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 Ashe(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Ashe(Heroes Uprising)   Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:54 am

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Name: stripped from existence
Alias: Ashe
Age: Eternal
Weight: 190(muscle)
Alighnment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Angel/demon
Personality: How Ashe was in the past is, like the rest of him stripped from memory. His current self is incredibly apathetic and devoid of emotion. Though the demonic influence comes out in extreme bouts of sadism and savagery, as well as nymphomania, while leaning more towards males, when alls said and done, any holes a goal and vice versa.

Allies: Jericho, Pandemonium
Enemies: None exactly at the moment, his viewpoints on heaven are......complicated
Occupation: none
Religion: ignores
theme song:
Weapons:Possessing several angelic and demonic based weapons
Powers:His power level is currently impossible to determine, though it's a given he's a powerful individual given his mixed blood, a being of heaven and hell.

Angel/Demon energy manipulation: He wields a mixture of angelic and demonic energy. Due to their conflicting nature he often has trouble controling it, but when he does he can shape it into constructs, fire concussive blast and a more personal favorite, create explosions of different magnitudes

Healing/harming: One of his main duties as angel was to heal, he was capable of healing any and all maladies. Though due to certain events, he has sworn off healing and inverted this to harming, he can inflict deadly curses that are next to impossible to get rid of and cause incredible pain as it slowly destroys body and soul. A side effect is any body that he posseses is gifted with a healing factor

Heavenlyfire/hellfire: He can summon a fiendish flame with hinges of purity that can burn anything, though cannot effect angels or demons due to the conflicting natures.

Physical capabilities: has enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, dexterity and others, surpassing most angels and demons.


Memory manipulation

Cryokinesis: This ability is purely demonic, labeling him as a frost demon. He is capable of summoning and manipulating the essence of ice, frost, and snow.

Mini snowmen: His familiars that take the form of small snowmen that can move around independent to Ashe's will, mainly used for overwhelming foes and bombings.

Sin absorption: He can drain the sins of lust and greed.

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Ashe(Heroes Uprising)
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