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 Sancho Yagami

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PostSubject: Sancho Yagami    Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:26 pm

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"I am Sancho, the true hero, evil shall vanquish with my power, and none shall stand against me, nothing can stop Death."
-Sancho Yagami

Name: Sancho Yagami
Codename: Kira
Alias: Death, The Reaper
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight: 139 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: Japanese-Caucasian
Known Relatives: Father, Mother and three brothers.

Allies: Derek, The Outcasts, Kira's Army.

Enemies: Shadow X Men, SHIELD, Hellfulre Cult, and Phoenix Alliance.

Occupation: Avatar of Death
Religion: Roman Catholic
Theme Song:O Death [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: He is very manipulative and can play innocent when it comes to meeting other heroes he enjoys getting others in trouble. After being targated by the Government, his family torn apart, and forced to bond with other mutants in similar situations his view on life had changed. At first he was just a mutant who wanted to hide his horrible power from everybody, and was Anti-Social regretting the deaths he had commited, becoming a 'saint' seeking forgiveness for his actions, after suffering, and witnessing others suffering, he decided to take up his powers, using them for God, and wipe out criminals, and was driven by his desire to cleanse the earth, believing himself the modern age Flood. He believes anyone against him, is an antagonist, and he should be able to stop them, and believes that he is truly Death in human form, and as such nothing can stop him.

Skills: Sancho is skilled in hand to hand combat, having been trained in the art of self defense having taken it up during his time of persecution in order to fight. He is a skilled combatant, having trained seriously, and is capable of using bladed weaponry. He can speak English, Japanese, and a host of other languages, having studied many languages. He's a capable writer working on the Vigilantism Series.

Death Manipulation: He has the power to instantly kill anyone if has their name and face by writing their first and last name on a piece of paper. He can choose the method of death and the basic method is a heart-attack. The ability to manipulate the way of death also allows him to manipulate the actual person, making them do things as planned out in their deaths. This can be useful for extracting information. He can't, however, make someone murder another person-
He can also discover a persons name by simply looking at them.

His power allows him to do more then cause death, and he's been gaining more control of it ever since. He can sense when people will die, and how they will die, and what time. He can see people's "timeline" seeing what events they will do from life to death. He himself is capable of negating death making him virtually immortal, and can negate it many ways. He can use it to stop aging, or to simply prevent ones self from dying, allowing a form of regeneration. He can use negating death as a form of healing that basically solves the problem that is killing somebody, and can even be used to revive the dead.

He is capable of reviving the dead, no matter how old they are, and only requires a thought not a physical body, and he can make somebody die with a thought, physical contact or writing it.  He can revive the dead as zombies, and control them with thoughts, and can do the same to any dead creature. He can summon legions of deceased X Men for example to fight. By Decreasing Death he can gain legivity, and by accelerating it he can cause somebody's death to happen sooner, or age them faster.  He can sense how people died, who killed them, and can predict when deaths will occur.  He is capable of manipulating Reaper's, Death's agents, and using them to collect souls, and placing them in any afterlife such as Hell, or Heaven regardless of religious affiliratrion or deeds. He can generate artificial Reapers as well, and is capable of summoning Death's Scyth which supposedly can kill anybody. His elemental shift is becoming Death itself,but is unknown if he would become a replica of the entity Death, or perhaps gain control or have sort of fusion with teh actual entity.

Sancho was born and raised in an average family till he discovered his power and wrote a hateful later about some bully's too the police and the next day the bullies died of heart-attacks. Since he was a little kid he assumed the police killed them but later as he grew up he began to wonder if he had an ability. He grew to be a fan of the series Death Note, and tested out his abilities on a random teacher. After the teacher died, Sancho realized he killed the bullies, and regretted the deaths, and decided to never use his abilities again, and he decided never to write about anything real,s cared he'd end innocent lives, and he became Anti-Social. After graduating high school, his life changed forever as he planned to go to Harvard, when the Government moved in to collect people like him.

His family was targeted by the Government, one of his brother who was already in college was hospitalized, and the family became fugitives, until Yamairo's group saved them, and he revealed his ability to them, deciding he had to use his powers against his persecutors. Using his ability he killed some agents pursuing him discovering he could gain the names of his victims. He planned to take down the Government, working with a mutant named Derek who was also being hunted, and they abandoned his family heading to D.C, while Derek managed to obtain files of people involved with the "Fugitive" operation, and Sancho killed everyone involved then murdered the people who knew about his power Strade, Milo, and Yamairo.

With the operation over, he began to put together his own comic book series known as Vigilantism, about people becoming heroes without powers basing the concept on Watchmen, but far different. He also became a millionaire within months killing and using blackmailing to get large sums of money, and avoid police. He got connections in the Criminal World, and began killing criminals. Stewart, and Gary began pursuing him, and later during Blackheart's demon invasion tried to stop the demons, but was severely injured. He recuperated months later, and found a group of homeless mutants due to the Legacy Actions, and with Derek they got a home for the Outcasts. He adopted the alias Kira, and later went against the Hellfire Cult murdering the majority of the members.

He became affiliated with the X Force, and met up with Zulan who wanted to help him. The two then formed Kira's Army, and set up a base underground, for the outcasts getting people like Jack, and Angie to join. Various Law Enforcement agencies began to hound him, and the Phoenix Alliance teamed up with the SXM to hunt him down. He was captured, and Lezune used him to kill several people planning to wipe out the human population. He escaped the Alliance's custody, only to be arrested by SHIELD, and placed in MHF with a life sentence. Months later Shawkun was placed in his body with Kevin's ability, and it was revealed Milo had absorbed his abilities. Shawkun ran his body, but later he was freed by the New Agency, and his powers restored, and Shawkun was removed from him. He decided to join the NA as payment for saving him, but once again was seemingly murdered in the Hunter's invasion.

It turns out he'd survived, and met up with Derek, deciding to help him track down Ledge. Yamairo confronted him when ATEOW began murdering, but learned he was not the one committing the murders, and was left alone. He eventually did work for Death who revealed he was one of the entity's avatars, and helped him realize the full extent of his powers over life and death. Growing bored with his life one earth he offered the position as Avatar of Death in exchange for the immortality of his immediate family, and did work for Death across the universe, as the Reaper. His role as an avatar of death made him a target of Zed, and the Many Angled ones, leading to Milo hiding him as well as Thanos and the others. Later on after Mother had killed Milo Angel reached out to Sancho begging him to bring Milo back from the dead, but he refused as Death wouldn't allow it.


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Sancho Yagami
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