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 Lucy (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Lucy (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:28 pm

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Name: Lucy
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 27
Height: 5'2
Weight: 125 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-sapien
Race: Caucasian
Personality: She is very nice and  often gets upset when she has to keep secretes or when they are kept from her. She is a skilled marksmen and despite being powerless often tries to help the group when she is needed.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, and Uncle Herbert

Allies: X Factor, F.B.I

Enemies: HAMMER, Jorgan, Dark Avengers

Occupation: FBI Agent.
Religion: Christian
Theme Song:

Skills: A partner of Milo and Michael and a skilled marksmen.

Weapons: Her sniper rifle, anti material .50 cal modified from an M82

Powers: N/A

Bio: Lucy was born and raised by her parents and lived a normal life  until joining a police station with Michael and the later was her partner.  They went on a case to stop a seriel killer  who was Zulan's father and they pursued hi min a hotel  and he faked his death casuing them to became famous as the killer had evaded the police for years.  Lucy became a skilled marskmen thanks to her special training from her uncle Herbert.

Later Milo joined the police station and she learned about him and when on a case  to rescue children Milo saved her and Michael from the kidnapper. She was shocked when Milo let Michael take credit promoting him and she had a crush on Milo from than on. Later her uncle Herbert was injured and shot by some old ex-cons  she pursued them with Milo and Michael.She found them and attacked  taking down most with help from her friends but one  named Rail grabbed her  to kidnap her  only to rescued by Milo and Herbert.

She later went to take Michael to the hospital with Milo, and Herbert. She worked with them and later worked with Michael to search for the arsonist responsible for the fires and left to stop Ledge's attack  and saw Milo,Anne, Filipe, Nate, and Zulan use their powers and helped the heroes shocked. She was told by Yamairo  she couldn't reveal them to anyone and  later the Future Strade came and kidnapped her along with others at the police station. She was rescued by Milo and Filipe  and met the group.

She stuck with them and later Milo admitted his love and they kissed and she was returned home. She  continued her relationship with him and later  was kidnapped by the Agency and shrunk down along with Michael. She attempted to fight Kathy and later was freed returning home.  She lived in Peace until Strade and the Government came to kidnap her  and when Milo rescued Obama and stopped Jason she was freed along with other innocents.  She visited the group in Asgard a couple of times  and has been promoted to assistant as well as Milo. She is currently dating Milo and he visits her to tell her about the team as Milo quit being a cop because of his SXM duties.

She remained as a police officer  fighting normal crime and became an undercover cop. She was recently involved with the Secrete Wars and Milo's birthday. During the Civil War Sindus sent a squad of German clones to capture her, forcing Milo to join Pro Registration. Over the next few months she tried to convince Milo to abandon her, but finally was killed during Milo's suicidal "rescue" operation. She was sent to Heaven, but upon her return to earth..Milo erased her memories revolving around the SXM. With this she returned to her normal life, developing a love triangle with Michael and Dale. She eventually discovered Dale's identity, and had a brief fling with him, the FBI tracked her down. She was revealed to be an agent, and her mission was to infiltrate the Agency, and later the Shadow X Men. They helped her recover the memories Milo erased, and she terminated her relationship with Dale, instead forming one with Michael, that got very intimate.

She eventually aided in the final creation of the Terrigen Mist Gun, and after Milo was consumed by the Void's power, she went after him, and murdered him with the weapon. However he rose from the grave, and murdered her a barrage of infini tendrils.  When Amora loss control of her power she was one of the many people revived from the dead, and resumed her relationship with Michael who hid her revival from Milo. She resumed her work in the FBI dealing with cases involving Superheroes, and Zane recruited her into the X Factor.


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Lucy (Heroes Uprising)
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