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 Evangeline(Genosha High)

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PostSubject: Evangeline(Genosha High)   Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:39 pm

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" Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose Blood is going to paint the hall? "

Name: Evangeline
Code name: Madam Bloodspill
Age: 16
Height: 4'9
Weight: 145
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Species: Undead
Personality: Evangeline is fairly unpredictable, one moment she can seem quiet and composed but in the next instant she'll be caught in a peal mad laughter. She hates the concept of life, but seems to have developed a twisted obsession with Troy Crosby, going to any lengths to win his approval. She mainly keeps to herself if not around him, wandering the island and holding court in one of its main graveyards. She seems to have a particular interest in fairy tales, dolls, and puppets. Her room adorned with them and often uses them for references.

Allies: Troy Crosby, Mutant Mafia
Occupation: Student
Religion: None


Seamstress: She is very handy and lethal with a needle and threat, able to sew up anything and create intricate design

Puppet Master: Her skills with threads are pushed further with deft fingers, she can manuver a puppet with deft skill, allowing them an almost life like quality.

Powers: Hemokinesis

Evangeline manipulate blood, her own or someone elses, provided she's mingled her own blood with theirs. Her control is hard to pin point as there are times when it seems like her blood has a mind of its own. Mainly using it in a tendril form to lift small objects, pick up full grown man and throw them around. She can coagulate her blood to harden it and add to its attack power. She can control another person like a puppet, if she can " sew " her blood into their body. This is not without limits, it relatively easy to work on normal humans, but mutants can have a degree of resistance and can even shake her " threads " off so to speak.

Undead Body:  Evangeline is of the living dead, a zombie. She does not require sleep but can enter a death state to replenish her energy faster. For sustenance she can drink the blood of others in a vampiric fashion but is not required too, making her self sustaining. She is not invincible, while she cant feel pain and can somewhat regenerate damage delt to her body, if severely damaged, she will meet the " true death "

Body detachment control: She can remove body parts and main control over them

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Evangeline(Genosha High)
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