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 Tie and Earrings

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PostSubject: Tie and Earrings   Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:30 am

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You fool
A what my dear?
He is a fool who think he can defeat us
Who are we exactly?
I am the pinnacle of existence
And well you could say I'm easy
Those that come before me should be honored
I guess if you come before me that's a little sad

Names: Tie and Earrings
Alias: Lilia Ashford and Alexander Ashford
Age: Unknown but have existed before Primates could even walk
Height: Tie is 5'7 and Earrings is 5'11
Weight: 135 and 198
Alignment: Neutral Evil and Chaotic Neutral
Marital Status:
Species: Fallen Angels
Personality: Tie is known for her rather arrogant attitude. In Heaven she wasn't necessarily very vocal about what she thought was her obvious superiority, but whenever she was approached the words "I didn't give you permission to look at me" was one of the many things that got aggravating after hearing it for millennia after millennia since the voice even sounded more snide and obnoxious every time. She could even stand before ArchAngels and scoff at the duties they gave her. While she would do her duty in an efficient manner it was a mixture to impress, but also to simply be done with it. Rarely did she enjoy fighting evil, but when she did it was rather difficult to figure out who the demon was.

Tie also has a very odd (odd for her) soft spot for adorable creatures. She once failed to kill a Demon because she was to distracted by the adorable kitten that was crossing the street alone. The kitty meowing was a good enough distraction for the demon to teleport the hell out of there.

Earrings is a sex obsessed Angel who would flirt with most people and always appeared to leave when something in the room was missing. A combination of stealing everything even some incredibly dangerous weapons such as Moses staff only to prank Egypt, and trying to fuck everyone in sight was beginning to wear thin after countless millennia of that BS. He has a very playful personality and is surprisingly tolerable of Tie's behavior.

Base of Operations: Los Angeles
Universe:  (Earth 616, 617, 1656 ect)
Known Relatives:
Allies: Heaven (not for long)
Enemies: Anyone they target
Occupation: Hunting Demons, Stealing, Sitting in a replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, and modeling
Religion: Who cares
Theme Song:  Tie The Glitch Mob - Warrior Concerto

Weapons: A Tie that can turn into a Heavenly Sword that can cut through any known material and cause fatal injury to Demonic creatures or Angels. It is one of the artifacts they 'retrieved' over time. Some say its Excalibur's sword because of its independent nature however it lacks some qualities unique to the fabled blade.

Beware the Power of Earrings. for these magic earrings when used by its chosen master this jewelry can transport anyone into a reality marble. This can't last of course, but it works well as a prison or potential storehouse for everything that he owns. In some cases he uses these items as weaponry akin to the Gate of Babylon. However, when he stores something in his treasury it creates a copy within his mind that he may use constantly. Of course, he must actually own it. This reality marble also shows the many worlds he's seen and he can bring this vision into the forefront. A world being swallowed by a black hole, seas of methane, a reality full of ducks and more. It can also be used as a personal shield that will only stop Demonic and Heavenly forces.

Powers: They were banished from Heaven, but are still seen as warriors of God. For all their  eccentricities these are dangerous beings even among Angels.


The Way of the Warrior- Experience fighting Fallen Angels, Angels, Demons and even Demi Gods

Weapon artist - A Veteran warrior with the capability to use powerful Divine or Magical weapons with little difficulty

Seer- has developed the ability to find cracks in anyone's defense and even can predict their next move. This makes Illusion magic useless, but it is very vulnerable to curses. Tie may even enhance this ability of hers in order to strike down cosmic forces. Her wings are extension of this ability. In her true form these wings are a near infinite number of chains on fire and with eyes. When Tie decides to stretch her wings during a fight a shadow encompasses the land. Everyone is able to feel an oppressive feeling as if they're very souls are violated. With this Tie seems nearly omniscient in fighting beings who may even use time manipulation to best her. She can defend and counter any kind of attacks with this power, but the raw power her target has can still swing it in their favor.

Authoritarian- With her simple presence people tend to focus on her. Tie's words feel as if they have truth to them and her orders compel others to follow them. Many low level Angels have been affected by her in a positive manner when entering battle. This also makes her a prime target due to the supernatural ability to naturally attract attention to her.

Power is Power- As one would expect of a soldier of God Tie is very strong. Even other Angels notice a clear difference between her raw strength and most Angels who served with her in battle. She can even take far more punishment than average, but repeatedly stabbing her with an Angelic blade will kill her.


Sorcerer- thousands of years worth of knowledge in magic. Not the source of his power, but it is very helpful when it comes to tricking supernatural beings. Disguising incredibly powerful relics as clothing can be one of his many tricks along with curses, illusion, enchantment etc.

Speedy- Without teleportation Earrings is one of the fastest Angels in combat.

Musical Entrance- Anytime he appears anywhere with a device that can electronically play music it always play a song as a part of his personal soundtrack. Sometimes it surprises him.


Once upon a time there lived two beautiful, intelligent, and very powerful Angels in Heaven. They were the Heavenly hosts frontline soldiers who fought tirelessly for their father against Heaven's enemies. Traitorous Angels, Demons, Demi-Gods, Superhumans, Mutants, nor anyone else was able to make them fall. Nothing could stop them but their own hubris.

The fighter was known amongst her brothers and sisters as very strong and intelligent, but she always made sure that others knew of this. She believed that only she was entitled to the authority and respect given to Archangels. Her arrogant nature was simply tolerated because she still followed orders (barely) and was not very proactive in asserting her authority over Heaven's elite.

