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 Joe Dark (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Joe Dark (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:41 pm

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Name: Joe Dark.
Codename: N/A
Age: 24.
Height: 5.9.
Weight: 153 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Often a defensive person, he'll look for ways to attain his goals without jumping head first into battle. This strategy often allows his to keep his calm and access the situation at hand. Throughout most of the rp Joe was a villain on a mission to kill his ex lover Katy. Over time it was revealed what happened to Joe, and he was returned to normal. He formed a rivalry against Jin when he started helping Katy, wanting to win his lover back.

Known Relatives: Nick Johnathon Dark (father, deceased) / mother.

Allies: SXM.

Enemies: Jin.

Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:
Obsession with Katy - Evanescence: Snow White Queen - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
In General - The Exies: What You Deserve - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Wanting Katy - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Prison training, self though material arts.

Gravitational/Dimensional portals - Joe is a mutant with the ability to open up portals at will to quickly transport himself or objects from one area to another in an instant. The portals seem to be gravitational in nature, meaning their absorb anything that comes close to them, similar to a black hole. However, they also seem to store that matter in a pocket dimension, and said matter can not remain there for long.
Joe had never explained how this ability worked, however, by what has been observed, it seems that within the portals Joe's physical conditioning increases to superhuman levels, and he is able to quickly beat anyone he brings in with him in a matter of a few seconds.
The drawback however is the portals true nature, which is more or less a transfer system. Joe can not stay in a portal longer then a few seconds before coming out the exit portal. If he can get a opponent in with him though, he can cause damage within the few seconds.

The portals make Joe a unpredictable fighter where as once he vanishes, you have no idea where an attack is coming from until Joe reappears. You also never know what to expect, he could go in unharmed and come out with weapons.
The most dangerous thing however is that Joe can use these portals to absorb his opponents attacks and launch them back at the opponent from any direction. He displayed this ability early in his appearance when he severely injured Katy by firing her own Water Jet Cannon back at her.
Joe has seemed to master these portals, able to open and close them without effort.

Bio: Joe use to always be the cool kid, in school he was the person everyone respected, and even had his own little gang. After there final day of school, Joe and the gang held a big ass rock party. While heading home after the party that night, he seen a young girl, only a few years older then himself, on the run from what appeared to be a angry mob. The women tripped and as she was about to be attacked, Joe quickly interfered striking the attacker down. Another man walks up to the front of the mob.

"Move it boy, this young women is freak. She controls water, we have to kill her now before she can learn to use the ability at will." Joe just smirks. "So you kill people just because they are different, well not tonight." Joe the charged forward taking on the full group. Time skip to a little later and we see Joe laid back in a bed, full of bandages. Joe wakes up to see the girl he saved sitting next to his bed. They introduced themselves, the girls name being Katy.

Over the next few months Joe and Katy became close to one another. They kept it hidden that Katy had ability's, and at the time, Katy didn't care to learn about them either. One night as Joe headed to Katy's, he was confronted by a man while in a alley way. After a little chat it was determined that the man intentions where not good. It seems the man had a hatred towards the Dark family. It didn't take long for the two to enter battle, however Joe was quickly defeated. Joe's body had seemed to of been switched off, as it just stood there in a slightly slumped forward fashion.

The attacker approaches Joe. "Death is to quick a punishment for your family. Instead, your gonna turn against your own parents, rebel. Then, your going to force yourself upon your girlfriend before killing her. I'm going to turn you into a completely different man then you are. And best thing about it, you can't resist it. You'll want to be the person I'm turning you into." The man walks over, he lifts Joe's slumped forward head so he and Joe could directly make eye contact. "Say goodbye to who you are, forever." After that, the man allows Joe's head to drop again before slamming him forward with a powerful palm thrust.

Joe wakes up a while later, dazed and unsure what had happened. He picks himself up and makes his way on to Katy's as everything was normal. Later that night though, as the man said he would, Joe found himself trying to force himself upon Katy, only to be stopped by Katy's father, armed with a shotgun. Joe was soon convicted for attempted rape and sent to prison. Joe swore he'd get his revenge for being sent to such a place. When his power started to develop, he trained it, breaking out of prison and going on his search to find Katy who put him in there and get his revenge.

