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 Troy Crosby (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Troy Crosby (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:45 pm

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I know myself what revenge is like, it's not as satisfying as one might think.

Name: Troy Crosby
Codename: Burnout
Alias: Hot head
Age: 24
Height: 5,7
Weight: 175 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Troy can be defined as a hardened loose canon. He doesn't take orders from anyone, but follows them if they come from people he respects. While at first cynical and sarcastic, showing a vengeful side and self destructive tendencies, he soon mellowed with the help of the SXM, in particular Katy.
While no longer the same hot head, he's still prone to easily losing his cool when his loved ones are involved, but otherwise shows himself to be both a capable fighter, and a strong willed leader

Known Relatives: Father(Greg), Katie (Mother), Katy (relationship), Cole (brother)

Allies: SXM, Avengers, X-Force, SHIELD

Enemies: Hellfire Club, AVALANCHE

Occupation: SXM member
Religion: Atheist
Theme music
Before SXM. - Bon Jovi: Wanted dead or alive - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
During SXM - My Darkest Days: The World Belongs To Me - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
After SXM - Gavin Rossdale: Adrenaline - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

He is a skilled thief and street fighter, having picked up these traits during his life on the streets.
Over time and thanks to all his fighting in the SXM, he's gained a natural sense for battle and a good instinct for fighting and leadership. He's one of the most experienced members of the team

Troy is one the strongest and most experienced members of SXM, is powers giving him a wise versatility in both attack and defense.

-Pyrokinesis: Troy posses the power to create and manipulate fire at will, using it for both offense and defense. The fire he generates can be controlled by his mind into any shape he so desires, and the intensity can vary as well. His usual flames go up to 2.800 F (the melting point of iron), but he can go beyond this to heat levels comparable to a nuclear warhead detonation (1,000,000 F). However, this is an exhausting effort. The flames he creates will burn for about 3 minutes under the energy he dispensed to them before the elements external to them can play an influence. His body is also immune to fire, and he can absorb flames that come into his direct vicinity.
There are many elements that can somewhat counter Troy's flames, but there is nothing so far that can completely override him.
--Flight: Using the flames he creates, he can fly through the air at will, and at speeds of around 140 miles per hour, greater if he so chooses.
--Fire Body: Troy can take a plasma like state (Plasma is a super-heated stated of matter such as exists in the atmosphere of stars.) . In this state, any attack will simply pass through him, and most objects will either melt or incinerate on contact. Troy's plasma state is composed of atoms excited by the high heat levels, and can be dispersed if the ambient heat is manipulated into a halt.

Phoenix Force - As a gift from Milo, Troy became a Phoenix host. He is nowhere near Sandra or Milo, however he is able to use the Phoenix flames and learned to teleport.

Signature Attacks.

Fire Ball: Simply gathered flames that has been manipulated into a ball or sphere that is shot at the opponent.

Flame Tunnel: He can concentrate the release of his flames thought the palms of his hands. These flames travel in a circular like motion create a tunnel effect.

Fire Bomb: For this attack Troy fires a very highly condensed ball of fire from the palm of his hand. This highly condensed ball explodes on contact with the ground or a opponent, setting a very wide area on fire.

Ignition: A very good move for surprise attacks, Troy doesn't send actual blast of fire at his opponent, instead he transfers the heat a fire creates and positions it on a part of his opponents body, or surrounds a opponent fully if desired. On the command "ignite" the transferred will take effect and set a opponent on fire.

Fire Pillar: Troy builds up flames underground beneath his opponents, when ready the fire cracks through the Earth surface and erupts upward in a pillar of fire.

Fire Dome: In this move Troy releases flames from his body, spreading outward in all directions rapidly creating a huge dome of fire. Temperatures in this attack has gotten so hot in cases it would of killed Troy himself if he had not stopped the attack.
Very few people has been caught inside the dome and survived.

Fire Dome Encase: A modified version of the above attack, the dome is designed to encase both Troy and his opponent in a area of steadily increasing temperatures instead of outright destruction.

Bio: Troy was a man with an extremely hard life that caused him to develop a hatred towards humanity. He never met his birth parents and school was horrible, everyone including the teachers being mean. He eventually got tired of the world and decided to do things his way. He discovered his powers in his neighborhood and while out walking around he crossed over into a gang turf. It's fighting that ground of people for his own very survival where he first unlocked my powers.

