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 Siya Wells (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Siya Wells (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:09 pm

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Name: Siya Wells
Codename: Priest
Age: 35
Height: 5'1
Weight: 134 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Known Relatives: David Wells(Husband, Deceased), Emma Wells(Daughter), and Dracarot.(Son in Law)

Personality: Siya is a woman determined to save the mutant race, led by her own alternate future, her paranoi, and over protectiveness of her daughter Emma. She distrusts organized Governments led by humans, placing her trust in mutants, and has been driven so crazy from loosing her family, that she believes in her own religion she started ala Mutansim. She has taken modern figures, adding them into the religion based on her own future. She is able to gather masses, and often uses her ability to gather followers, and is against anyone who harms her daughter, and trusts Dracarot more so then any other man. Over time she's adjusted to the new time period, but still has yet to trust, and may be having an affair with Greg.

Skills: Due to be raising in Apocalyptic times but she's learned the art of hand to hand combat, and armed combat. She can use a variety of artillery, and


Powers: Belief induction
Her ability is similar to that of Telepathy, Persuasion, but unlike those powers it is not a form of mental manipulation, but rather altering what the mind thinks. Meaning with this ability instead of controlling somebody, she alters what they believe, and it ovve-rrides all known defenses so her ability can work on those with other abilities similar. With this ability she can make someone believe they are a slave, or even that they have no powers, generating an effect similar to telepathic physic inhibitors. She can even make someone believe there dead, causing there body to shut down, and this can even effect immortals.

Bio: Siya Wells was born and raised in complete poverty. Born and raised in a time line where mutants had lost the war against humanity, who managed to overcome them through sheer numbers as well as advancements in technology both due to scientific minds and re-engineered alien technology. The war between mutants and humans was known as the Dominance war, Siya's parents were both known members of the resistance, and were both dead by the time she was 12 years old courtesy of the Mutant Response Division. Siya had been taught by her parents to hone her powers at a young age despite power dampening Jammers set up across the planet, she trained her body against the effects of negation.

She was forced to raise herself with only a little help from older Resistance members, as the remnants of the mutant race we're struggling to survive. She ended up delving into the beliefs of Mutanism, the belief that mutants were the chosen children of God, and that one day a powerful mutant would liberate them, and conquer humanity as they were tainted. She grew very devout in her beliefs, and it made her get better with her own power, and she eventually fell in love with someone else in the church named David Wells, a mutant with raw energy manipulation. He ended up impregnating her, and a few weeks after she gave birth, David was captured and executed by MRD forces on live television. Siya lost her faith in her beliefs and confronted one of the church's elder's who explained that he had no faith, but believed in the power of religion to motivate others.

Siya motivated by her husband's death, and former faith began expanding the faith, trying to make the resistance greater. But thanks to Terra Corp's various biological technology's including synthetic powers it was hopeless, but in the end she managed to find Hasish Koshmer who sent her and her daughter back in time. Siya then altered Emma's memories letting her get adopted, and went on to form the mutanism church in the past hoping to gain followers, and have mutants take over the world before MRD's creation. She joined forces with Apocalypse and his horsemen wanting their help to take over the planet, and enslave humanity to prevent the horrible future she came from. It was around this time she was reunited with Emma whom she recruited to the church, restored her original memories, and turned her daughter into a murdering machine. It was during this time that she first met Dracarot, whom she initially disproved of as he was running aroudn with the Shadow X Men who wanted to bring down Apocalypse, and her church of "radicals."

Siya ended up being imprisoned and lost contact with her daughter. After she was liberated, she felt disgusted with her daughter hanging around with the super heroes that stopped her from taking over humanity, but none the less helped them against the second Hunters invasion. She slowly rebuilt her church that gained followers as more and more crimes against super humans were on the rise. Eventually with the rise of the Mutant Response Division, and the mutant rights bill being continually violated, then the monitoring act Siya become a known mutant terrorist, and her church began growing at a rapid pace.


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Siya Wells (Heroes Uprising)
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