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 Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories.

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Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories. Empty
PostSubject: Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories.   Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories. I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 1:06 am

I figure we don't need full profiles as most stuff we can reference the Heroes Uprising character sheets for. But since Alternate is going with a bit of a different theme and we've altered some histories, I thought having a place to list those altered histories would be a good idea.

Sandra - Sandra is a young lady from a family that had fallen upon had times. She had missed some years of high school due to falling out in order to take up a part time job and help her struggling parents. Leaning of Sandra's unique combination of mutant powers, Cordelia approached Sandra's family and made a deal that the school would pay off all the families debt if Sandra enlisted. Sandra was quick to quit her job and enlist to the school. From there she started meeting new friends, Emmet after getting really close to her. However she met a group of enemies and suffered at Troy's command and Megan's hand.

Her current skill level with her powers are low.

Tesla - Tesla comes from a grand background of music, her mother (Therese Nova) a legendary vocalist and singer, her father owning a instruments store and able to build, repair or play anything. However due to witnessing her parents die while only a child, Tesla became to reject her musical heritage as thinking of her loved ones was to much pain to bare. Her adoptive family supported her and years later should would enlist into the Genosha school. Tesla eventually joined the Glee Club group in fear of Troy's Mafia, with missed feeling toward the musical team.

Her skill level with her powers seems moderate.

Troy: A boy who was to violate for regular schools, he would eventually find his place at Genosha due to his father who consistently pulls strings to keep him out of trouble. Troy banded together with other trouble makes and took over the school with a iron fist. Very few would stand against him, until the Glee Club formed.

His skill level with powers seem moderate.

Katy: Katy is a very active and accomplished girl. Having a Japanese father and American mother Katy is well versed in both languishes. She got good marks and did well in all physical classes during school. Her family isn't rich, but are pretty well over. Katy transferred eventually from regular school to the Genosha school for a greater array of classes, including ones teaching mutant powers. Katy was one of the few "heroes" among the halls who wasn't afraid of standing her ground against the Mafia. Shortly after joining the Glee Club Katy was beat down and injured by Troy and Joe, and she's determined to get back at them.

Her skill level with powers are undetermined.

Histories not yet explained.


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Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories.   Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories. I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 25, 2014 4:18 am

Tie/Lilia Ashford: Tie was once one of heaven's most skilled soldiers, but also the most troublesome. She is well known for many battles with demons and old gods wanting their control back over humanity. While successful she cared very little for colatteral damage nor about keeping their presence a secret. What she wanted was heaven to fall out of its standoffish stance in regards to the universe become a more proactive group.

Her closest friend and ally Earrings framed her and she was accused of stealing powerful holy artifacts. t was only a matter of time, and now she was sent down to Earth until she can prove herself worthy of rising back to grace. As Lilia Ashford she portrays a young rich teenage girl with a talent for music, dance, and even some self defense. Her own motives remain concealed, but it seems to revolve around the creation of a fight club and the training of mutants.

Tyrone Hill: Prominant son and most likely heir of the Hill dynasty, Tyrone has many responsibilities that could fall on him one day. His family are generally rather diverse people who shouldn't get along too well if locked in a room. While taught by a strict father and generally cared for by a thrill seeking mother he grew up in a interesting home to say the least. Even his younger sister was a genius who seemed to have a more cynical outlook on life since she was six. Now in Highchool he's known as a bit of a clown, generally likes to have fun and sees work as secondary at best to anything. Tyrone is currently in the Glee Club after seeing what the Mafia really does and sees taking them down as almost a simple extracurricular activity.

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Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe altered histories.
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