original she is capable of moving mass from place to place with or without altering it's size such as reducing a car in size and bringing it to the palm of her hand or making a grenade larger and warping it into the middle of a dinner meeting. Another bonus of course is manipulating gravitational mass and weight as well allowing her to gain the strength and durability of herself at 2,000 feet when she's regular height or reduce someone normal sized with the strength and durability of a bug. SHe could alternatively use this to make a car weigh less in mass and toss it at someone or make someone so heavy it feels like the world is crushing them.
----Skirn Powers: Near limitless manipulation of mass, however due to Mother's wave her power is nothing like Karen's when she was a Worthy but she is still granted the other bonus skills 24/7 albeit nerfed.
-Superhuman Strength
-Superhuman Stamina
-Superhuman Durability
-Supernatural Senses(Can sense other divine/asgardian entities as well as other supernatural things liked demons, angels, reapers, which also makes her resistant to their charms and suggestion/control/possession ect)
-Cravings: Being The Breaker of Men she share Skirn's craving not just for flesh but for inanimate matter as well granting her the ability to devour even concrete, and the more she eats the more power she gains, however she gains the same benefit from mass despite it's size so a car reduced in size would grant her the same benefit as trying to chomp down a full sized SUV.

Vampirism: Tess has the powers of a  millennia's old vampire and has such boasts of a number of superhuman capabilities.
-Superhuman Strength: Capable of incredible feats of strength including lifting cars
-Superhuman Speed, reflexes and agility: Her speed, reaction time and movements are all enhanced to the point she can easily dodge bullets and keep up with most mid tier speedsters
-Superhuman Endurance: She can survive just about anything short of complete disintegration. Her glaring weaknesses are of course having her head chopped off, holy water and sunlight. A wooden stake to the heart is also effective. Garlic, while not deadly, causes an averse reaction similar to an acute allergic reaction.
-Superhuman Senses: All her senses have been enhanced to extreme levels, especially her sense of smell and sight
-Low level psychic powers: Due to her advanced age, she can manipulate and hypnotize weaker minds to an extent. She also exerts total control over any vampire she's freshly sired. It also allows her to create illusions like the sense of turning into mist or various animals

Inertia: Due to being exposed to the initial surge of evolutionary acceleration by Project Inertia like Korin she has a level of enhancement far superior to the rest of the vampire mutants. Her vampire powers are enhanced vastly beyond the level of even regular vampire mutants and are on par with Korin's. Her mutant powers are similarly boosted far beyond the regular limits of regular vampire-mutants and are enhanced on the same level as Korin's. She is immune to all the traditional vampire weakness's such as sunlight, stakes, fire, decapitation, ect and typical mutant weaknes'ss of anti mugen, and power suppressing technology.

- 100X stronger then basic vampire/mutant
- She no longer need that much blood to survive only for fun and to feel a rush.
- Can travel through shadows.
- Regenerate from a single cell.
- Shape-shift into other creatures, people ect but cant copy powers if they turn into mutants.
- Generate fog.
- Manipulate the temperature.
- Telepathically communicate with other vampires.
- Read minds of humans.
- The ability to mind control several people at once instead of one and also control people's perceptions and beliefs.
- Can control any vampires she sire.
- The ability to manipulate pheremones.
- Blood manipulation.
- Immune to every vampire and mutant weakness. (so sunlight, stakes, fires, anti mugen, power dampners ect do nothing).
- Her powers cant be replicated or copied or manipulated
- Can generate powerful illusions that can cause realistic pain.
- Can fly faster then the speed of sound.
- Blood mimicry.
- Can manipulate/raise undead human/animals and control them.
- Has super sense like sight, hearing, vision with a city wide radius.
- High resistance to manipulation powers like time, matter, energy ect.
- Vast Weather Manipulation
- Shadow manipulation(tendrils ect)
- Absorb knowledge, memory, and souls of people she feasts on and/or absorbs.

Bio: Tess Pearol was given a less then pleasant child hood. Her father was a businessman and her mother was obsessed with nature specifically Mother earth, Gaia, and other such fanatical beliefs. That left her and her sister to fend for themselves often their parents would be away, and they were with limited income to fend for themselves. From a young age Tess learned to use others to get what she needed nourishment, money, tickets to a movie her sister wanted to see, as well as doing her best to avoid the label of a whore. She did well in school wanting to get an education for herself, and her life took a turn for the worst at the age of eleven when her father died in a plane crash. He left all his money for his mistress and her family, and left them with nothing. Her mother was shattered, and coped with copious amounts of alcohol and cannabis, refusing man made "Tainted" medication. They were forced to live off wellfare, and disability, and moved into a low income neighorhood. Tess was forced to adjust to an even worst style of living, and an even worst kind of people. Now in a state of perpetual chaos around thugs, prostitutes, pimps, and drug dealers, she fell victim to the world around her.