Detailed history: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

After that day, he kept practicing and quickly gained control of the ability. He later became a criminal murdering people with his powers and stealing what-ever he wanted. He eventually began encountering other evolved humans in combat such as Milo, Nate,Yamairo, and Ledge. He became enemeis with Sandra and Dave and they saved his life when Zulan attacked. He began changing his life-style around after he met Yamairo and the group and was forced to end his criminal life or die.

He later felt betrayed by the team thanks to the evil Future Milo, but he was rescued and brought back to the group. He became good person after that and joined the group helping them fight many people such as Future Strade, The Agency, Zulan, Samuel, and Kathy. He helped the group a lot in recruiting evolved humans and fighting off the Government. He later joined the SXM and went to Asgard for two months. He fought in Shawkun's tournament to save Sandra but lost to his opponent Ezkiel. His soul was then taken by Shawkun and his body taken by the others. He was freed and nearly fought Isabel.

Later during the Symbiote invasion he helped Milo,James, and Filipe rescue Michael and bring him into the base. He than fought Isabel controlled by symbiotes and decided they would fight later. He later was nearly killed by the penance stare truly paying for his sins. He continued to help out even fighting in another tournament Samuel hosted. He fought and defeated Hammer making yet another rival, but then lost to Shawkun. He was one of the Controller's targets and later helped out against the demonic invasion. During the invasion BH controlled Isabel and he fought her again until the BH clone died. Later when he was possessed by Controller he fought Michael and Isabel. He lost and went to the Secrete Wars. Shawkun managed to steal his soul but the SXM regained his.

He later served the group during battles against the Espada and knew he was growing to be one of the more weaker members of the team like Krillin from DBZ. He trained hard and later joined Anti-Registration He helped a lot and befriended Zane.

Troy helped the group in many battles over the course of the rp, and finally unlocked his ability to take his Plasma Form "or Flame On" in a battle against Isabel. After a long fight it would seem Isabel won after Troy put everything he had into one last super attack. As the story continued, Troy also opened up and even fell in love with the water girl Katy. They fought together many times, and helped in the hunters invasion. After Isabel's demise at Yamairo's hands, Troy would find himself quickly gaining a new enemy, his very own father, Greg, who could manipulate temperature. It became personal when Greg hurt Katy. In Dark Reign, Troy joined the Dark Avengers in order to help Katy, going back to SXM after Jorgan's defeat. Troy would later die at Katy's hands, his body converted to water molecules and spread across the land.

Troy was later revived and with Katy eventually being returned to normal after it was found out Spike had manipulated her. The two got back together and they continued to assist the SXM through wars, demon invasions, space wars, and battling heavenly forces. Troy feuded with his father and eventually found himself fighting Joe for Katy's love. Troy would later be approached by Namak and assigned a mission, but troubles with Joe and Katy would see this mission get more or less forgotten. With help from Dave Troy was able to discover that Katy was under the magic of Cupid. Obtaining a box of chocolates formed from a magical mist, these chocolates would reveal the truth to whoever ate them. However Surtur's attack would be a unwelcome interruption and Troy was called into combat. After the battle against Surtur's forces, Troy went to retrieve the chocolates again, but was trailed by Katy and Joe. They took the chocolates and Katy left, Joe made it clear that Katy was his now, before also leaving.

Troy would end up leaving SXM, getting a connection to the Phoenix Force as a parting gift from Milo. From there he would join up with his father. He would learn Katie at one point attempted to have him killed, and overheard a confession Greg forced out of Katie. He would face his mother, warning her to stay away, and leaving her torched but alive. He returned to his father meeting Cole and getting involved with a few jobs. He would also lean of having a brother, Cole, and rescued him. His encounters with Katy since then would be brief and Troy would next work with SXM in the invasion of their alternate world selves. Troy would see himself helping Sean fight alter Felicia, the fight would not go his way and in the end Sandra would make the save.

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PostSubject: Re: Troy Crosby (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:45 pm

Plasma Form:
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Flame On:
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Troy Crosby (Heroes Uprising)
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