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  Plague Doctor (X-Force)

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PostSubject: Plague Doctor (X-Force)   Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:12 am

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("I treat this nation's wounds. I kill traitors who blemish this great nation with the ointment of napalm.")
Codename: Plague Doctor
Age: 27
Weight: 160
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Citizenship: United States
Marital Status: Single
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Personality: TBA
Base of Operations: Langley, Virginia
Known Relatives: Deceased
Allies: CIA
Occupation: Assassin
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Acrobatic- Extremely skilled Olympian level Athlete. Her endurance and flexibility make her excellent when moving through dangerous environments.

Hand To Hand and Weapons Expert- Trained by the CIA, Ex KGB, and even Israeli Mossad Agents since she was 14 Megan was capable of extraordinary feats of skill. She is able to fight more than a dozen soldiers close quarters without getting winded. Her knowledge of weaponry is quite large, but she uses her skill more to examine enemy capabilities.

Torture- She has a great interest in making someone scream. Some call her an artist with a knife others just says she's a monster who needs to be put down. Her sadism sickens CIA agents and reminds hardened soldiers of some of the evil humanity can come up with.

Planning- What makes her different from the other Psychos out there is that she does take her time on a kill. Sometimes you need to work a little harder to give people what they deserve and Megan always works for it. Her plans will sometimes range from sniping and bombs to dropping a piano on someone's head.

Whether its through training, her powers or simply the sheer will to keep killing its hard to say what makes her this good.

XM31 Grenade Launcher- A device that can fire grenades from the wrist. Any kind of grenade such as smoke, flash bangs, fragmentation, white phosphorous etc.

Galvaknuckles- A more high-tech version of brass knuckles. These things sends an electric current through the knuckles and into some unlucky bastard's body. It instantly kills them and in some cases causes a person to vomit.

Wrist Launcher- A wrist mounted grappling hood. It uses Carbon nanotubes for the wire and a nanoadhesive at the end that can stick to any surface. The user fires it at the surface and retracts the cable to pull the user up.


Nano Gloves: Its an adhesive glove that can stick to any surface. This make climbing incredibly easy.

Arachnid: A small drone in the shape of a spider, its a tiny robot the size of a mouse. It can electrocute an adult target, hack into most computer systems, and like a spider climb on most surfaces.

Beak: The beak or Mask is actually not just for show. It is a very high tech piece of equipment. Night Vision, Thermal Vision, and  EMF are used to allow the user to see in multiple modes. It is resistant to Heat and even Ballistic weapons. This also acts as a communicator.


Megan uses an ability called a vectors. Vectors are called arms, but they are in fact powerful weapons. They can destroy or repel all but the densest materials, notable exceptions being the specialized prison doors and sniper rifleshells like the .50BMG. Needless to say, any living being targeted by these will not last long. Working as bludgeon to scalpel or anything in between, vectors can bring down a military helicopter, or disturb blood vessels on a target so as to cause death by what is seen as a heart attack or stroke.

They can be used to maneuver or even grab onto objects within its reach. Its possible to move them fast enough to even reflect bullets. Megan only uses one Vector which can reach targets eleven meters away.


What is available from Megan's history is very limited. Of course what actually brought her to the Central Intelligence Agency is available for examination by many agents. Even most Americans know half the story.

Daniel Henderson was a CIA operative gone rogue. He sold secrets to anyone who would buy them. Eventually he went public with the knowledge of what a branch of the CIA did to mutants. Torture and experiments was only the tip of the iceberg, but many intelligence agencies were able to use plenty of NSA and CIA agents as scapegoats for the project.

Allison Henderson killed herself after her husband was accused of treason. There were likely many factors that was apart of that, but only Megan would know.

Daniel's daughter Megan killed him. When they were attempting to leave the country her power manifested and tore him apart. When the agents found her she was covered in blood at a airport. The CIA took her in and trained her as a child soldier while examining her abilities. Her adoptive parents were constantly afraid of her. In Highschool there were very little incidents, but councilors advised psychiatric help. There was always therapists in the agency, but they could barely treat her well. All that was important to her handler was that she was stable enough to do the job.

In the end she could only hold on to her loyalty to her country as stability. It was simple. Kill anyone who tries to threaten the safety of the United States. This was a job she had for a long time. Its hard to say what years of fighting and killing would do to a child.
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Plague Doctor (X-Force)
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