She started hanging out with thugs, become increasingly promiscuous, took up drinking, marijuana, prescription pills, and other drugs. SHe became increasingly disinterested in school, and at the age of 15 the police raided her house as it turned out her mother was growing cannabis to feed her addiction. She was arrested for possession with intent to distribute, and she & her sister were put in an abusive predominantly african american, and hispanic foster care program. Shehad to fight for her life &whored herself out to the staff for better living quarters for her family. Things continued getting worst she dropped out of school and began sleeping with men for money, as well as selling drugs on the side which led to her getting shot.  It all went bad when her mother got out of prison when she was 16 and a half, getting married to a new husband  Francisco Lopez a legitimate business man who smuggled colombian cocaine, and methamphetamine as a side business. She was quickly made aware of the side business, and once again took an interest in business, and the shadier aspects of it as well.  However at the age of 17 her sister died from a drug overdose a combination of some street bought heroin, and her step father's cocaine. The Police were all over the scene, her mother took the fall for the one who supplied the drugs and was given 20 years. Tess broke down crying drowning her sorrows in alcohol, and becoming nothing in life.

Her whole family gone, her life meaningless, she ran away from Francisco to slowly kill herself with drugs, alcohol, and sex. THis all stopped around the age o 18 she was kidnapped and gang raped by a group of Black Disciples. She was left in the hospital with no one to turn too except her step father Francisco. In a surprising turn of events he payed for her medical treatment, medicine, and helped her get off drugs. He began teaching her about his own business revealnig his own kisd had died in a shoot out with corrupt DEA agents they were suppose to make a deal with. Tess became interested in business, and eventually became Francisco's business partner. Being a white woman with a substance abuse filled pass and no high school education she was looked over by many. But she made her rise in the business world regardless sobering up, and learning the art of persusiasn. Within no time she had formed her own company Terra-Corp, a company that "Sold the future." Francisco was murdered by the same corrupt DEA agent a mutant with shadow manipulation who'd been hunting him for years murdering him and taking the rest of his drugs. Tess who'd been using Terra Corp as a front for her own drug distribution left the narcotic business for good.  She made Terra Corp's progressive technology business her front, and quickly rose to becoming a millionaire. However millions weren't enough, and she began recruiting the greatest scientific minds for the monitor.

With help and funding from theU.SMilitary, the Monitoring Project was a succesful company and brought her to her first billion, finally a weapon to use against mutants. During this time she made a deal with Jorgan and ended up finding the mutant who murdered her father, and his children. She slowly tortured him for days before feeding him to lions. After that TC's focus began anti superhuman technology which is where the big money was, to this end she formed a partnership with Neil Potter, aka Mr. Sinister to complete a formula to grant synthetic abilities. This formula would change the dynamic of the world, MRD wouldl go from the defensive to the offensive.  She was targated by the SXML herself, but managed to avoid them thanks to her security guards.  After the fall of HAMMER she lost money, especially since Neil turned out to be Mr. sinister and his formulato remove powers allowed him to build an army of superhumans to go to war with the Government. No one wanted anything to do with her except Tyrone Hill, and his family. With their funding she went to focus on granting synthetic powers, and within a matter of months thanks to capturing Mr. Sinister the project was complete. With the rise of MRD, she rose to more money then she could ever count.

The Monitors were brought back in full force, billions of them, the formula that could temporary negatte powers in liquid and misty form was purchased in the billions, and she rose to forbes top 10 most wealthy human beings. More and more money, and she figured out how to transfer a power from one person to anormal person, in this case absorbing Karen's power. As the rapidly deteriorating SXML raged war against MRD, she managed to capture the shrunken New York City, and blame it on the heroes, gaining billions as the Government payed her for her formula for synthetic powers needing to get an edge against Ventro's team.  She also donated money to the machine that wiped out Ventro giving her even more good publicity, however things went wrong when her clone of Milo, Nick Ventro escaped and went on a rampage. She used all of TC's resources to pursue him as he waged a one man war against her company. Eventually he liberated Sandra's clone Cassandra, and others but she hunted them all down except the two, and eventually managed to capture Nick as well. She began training her new-found powers, and used them to virtually wipe out the Cleansers, and send Terra Corp to clean up the remnants to give herself a good name, and send the first billion dollar shipment of powers to Vegas for testing.


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Tess Summers (Heroes Uprising)
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