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 Sarah Hill (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Sarah Hill (Heroes Uprising)   Thu May 16, 2013 5:19 pm

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"My old therapist thinks I'm insane. I keep telling him this is just a game and sometimes I feel like I'm not responsible for the things I do."

Name: Sarah Hill
Codename: The Lady
Alias: Maria Espenoza
Age: 28
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140ibs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Race: African American
Personality: Incorrectly diagnosed with sociopathy by some psychologists, Sarah is known to be cold and sometimes lack empathy at times that most people would show it. While she may feign interest in the problems of others she does respond different between the words chair and rape. She cares for her family, but her brother is more important to her.

She has had very few friendships and any intimate relationships Sarah has ever been in were always short and benefitted her mostly. Sarah is very selfish and will find ways to get what she wants. She knows her limits and realizes that the world isn't hers, but that doesn't mean she can't try to achieve her goals.

When it comes to general civility Sarah is a very polite woman. Even if she intended to kill you it was difficult to figure out since she would probably offer you tea first.

Her view on mutants and people in general is that their always should be some level of control. Mutants to her shows how easy it is to destroy the reality of a civil society. If people want their government to keep control and continue the status quo than it won't work with people walking around who can destroy cities.

Known Relatives: Alexander Hill (father), Tyrone Hill(Brother), Carrie Hill (Mother)

Allies: Family, North and South American smugglers
Enemies: Anyone in her way
Occupation: Smuggler/Family Psychologist
Religion: None
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Skills: Sarah is a genius when it comes to planning and reading people. She studied in Psychology in college and learned as much about the different social sciences as she could. Her Eidetic Memory combined with her near mastery over reading people and even how a society would act is nothing short of amazing. Of course she doesn't always use this ability to its fullest extent.

She is heavily involved in the more shady aspects of the family business and as a result learned how to use guns and how to fight close quarters. Her knowledge of weaponry both guns and melee is large, but it doesn't completely translate into skill. However she has learned through practice and experience. Where she really excels at is in hand to hand. Sarah knows various martial arts. Some taught to her in lessons payed by her father and others in a number of countries she visited. Combine this with her mutant ability to predict someone's next move makes her nearly impossible to beat unless the opponent is much much more physically stronger and faster.

Other than English Sarah is fluent in French, Spanish, and Portugese.

Power: Limited Quantum Precognition

If someone held a gun to her head she could see almost any possible outcome of any action she would take against her opponent. It isn't instantaneous and she can't see completely into the future even a year from now. At this point her power is only limited to how much her mind can take. Sarah's brain is far more powerful than any human or even most mutants. It can process only soo many variables accurately.

Her brain is similar to a Quantum Computer. For any other human they would likely go insane with so many thoughts running through their head. Sarah can comprehend them and work out a multitude of problems. Its a side effect of her Quantum Precognition. Another side effect is that Telepaths would have to sift through a lot of information and have to decipher reality from potential realities.

Bio: Sarah grew up with her brother Tyrone in Lansing Michigan. She was raised in a wealthy family, but with her parents at work her brother took the time to try and look after her. He and the housekeepers esentially raised her, but the lack of actual parents in her life seemed to take its toll for awhile. Sarah was very anti social as a child and was treated as an outcast by other children. She always excelled in school, but Tyrone could always see that something was off about her.

As a teenager she tried to fit in as best she could and even with her brother looking out for her Sarah was more robotic than human. Peer pressure and general state of teenagers didn't do well for Sarah's highschool experience. She made friends, but it was rare and even her teachers saw her as a bit insular. While very weird her English teacher and even sociology teachers would praise her understanding of the human being and even how society works. Her seeming lack of empathy hid how much she could truly understand people.

Her parents were able to pick up on her personality since she was always quite adamant on having little contact with them. Any time they visited a psychologist it was always one diagnosis after the other that resulted in Sarah just calling them a quack. Only one basically said she has aspects of personality disorders, but all she needed was time to deal with it.

Like her brother she was always badgered into joining the family business. Only until after her first four years in college she started thinking about it seriously. Eventually she asked to work for his far south operations. Alexander and Carrie never wanted their children to participate directly in the smuggling business, but her curiousity about criminals took over. He gave her a job that dealt with negotiating small time trades. The first one ended in set up by Dallas police, but she predicted not only who the rat was, but when it was going down. After that she was successfully at out negotiating the other pary and her father even thought she just had a 'knack' for this kind of thing.

Even her family didn't know that she was a mutant. For awhile she didn't know since her powers of deduction was better than most humans. Her Quantum Precognition and general skill at reading people made her known in the criminal underworld of smuggling. Less people were willing to screw over her operations since they were afraid she already knew what was going to happen.



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Sarah Hill (Heroes Uprising)
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