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 Harish Koshem (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Harish Koshem (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:39 pm

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Name: Harish Koshem
Codename: Warp
Alias: Hash, Hasish
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight: 136 lbs
Alignment: Bad
Identity: Secret
Species: Human-Mutate
Race: Arabian
Personality: Harish is a very obedient person always willing to work with others and co-operate. He is a man of faith believing in Allah but having his own beliefs about him. Despite his religious beliefs he does enjoy the pleasure of wine, women, and wealth. He believes cannabis has a divine purpose in the world, and seeks to get it legalized. He cares deeply for other mutants, and looks up to Yamairo despite being on opposite sides. He despises his family for betraying him and as such his greatest fear is betrayal and he hates traitors.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother,

Allies: Magnites,

Enemies: SXML, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D

Occupation: Terrorist
Religion: Islam
Theme Song:

Skills: Harish has knowledge of armed combat, and has some knowledge of martial arts taught to him by his father mixed with street fighting he's learned in prison.

Weapons: Carries daggers, and an MI6.

Powers: Harish possesses the same powers as Yamairo, and as such, is as every bit powerful as him. He can easily be considered an omega level of the highest grade

-Time Manipulaton: He can slow time down, to a point where it appears stopped, or even fully stop it, to a point where even light can't move. This time effect is strong enough to affect the entire planet, although, the bigger the area, the more strain it puts on him. He can also travel back or forward through time by bending the time line around him.

-Space Manipulation: He can travel instantly to any point on the planet, and potentially even farther if he has the knowledge, by bending the space around himself. He can also bend the space around objects or other people, sending them to another location without teleporting himself.

Bio: Harish Koshem was born in Afghanistan during times of war against America, and was raised in extremists who were operatives of Al Queda. He was raised to believe America was the greatest abomination and against Allah. He was raised to learn his father's trade of arms dealing learning much about weapons, how to dismember them and put them back together. He began learning to shoot when he helped deal with a NAVY Seal that had made his way inside their family's dealings. He hid the incident from his family burying the man scared not wanting to move from his friends and family. However months later the NAVY Seals lead an attack on their area, and his ability manifested going back to the past of the Middle East during the times of the Crusades. He  was recruited and joined the war managing to gain control of his ability to slow down time to play a role in the Crusades. He came in contact with a Jewish mutant being tortured, and revealing he had a form of precognition. Touching Harish he helped him gain control of his power, and in return Harish freed him before he returned to the present.

Harish saved his family from the Navy Seal attack, but realizing he was a mutant he was banned from his family, and deemed cursed to hell. He left his home stealing his father's weaponry, moving to Iraq to start up business, he was shot a few months later with an anti mugen bullet. Randomly teleporting he wound up in a church that Siya had taken over and started with her own religion to stop the Legacy Virus. Healed, he became involved with mutantism, and began helping Siya. During the conflict with the SXML He attempted to help rescue Kevin after they dealt with Sandra, but was stopped and arrested. After escaping prison he continued to work for Siya to spread her message.

During the rise of MRD he continued to spread the beliefs of mutanism for Siya, and helped hide many mutants, and gather new recruits to the church to aid in the war against humanity.


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Harish Koshem (Heroes Uprising)
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