After this he got into a fight with Katy, only to be stopped by Milo. He escaped, and began searching for Katy. He wound up fighting her with help from the Agency, and then he joined the Agency. Later on, he ended up joining Samuel's group wanting to finally deal with Katy. However during the final battle, he betrayed Samuel not wanting the whole world to have abilities. He escaped the final battle with Samuel's group, and went into hiding when he became a fugitive. Then he joined the Soul Tournament, and helped Shawkun recruit more fighters. He managed to defeat Abigail in the tournament, and later he died with Katy during their fight. After his death, TOAA sent him to hell.

Later he was revived ironically with help from Shawkun, and he joined Samuel's group again. He helped Samuel gather members, and other side missions instead of directly fighting the SXM. He then assisted Samuel's group during the demon invasion, and during the Secrete Wars he was defeated by Filipe. After this he was kidnapped by the Government, but thanks to a fully powered Samuel he was rescued. He briefly joined the SXM to help them fight Mephisto, and after that he slightly participated in the fight against the Terror Squad. During the Legacy Arc, he was one of the few to escape the attack taking Shawkun.

Together with Shawkun he met up with Mikey, and they went to DC to kidnap the President. He helped with the kidnapping, but wound up trapped in the desert with his allies. The SXM got him to safety, and later he helped the rest of Samuel's group fight Vinlo's clones. Finally when Akatsuki showed up, he was killed during the Surprise attack.

Joe was resurrected by Shawkun later on, and given back at least a portion of his old personality, allowing him to open up and once again express his feelings for Katy. He showed up at Iliria's base not long after Katy joined and killed Troy. Upon the initial encounter with Katy, Joe was almost killed at the hands of Katy, but as luck would have it, Jin stepped in. After having been told the situation, the two decided to look for Manda. After searching around Yama's place, the two was narrowly defeated by Sandra, despite her restriction to her mutant ability's at that time. After cutting a deal with Black Heart, the two retrieved Manda from Greg's prison and took her to Black Heart, who in return gave the two Kelly. Kelly eventually manipulates Katy even further, now on a emotional level, allowing Joe to get close to her again.

As the former couple start to reconnect, Joe starts becoming more and more aware of what Jin is slowing doing to Katy, and it starts to anger him. This leaves Joe a choice, either try to help Katy get back to normal, costing him their relationship most likely. Or watch as Jin keeps molding her into some sort of killer, into a women different then the one he feel in love with. He plans to track down Spike and Kelly, to undo what's been done. Before Joe could do it, Sandra took Katy and forced Spike and Kelly to return Katy to normal. Joe however did have a encounter with Jin, and defeated him.

With Jin behind them, Joe's next objective was to win Katy back from Troy. It would be a rough road with Joe having further run in's with Jin, joining SXM and even almost getting killed by Katy. But he stuck through it, and was always in Katy's back corner watching over her. When Milo offered Joe help he went full steam to win Katy back and break her and Joe apart. Even with her feelings for Joe opened up, Katy's bond with Troy was still just a bit to strong. When Joe was offered further help by Cupid however, Joe knew it was his chance to win Katy over. Joe got Cupid what he wanted and in turn Katy's love was his. Joe has since fought in a few battles with Katy, his relationship with Troy not surprisingly worsening. Joe however used his time with Katy to grow closer to her and when Troy acted sort of smug towards Joe in Surtur's battle, he knew Troy must of had something up his sleeve. Immediately after the battle Joe and Katy trailed Troy discovering his box of chocolates, they didn't know exactly what it was, but Troy really seemed to want to have Katy eat one, so they took them. Joe then spoke to Troy claiming he has saved Katy and returned her to her rightful place, into the arms of a man who truly loves her, and out of Troy's grip, who he claims has done nothing but use Katy. Joe then took his leave from the scene as well.
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Joe Dark (Heroes Uprising)
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