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 Adrian Fabrey(Genosha High)

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PostSubject: Adrian Fabrey(Genosha High)   Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:22 pm

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I understand you better then you understand yourself. Don't worry, your nothing special "

Name: Adrian Fabrey
Age: 17
Weight: 187 lb
Alighnment: Chaotic Evil
Species: Homo superior
Personality: Outwardly he can be seen as a calm and quiet young man. Witty and incredibly flirtacious, not caring for which gender. Always with an easy smile and seemingly kind demeanor. But this is a mask, a mere facade that hides the darkness inside. Falling into the category of being a sociopath, he is devoid of any human emotions, understanding of morals, or conceps of a concience. He views everyone around him as mere objects whose only purpose is to amuse him. Things like love, bonds, friendship go comepletely over his head. But he is able to conceal this and manipulate people. He trust no one but himself but he'll be your best friend if you serve to keep him entertained and rip your throat out once your usefulness is ended. He is asexual but will screw anything or anyone if they further his own ambissions.

Occupation: Student
Religion: Atheist

Skills: Incredibly smooth and charismatic, a master of manipulation. Quick and decisive, able to read people and see through any deception. He's a quick study able to master most anything. He is skilled in fencing and martial arts.

Powers:Publiclly Adrian maintains that he hasnt developed a power yet, but in truth he is incredibly gifted

Intuitive Aptitude- The power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, and even powers without the need of long-term or special education. This how Adrian is able to coast by undetected, his power giving him an inside look so to speak on people. The most instrumental aspect is that Adrian is able to learn the abilities of other, but in order to do this he must examine the persons brain at close range. The common result being the death of the person do to blood loss and shock. So far he has learned four powers

-Underwater breathing
-Animal communication/manipulation
-Taste manipulation
-Gravity Manipulation

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Adrian Fabrey(Genosha High)
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