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 Blot Bishop (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Blot Bishop (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:41 pm

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Name: Blot Bishop
Codename: Electron
Age: 51 (deceased)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 221
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Blot is a very commanding individual, and one who enjoys having order. He does not have cruel dictatorship like qualities, and cares deeply for his subordinates. He is a strong believer in equality, and as such is against things such as racism & Sexism.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother,Katie(Wife), Ezekiel(Son), and Elle(Daughter

Allies: Agency

Enemies: Shadow X-Men

Occupation: Agency Head (former)
Religion: Christian
Theme Song:

Skills: He has an extremely large amount of knowledge when it comes to science, and has impressive leadership skills.

Weapons: None

Powers: Blot is able to control electricity to attack or defense, as well as for a vast range of use. His  power is vast, and only countered by his son's elastic body.

-Electrical Manipulation. He can generate and manipulate electricity to create blasts to stun, burn or kill others.He mentally decides how many volts he  releases and can release up to 10,000,000 bolts. He can create fields made of electricity to protect himself and make bridges of electricity to walk on. He is immune to electric attacks as he simply absorbs them although mystical lightning can harm him. He  can summon lightning bolts and create lightning storms. He  can control any electrical signal, be it bioelectricity or electrical circuitry. He can thus exert a mildly control over both humans and electrical powered devices.
--Electrical Form: Blot  can turn into living electricity by a process similar to Troy's plasma form. By exciting his  own electrons to much higher degree manually (unlike Troy, who's plasma form is a product of his super intense flames) he causes her body to turn to electricity. In this form, he's immune to both physical hits, and a wide range of energy based attacks. He  can control her own size in this form, growing to large sizes, and he can travel along anything machine that uses electrical signals, like phone-lines. He can also travel across electrical storms. His only know weakness is rubber, as Ezekiel is able to hurt her while in this form.
--Size Manipulation: He can control the size of others, first by turning them into electricity, manipulating their forms, and returning them to physical state. This dampens the powers of others if their are made smaller

Bio: Blot was born in Aulborn, Alabama. As a young child,  he began developing his abilities leading to many black-outs. By the time he was eight, like all other electric manipulators, his powers began to grow. At the time he was a Christian, and so by the time he reached ten he believed his powers came from evil demons.  He grew scarred of water, and later his powers began to grow. He joined a gang when he was fifteen, and helped the gang commit various robberies. By the time he reached seventeen, he grew accustomed to the gang life until he met Katie, a woman who he fell in love with. They began dating, and she convinced him to use his powers to help people.

Blot agreeing with her, stopped his gang, and began fighting against gang activity as the hero Electron. He left Alabama going to Georgia Tech for college with Katie. After College, he became married to her, and he decided to become a Science Teacher in Alabama. They settled down, and had two kids Ezekiel and Elle. Later, however the Agency approached him, and recruited him when he became a Principle. He joined the group who's intentions were to protect and track evolved humans, till they could cure everyone of their abilities. He helped Ray and Samuel recruit members, and later began dealing with Yamairo's team.

Thanks to Yamairo's team, the Agency was slowly taken apart. He later was killed by Ezekiel, and the main members of the Agency betrayed him to get to Samuel. He was revived during Zulan's attack during the Legacy Arc,and was once again killed by his family. Once again, Zulan with Shawkun's help revived him and his current whereabouts are unknown. He's been moving from place to place in hiding but MRD has made life for him, and he was put on MRD's radar as an electric manipulator during the BROOD invasion, but they've yet to realize he's Blot Bishop.


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Blot Bishop (Heroes Uprising)
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