The lover was a very  vain and lustful spirit. He sought pleasure in almost anyone and even amongst other Angels. The fact that they were basically family made it even more difficult for others to tolerate. His vanity led him to thievery of magical artifacts that were powerful enough to destroy mankind, but he simply wanted it for decoration. In the end he followed the rules.

What made these two fall from grace was when they were brought together. They were on a mission to destroy the strong Demonic presence in Egypt and destroy the artifact that was being protected. In two hours they flooded major portions of Egypt with the water from The Nile, destroyed half of Thebes and parts of Abydos, used the staff of Moses to rain down plagues, and 'lost' the artifact. Bringing these two together was a recipe for disaster. While no one actually knew how it happened they did know that they're actions were mostly responsible for the destruction of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom.

As a result they were banished from heaven and forced to live on Earth until they accomplish enough tasks given by Heaven so they can return. Over 4000 years has passed and still nothing. They kept out of major Earth changing events, but were allowed to live as well as they wanted to as long as they didn't expose their true nature. Now they live as famous fashion models and head of a private military corp called Cherryblossom (Tie lost a bet). While their human persona holds up they go after threats to heaven when needed. Whether or not they still want to go to Heaven is something only they know.

When Mother was defeated and Heaven sealed away Tie and Earrings were briefly at a lost. Something so integral to their plans was almost a non entity. However it didn't take long for them to build. In Los Angeles they built over the ruins of a once fallen city using the resources and allies they gathered over a millenia. This spire is meant to pierce the sky and be capable of housing millions in an environment in which many can prosper and stay safe. Since then they have both fought to keep their project running for it isn't simply for the good of their own residents. Tie may describe it as a trap while Earrings would say its an opportunity. Whatever it is its sudden construction was met with a lot of worry. Fortunately in the US the Angels built themselves a reputation of keeping their civilians safe during invasions while most nations couldn't.

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PostSubject: Re: Tie and Earrings   Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:24 am

Tie (Genosha RP)

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Extremely weakened and now confined to few known realms Tie is severely weakened and lacks her grace. However, she was capable of retain most of her memory and skills. Through this she is an extremely formidable foe carrying with her magical knowledge long thought forgotten. Her physical form while inferior to her Angelic body it is still more capable than any human and even many meta humans.

Super Strength- Capable of bench pressing 20 tons.
Physical Resistance- Most bladed weapons and bullets can pierce the skin, but barely can go more than a few inches deep. She can heal from most wounds except the destruction of the head.
High Speed- Can run at up to 77 mph
Enhanced senses- Can hear and even see a pin drop a mile away through a blizzard.

Magical Knowledge- Most of her more powerful knowledge was taken from her due to its danger. She has been able to keep enough information to make most skilled mages a novice in comparison.

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PostSubject: Re: Tie and Earrings   Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:18 pm

Rift Angels

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

When Tie and Earrings tore a hole through reality seemingly on a whim there were nothing but questions in regards to what were the effects of their actions. What permanent effects there was on the world is still a mystery however the Angels are a different manner.

Uninhibited Strength- As Angelic beings there power was far beyond the abilities of ordinary creatures. During the battle with Avacyn and The Sorcerer Supreme Tie and Earrings (more so the former) displayed a portion of the power channeled from the Rift. This kept both of them capable of surviving battles with extremely powerful foes and it increased their power tenfold. They are now capable of fighting an Archangel while resisting attempts at taking their grace.

Rift Magic- In development

Attribute System Error- Both angels used a system of magitech constructed by an alien species. It was meant to steal an entire species desire or attraction. For many if awoken it could change them irreversibly. Their control over this system caused side effects that have caused a significant change in their physiology.

She has three attributes. One Crimson and Snow. A simple way of describing Tie and her different attributes amounts to this.

Crimson- There is nothing to believe in.
Tie- Put your faith in me.
Snow- Make your ideals reality.

This error forced its way into the forefront of Tie's psyche and grace almost corrupting her. As a result her holy sword does not find her worthy of its use.

Earrings doesn't face this issue due to how fluid his personality usually is. Mainly as a result of his reality marble's both mental and physical interference.
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PostSubject: Earrings Treasury   Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:42 am

Gordius Wheel

-Is a large antique war chariot with two prows that is led by two Divine Bulls with rippling muscles. Its dimensions are greater than that of an average truck and it has two large, curved sickles on its sides used to demolish surrounding obstacles and hurl the debris at enemies. The bulls and the chariot tread atop lightning strikes, manifestations of Zeus, allowing it to also move through the air just as easily as it travels atop the ground.

Only seen in use after the battle against the unknown creature at LA tower.  

Vijaya Dhanash

-A bow once owned by Lord Shiva was given to one of the greatest Heroes in the Hindu Epic. Its a Divine weapon so powerful and destructive that its very name (victory) almost always have given its wielder the upperhand in every battle. Its made out of materials immune to nearly all Divine weapons and it cannot be lifted by any mortal. Its so powerful even an Angel cannot keep using it without becoming drained of power.

Throne of Anubis

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-One of the reasons why both Earrings and Tie fell was because of Earring's own search for this. Both him and powerful demons wanted control over an ancient vehicle controlled by an old god. Through skill and a lot of luck Earrings took control of what many would call a spaceship.

The Throne is capable of traveling dozens of light years a day and has the ability to destroy cities with its many weapons which uses a combination of mystical and technological capabilities.
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PostSubject: Re: Tie and Earrings   

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Tie and Earrings
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