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 Helena Von Richthofen (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Helena Von Richthofen (Heroes Uprising)   Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:10 am

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Gott mit uns. If you wish to find a supervillain to fight, this is not the place Stark. Here you find only an iron will fighting for its country
Helena von Richthofen, the Ice Chancellor

Name: Helena Friederike Rodrigues von Richthofen
Codename: None
Alias: The Ice Warden. The Ice Chancellor
Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Weight: 132 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Portugal/Germany
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Homo superior
Ethnicity: Iberian/Germanic
Personality: Helena is extremely sadistic and evil, taking great pleasure in most of the evil acts she commits, especially torturing prisoners for information. She shows a complete lack of empathy for weak people, rationalizing all abuse she hands out as justified due to her superiority over her targets. She respects strong opponents and views them as worthy as she is. As a result of her idea of strong and weak she is a perfectionist in anything she does and accepts nothing less than the best from both herself and her soldiers. She will protect anyone that works under or with her, showing great degree of concern for her men, because she considers her leadership a point of pride as anything else in her life.
Outside of battle and politics, she is polite, well read and respectful, behaving herself as an aristocrat reminiscent of times gone by.
Base of Operations: Berlin
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: None

Allies: Germany,
Enemies: Shadow X-Men, SHIELD

Occupation: Chancellor of Germany, Field Marshal of the Imperial Army, chairman and CEO of the Richthofen Conglomerate
Religion: Protestant Christian
Theme Song:
Sawano Hiroyuki - Blumenkranz (PaperBlossom cover) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Leadership skills: Helena seems to have been born to lead. She inspires loyalty in those that serve her and despite her sadism is a harsh but fair commander. She has lead the prisons of the MRD, the entire organization and is now the political power in Germany.

-Torture and interrogation specialist: Due to her sadistic personality, she is naturally geared towards torturing prisoners to acquire information. She is an expert in inducing pain and suffering and with the aid of her powers can be extremely effective in wearing down and breaking her victims.

-Trained combatant: She is taught in the usage of firearms, and has studied fencing and swordplay. She has been trained in hand to hand combat for the purposes of self defense.

Regular issued handgun for German military command.

Helena is a powerful mutant that wields the same powers as Ice-Hands of the SXM, capable of creating and manipulating ice, and turning into organic ice.

-Thermokinesis: Helena is capable of lowering the kinetic energy in atoms and project coldness from her body. A related mutation has made her body immune to sub zero temperatures. While in large scale usage she's not as powerful as Filipe, unable to bring the temperature down to absolute zero levels, her small scale usage is so refined she can lower the temperature of individual nerves in the body, effectively shutting off the brain, or dulling the pain of a wound, or even slowly causing tissue decay by preventing blood flow.

-Cryokinesis: She is capable of creating and controlling ice from nearby water vapor, with little limits beyond her own imagination. She can create ice platforms, attack with all sorts of ice projectiles and create ice walls for defense.
Even within arid environments, she can still use her powers, but requires more time and strain. However, her true skill lies in her localized effects. She can freeze off selective parts of the body without damaging the nerves, which keeps the pain live and allows her break off pieces and torture targets with excruciating effects. Her imagination for torture is vast, but her favorite method is freezing off body parts, chipping away at the ice slowly, and then unfreezing, leaving raw flesh and holes on her victims.
--Organic Ice: The ability to turn her entire body into ice she can control at will, giving her the ability to augment her form with surrounding moisture. She can dissipate into the air or grow to gigantic heights.

-Hydronkinesis: As a side effect of her cryokinetic powers, she can manipulate water to an extend, allowing her to travel along bodies of water while in organic ice. In areas with more moisture or water, she has the advantage due to to easy access to the source of her powers.
--Molecular Moisture Inversion: Ability to freeze all of someone’s water molecules. She usually freeze select parts as a form of torture
--Molecular Moisture Conversion: Ability to transform people into moisture molecules and transport them over great distances, this is the equivalent of a form of teleportation.


Helena is a girl of aristocratic descent, being related not only to former Portuguese nobility, but a famous German family who is best known for producing the famous Red Baron of the first World War

She spent most of her childhood raised in a secure environment, and when she first manifested her powers, her father rather than show himself against it, took it as a sign of her superiority over the "masses". She was thus raised to believe herself above everyone, and that she was to use her powers to carve out a name for herself and the family. He also did not hold back on her training, making sure she was taught how to properly harness her immense powers, while at the same time protecting her from being detected and singled out by both the heroes and evil organizations.

She took over the family estate and fortune when she was only 21, and from there expanded it to rule over a good part of the German industry.
When MRD first began its activities, she saw a chance to raise her name to even greater heights, and personally revealed herself to MRD top brass as a powerful cryokinetic. The MRD leaders, interested in her possible applications, especially when dealing with Ice-Hands, gave her a position in their prison complex, and from there, she quickly rose to director of the entire MRD prison division.

She served as director of the MRD prison division throughout the entire Brood wars, serving as a merciless warden and torturing prisoners personally for information, including Rachel and Filipe. When the Brood revealed themselves at the end, she willingly let her prisoners leave in the best interest of humanity. Afterwards, her efforts were rewarded and she was made the director of the entire organization. She created a team of super powered individuals to hunt down the X-Force on Genosha, managing to defeat them in combat and capture Simon. After torturing him, she triggered his Death persona.

It was revealed that she was in fact working for Hydra. When their invasion began, she turned MRD against the United States. However, the League managed to repel them from US soil. Knowing that the counter attack was coming, she attempted to torture useful information out of Aaron. Unable to get anything, and knowing Hydra's defeat was eminent, she conducted a one person coup d'état, removing the Red Skull from power and using the remaining leverage she had to get the heroes and SHIELD to agree to peace, keeping control of the German nation. She reformed it into what she believed Germany should be, and used her company to rebuild Berlin, and set up a puppet kaiser so she could rule as chancellor unopposed.

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Helena Von Richthofen (Heroes Uprising)
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