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 Virus (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Virus (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:52 pm

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Name: Unrevealed.
Codename: Virus.
Age: 26.
Height: 5'7.
Weight: 133 lbs

Personality: Virus is calm and collected in nearly all situations. He rarely gets in situations he knows he can't get out of, and plans his moves carefully. He has a fascination with any virus string that appears new to him, and helped the SXM for the main purpose of learning how the Legacy Virus worked and how to control it. After Dark Reign, Virus seen the humans constant attacks on mutants as cowardliness. After the ordeals of HAMMER, Virus has come to the conclusion that humans are now a inferior species. Now leading the Forgotten, he seeks to see that that humans cease to exist and mutant kind reign supreme.

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Powers: Virus manipulation: Virus can create, manipulate, lean and destroy any deadly or non-deadly viral string he encounters. This can range from simple cold/flu viruses, to something as deadly as the Legacy virus. He can alter a viral string to target isolated targets or certain races. (example, target humans without killing mutants, target aliens without harming Earthly races, etc.) He can expel a viral string through the air, though touch, or through both.

This power gives Virus a natural immunity to any viral string known to man kind, as such, he never has, and possibly never will fall ill. If he chooses, he can also heal the sick by removing their illness from them.

Bio: Where Virus came from, what he did, and even who he is is largely unknown. Virus became active in the rp around the start of the Legacy Virus where he was brought to Genosha to help William find a cure to the deadly virus. He was later seen with Apocalypse, and using his powers he weakened the SXM mid battle to put the fights in Apocalypse favor. He showed a appearance in Shawkun's group, but didn't become a big player. He later gathered together a group consisting largely of fallen villains known as "The Forgotten". With Spike's help, he captured and forced Julie and Jack to join. He waited until such time as Jack could get close to a powerful telepath, which happened to be Sandra. With Jack linked to Sandra's telepathic ability, he now uses Jack to hide the group from the heroes. Now hidden, Virus plan to see mutants take over, and have released a viral string into the world designed to target the human race, and end it. Allowing mutant kind to completely take over.

Virus was found by Milo, and virus tried to convince Milo that humans was not worth saving. They made a deal to allow Virus to kill certain people, but save those supporting him. Virus virus was later stopped by Dracarot. When TOAA later altered the events of that time, Virus's virus was stopped by the SXM.
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Virus (Heroes Uprising)
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