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 Manda Mercer (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Manda Mercer (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:47 pm

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Name: Manda Mercer.
Codename: Location.
Age: 26
Height: 5.3
Weight: 123 lbs
Personality: A careful person, Manda try's to avoids direct combat as mush as possible. She is the friendliest person among Jet/Nightmare's group when she was with them, she was never really evil like they where. Her ability is her guide, and as such, she is tracking various people constantly, enough so Chulance has called her a stalker.
Known Relatives: Mother, father. Foster parents (deceased).
Skills: Can handle small fire arms.

-Sensing: Manda has the ability to feel where other humans are located. She does this by feeling their energy, or life force rather. In her mind, she she's the person as a blue human figure. The stronger a person is, the brighter they are displayed and as such, the easier it is for her to find them. Once pin pointed, she can feel the distance between them, knowing how far away the person(s) she is tracking is, as well as being able to pin point there direction.
She is confident enough to claim she can find anyone she wants on the planet.

The only real downfall would be is that she can't follow any kind of instantaneous movement. Once she's focused on those she is tracking though, she'll be able to relocate that person the instant they reappear, no matter if they had moved miles away.

Bio: Manda is a orphan child, abandoned at a young age by her parents. Despite this act of cruelty, she had been raised with good values by her foster parents. However her foster parents where killed in a evolved human attack. Manda would of met with the same fate if Jet had not stepped in. Quickly dealing with the threat, he learned of Manda's powers and brought her back to the group.

Although low physical strength and next to no fight skill, she can locate any evolved human on the planet that she wishes to. It questionable, but she may even be able to pin point humans as well.
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Manda Mercer (Heroes Uprising)
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