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 Afansas Corinma (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Afansas Corinma (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:11 pm

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"My Rule is THE Rule."
-Afansas Corinma

Name: Afansas Corinma
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 56
Height: 244 lbs
Weight: 243 lbs
Alignment: Bad
Identity: Public
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: Russian
Personality:Afansas is a cold and calculated man. He always plans ahead, and is not afraid to deal with people who try to "interfere" with his plans. He's very ruthless, especially when it comes to business. However his cruelty even reaches out to human life, which he is not afraid of taking. He does not enjoy needless bloodshed, but does not consider it a little ill will to be beneath him. He's a master of deception, often able to develop complex lies off the fly.He is an organized individual who cannot stand a lack of structure, and likes to use things to his advantage. He enjoys the usage of his abilities, and is one of the few mutants on the earth to have mastered his ability. While he does not flaunt his abilities, he does not take them for granted.
Known Relatives: Father, and Mother. (Deceased)

Allies: United Nations,

Enemies: X Force, Shadow X Men,

Occupation: President of Russian Federation
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: Afansas being the President of the Russian Federation has a wide range of necessary and useful skills.

He is a capable combatant being a former member of the Russian Army, with average experience in armed and unarmed combat. He's a master of tactics, and espionage making him the X Force's most dangerous Adversary.
Weapons: N/A

Powers: Territory Manipulation- Afansas has an AoE power meaning he can take control of a certain area or territory. Within the territory everyone within is subject to his 'rules'. The result of disobeying the rules he sets up is up to him ranging from searing pain to loosing your soul. He can control how far his territory extends from a room to an entire city, he has not shown the ability to reach a planetary or even continental scale.  He has shown to be able to affect powerful super-humans such as the Hulk, and even the Ghost Rider himself.

Bio: Afansas was born into a wealthy family of Russian politicians, and lawyers. He was raised in a strict environmental that didn't tolerate things such as choice, and religion.A Hardcore atheist, and raised in private school  becoming one of the most educated, and successful students in his class. After finishing his high school education he moved on to College going to America, where he experienced true freedom, and started dating, and what not however maintaining balance. During his time in America he made enemies with some members in a gang, who ended up shooting him. He returned to Russia, and months later joined the army, completing his education there. He worked his way up, and grew to understand the need of a strict, and controlled environmental after his experiences in America.

After the fall of the Soviet Union Afansas became depressed as he strives to one day control the Soviet Union, but grew to like the Federation, and eventually ending his military career worked his way into the Russian Federation using his ability to do so. He began to gain control of his power turning to comics, and a world of fiction he'd never explored to learn more about super humans, and his new ability. Using it to his benefit, after his parents died in an accident, he inherited there vast wealth, and used it during his campaign eventually becoming the President of the Russian Federation, and believed mutants were the future, and began using the Army to seek out the large number of mutants in Russia, rebooting the Red Room Projects to form armies of Russian mutants.

He clashed with the X Force on numerous occasions eventually using his ability on Fawkes, and other members rounding them up, and planning to eliminate them all, and end them. Erica killed him sniping him from afar.  He was damned to Hell for eternity where he met, and befriended Sindus rising up an army of damned mortal souls to participate in the Hell wars to gain control, he clashed with the faction of the Shadow X Men that had come for David's soul.  He was one of the 99 revived by Lucifer, and regained control of the Russian Federation claiming to be the Messiah of the Russians, and revealing his ability to the country having mastered it in Hell. He rebooted his old projects, and set up a partnership with Jorgan from Oscorp another friend from the afterlife, and using Neil Potter's MgH managed to start the Russian mutant army project with a loyalist Sebastian Yuklov.  When Milo stripped the world of it's nuclear power, he participated in the U.N's televised debate.

After the events of Dark Month meeting with Mozo, and started World War 4,  Gathering Germany, France, North Korea, and other allies against America.  He's setting up a new project using the Solar Towers which will effectively de-power the world's super humans, and is once again fighting with the X Force. However his project failed, but he did manage to turn Terrell into Russia's ultimate weapon with he help of his assistant Patricia. They used Terrell as a weapon to annihilate Japan, but Milo managed to defeat him. After his corruption faded however Milo broke into his facility destroying his project Milo threatened to murder him if he continued projects against his own kind. Afansas gave up on that, and instead decided to straighten his country, and through Terrell make peace with America, and other nations.  After the massive power wipe he formed the International Organization FRS(Fusion Revenge Squad) for the purpose of killing Milo using contacts within SHIELD to plant evidence on him that he was working with terrorists to take control of the World Government.

Eventually as the Mutant Response Division came to power, he was angered by some of their racist tactics against russian mutants, and his disagreements led to him being removed from power, and being replaced by Vladimir. He's since been using his connects in Russia to support the resistance against MRD, and the monitoring act.


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Afansas Corinma (Heroes Uprising)
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