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 Keto Brozone(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Keto Brozone(Heroes Uprising)   Keto Brozone(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 9:58 pm

Name:Keto Brozone
Age: 25
Weight: 287 lbs

Personality: Keto is a very angry man, and a man who never seems to smile. He's personality is due to all the abuse he's experienced, and only cares about the safety of his family. He will defend them with his life, and he supports the X-force. He doesn't believe in redemption or second chances. Despite his views against crime, he's somewhat contradictory. He believes in doing whatever it takes to provide for the people he loves, and he holds a personal grudge against politicians.

Known Relatives:Father, Mother and Sister,
Skills: He's an amazing basket-ball player, and a good fighter due to his years in prison.

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Force-Field Generation:With this ability he can  

-Create strong shields
-Create ladders, bridges, platforms, elevators and other things to get places
-Create a board or saucer to levitate himself  or others
-Use his shields to move things (like telekinesis) and with this he can also fire telekinetic like projectiles
-Fire force shield blasts from his  hands that are powerful concussive blasts that can cause serious damage
-Create Weapons (ex. a sword)
-Make things explode by creating a shield inside of it then expanding it
-Suffocate someone by putting them in a shield and not letting air in
-Create an air bubble around his mouth, so he can go places without air and not let air out

Bio: Keto was born in Chicago,Illinois. There he was raised in the Projects by his mother, his dad having walked out in his family. He became interested in basketball, and began to practice. However when he reached eleventh grade his life took a turn for the worse, as on New Year's eve his mother was shot. He dropped out of school, and started to work two jobs to support his family. His powers first manifested when someone can to rob the Chick-Fil A he was working it he created a shield. Thanks to this the bullet ricocheted off his shield, and into the robber. He began to gain control of his power, and he quit his jobs.

He joined a fight club, and became known as Barrier. After this he gained enough money to protect his family, and the FBI Got involved. They discovered the club, but he escaped. He was recruited into a criminal organization, and it was there he met Jorgan Osborn. The man wanted him to join Oscorp, he'd pay him well. Keto cut off his ties with criminal syndicates, and joined Jorgan.


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Keto Brozone(Heroes Uprising)
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