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 Tiffany Thiessen (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Tiffany Thiessen (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:48 pm

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Name: Tiffany Thiessen.
Codename: Wild Cat.
Alias: Tiff.
Age: 20
Height: 5.4
Weight: 123 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species Homo superior
Personality: Tiffany is sometimes a hard person to understand.  She's quite a curious person, and usually just takes stuff she has a interest in. She can often get in the way, and is a major annoyance if anybody is trying to get any work done.  Her curious and rather care free nature causes her to act very improperly in most serious situations.
Her unpredictability can also play into her fights at times as well.  
It's really hard to know what side she could on at any given time.  She usual hangs around those who she deems "most interesting".  
Known Relatives: Currently unknown.

Allies: SXM, Avengers

Enemies: Shawkun

Occupation: SXM member
Religion Agnostic
Theme Song: Yoshi Tatsu WWE theme - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: She is quite aerobatic and quick on her feet.

Sight based Mimicry: Tiffany has the ability to copy preformed feats witnessed through eyesight, and is able to master and preform said function instantly.  The ability allows he to copy physical, mutant, and even machine feats.  Her body automatically adjusts to give her the power in which to create said feat which Tiffany had witnessed.  

Although she appears capable of coping any power and feat, she seems incapable of mastering the depths of the power itself, only displayed feats at which she had seen.  She also seems to be unable to hold a particular ability for any length of time after a battle has ended.  This may be due to her care free and childish nature.   Hints to deeper depth's of Tiffany's powers has been displayed, such instances was with Sefriot who put her life in danger on a few occasions.   Her ability has caught a interest in Milo who see's the power not for what it is right now, but for one of great potential.

Unlike most mimmicks Tiffany has no fixed skill set, she can basically do anything but her mental state prevents her from ever reaching full power. Her powers has progressed over the years to the point she can envision something in her mind, copy the skill from said vision and do it in the real world. This process while capable of being extremely fast is off the pace of regular mimmicks like Milo who has powers instantly on hand.

Bio: Tiffany first appeared a prisoner in Carson's facilities. Becoming interested in Tesla's ability's, Tiffany followed her around.  Meeting up with the SXM quickly, she decided to stick around.  In her early days she didn't do much, merely watching ongoing battles thinking it was fun, and annoying the people she was around.  Tiffany's first real display of her ability's was in Dark Reign, where she annoyed Riya to the point Riya tried to kill her, proving unsuccessful.  She didn't start becoming more helpfully active until after she was revived, being killed by Shawkun.  After tagging along as a unwanted guest with Yamairo and Isabel, Tiffany proved that, although a bother, she was quite useful as she fought Sefroit, copying his techniques.  Although she managed to protect the group present, Tiffany ended up defeated by Sefroit, but was healed by Yamairo.  Tiffany later ended up fighting Milo who wanted to test her powers.  While fighting HAMMER she showed another aspect of her ability, that she could replicate attacks preformed by machines as well as mutants.  While still all the while having a carefree, child like nature, Tiffany also took part if fighting off the Predator's.   Now on Genosha, Tiffany is bother the depressed Kujon, jumping him from behind she tried to get him to cheer up.  When Kujon summoned some fighters, Tiffany did the same.[b]
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Tiffany Thiessen (Heroes Uprising)
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