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 Justin's GTA 5 Online tips.

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PostSubject: Justin's GTA 5 Online tips.   Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:38 am

These are general money/rp making tips that should work on either PS3 or 360, and after all patches.

Occasional cash grab tip.

Stealing cars - Now you can only sell a car to Los Santos Customs once every 2 days of game time. But I believe Simian requests a car around the same time frame. So for good free roam cash, follow this steps.

1) Wait for Simian text, or for him to request a car.
2) Bring any desired car to Simian (when it's ready) for a $8000 - $10,000 payout.
3) Now find a Calalade (If name is misspelled, it's the Cadillac Escalade style SUV).
4) Sell that to Los Santos Customs for a additional $7000.

Now how can you make money while waiting? I'll tell you how, missions. You have 3 fairly good choices here.

Choice 1 - Potshot.

Unlocks at rank 25, this mission is a fairly easy way to rank up 1400 rp and $7000 in minutes. Recommended on hard, what you do is...

- First go to the nearby highway and grab a car.
- From there you drive down the dirt road you originally spawned on.
- After rounding the bend, stop. Park your car to the right side of the road, as if you was trying to block a second lane that isn't there.
- Gun down the two guards and WAIT, do NOT proceed forward.
- After a few seconds the van should take this road trying to escape. Now due to the placement of your car, this prevents the van driver from swerving.
- Kill the van driver.
- Take the van and drive it to Trevors trailer in Sandy Shores.

If done correctly, you only need to kill 3 people, and will make a quick $7000 off a short mission.

Choice 2 - Converted.

This mission is a little longer, but pays out $12,000 and a similar range of rp. For this I recommend easy just to off people faster, it's also highly recommended you have a sniper rifle. For this.

- First you want to walk forward a little until you have sight of a guard by a SUV, off this guard first.
- Next aim down by the container, should be 3 guards. Off them next so they don't pursue you.
- Now you can off the guys across the river, should be 1 on the beach, 1 by the SUV to your left, and 3 by the SUV to your right.
- When you are done, move down the hill to where the first guard was, jump on top of his SUV and look back to the container. There should be a second container not far behind with people hiding behind near by crates. You'll need to line up your shots well as you basically got to head shot the 3 or 4 guys back there.
- With that done, remain on the SUV and aim down towards the target zone. You should be able to snipe most of the group from here. A few will be hiding, but like the men beind the crates, you can get them with a good shot.
- Once cleared, jack the SUV and drive to the target zone.
- Pistol of machine gun any stragglers you may have missed, and wait for the heli pilot to land the heli.
- Kill pilot and hijack the heli.
- Push the left D-pad button to deploy the grapple hook.
- Fly over to the target container and pick it up.
- Fly container to the drop off zone.

Enemies will attempt to follow you, but they are only ground units. There is really no point of them being in as they can't catch you anyway.

Choice 3 - Boneyard Survival.

Doing 10 waves of this is the longest option, but yields the biggest rewards. You get over 2000 rp and a $20,000 payout on completion. Recommendations? Well there are a couple. (1) Have lots of ammo. (2) Have a second player you trust. What you guys want to do is...

- Take shelter behind the grey trailer style building. This puts you in a narrow space between the building and the wall, which is hard for enemies to get at.
- One of you watch the yard, the person on this side will get 70% of the action. The other guy watch the road for enemies coming in cars, or ground units trying to flank you.
- From here star killing the approaching enemies.
(For waves with heli's)
- The waves with the heli's arriving can get a bit hectic, but are doable. You want to take full advantage of the cover this spot provides.
- Focus mainly on the ground troops first, however if you can off the heli's gunmen it will help greatly, just remember the guys on the ground are just itching for you to fuck up.
- When the ground troops and gunmen are cleared, you can either shoot the heli's pilot, or leave your cover and rain a hell storm of bullets upon the chopper with the minigun.
- I do NOT recommend using the rocket launcher to take out heli's, the majority of times I seen them used, they was a miss. Minigun or offing the pilot is the way to go.

With these tips and a little skill, you should be able to last the full 10 waves of this survival without to much trouble.


Well there is the tips I got for you, one quick way to make a periodic $15,000 - $17,000 in free roam, once every couple of in game days. As well as 3 mission choices to pick from complete with my personal tips of the best ways to complete them.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this topic. And let me know if any of this helped you guys out. Life in GTA 5 doesn't come cheap, so the faster one can rake in the cash, the better.  Smile 

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Justin's GTA 5 Online tips.
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