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 Namek (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Namek (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:14 pm

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I am Namek, an Angel of the Lord.

Name: Namek
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: 2016
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Angel
Race: Variable; Preferably African American
Known Relatives: God(Father), Arch-Angels(Older Siblings), and Angels(Siblings.)

Allies: Heavenly Host, and Shadow X Men.

Enemies: Demons,

Occupation: Heavenly Host Soldier
Religion: Abrahamic Mythology
Theme Song: Lacrae Go Hard [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: Namek is somewhat of a stereotypical Angel. He was an angel designed to deal with massive scale situations, and is one of Heaven's Soldiers, due to that he's a very powerful being. He likes organization, and believes in the greater good. He does not like disorder and chaos believing that is of the nature, and also hates being idle believing that is also of Satan's nature. He is dedicated to helping God, and doing good. He tries his best follow the ten commandments, and does what's right. He acts on as his own accord like all others, but has a love for his family and other people. He puts on a hardened facade to deal with his job, but sometimes questions the morality of his objectives. He does believe ends justify the means, but still cares for the innocents considering them God's children.

Skills: Namek is a Soldier of God, but has learned the styles of many soldiers, having traveled the earth. He knows of various arctics American, ect, and has learned of Guerilla tactics as well. He's a master of armed and unarmed combat, and is skilled in various domestic skills such as cleaning, and cooking.


-Angel Killing Blade: All Angels wield the same blades, they are blades designed by the Heavenly Host, and some of the most powerful weapons in the universe. It is capable of killing any being even "immortals" so it works on mutants, and all other mannerism of creatures. It is unknown if it can harm nigh omnipotent beings, but so far it has shown no limits. The Arch-Angel's Killing blades are superior, meaning Angel's blade my have limits. When someone is killed they glow with white light before dying.

Powers: Namek is an Angel of the Abrahamic Faith.
He has the typical abilities of an Angel.
-He is able to change his outward appearance at well, and has chosen an African american humanoid form when walking the earth.
-He has large winds which he can draw into his body at will. He is immortal and does not age.
-He has immense physical strength, durability, stamina, and other enhanced physical features.
-He is immune to conventions methods of weaponry, and abilities including magical due to his divine essence.
-Like all Angels they are unaffected by psioninc energies, no matter how large the source is.
-He can fire bolts of heavenly fire from his hands or summon Angel Killing Swords at will.
-He is also capable of teleportation through time, and space with himself or others.
-He can make himself  invisible to humans, although rare sensitives may still see them.
-He can selectively appear to certain humans physically or in dreams, and deliver messages.
-He can generate illusions, and compel humans to obey his will.
-He can resurrect the dead by sharing his own divine essence with the deceased, and this can be used to heal.
-When murdered, his eyes and body light signifying his divine essence fading away. His divine essence alone can blind and deafen living creatures. He is capable of moving
-He is capable of Exorcism which is enhanced when making physical contact with the target. This can be used against any form of possession including demonic and psioninc possession, and this skill can be used to remain abilities even a connection to the Phoenix Force or mental stability.
-Namek has the ability to take away and restore a human's memories. Namek can also implant fake memories into a human as well.
-Namek has the ability to make living creatures go unconscious by placing two fingers upon their forheads.
-Namek is to maintain himself without food, water, or sleep, and to heal them after they are injured. He is  resistant to disease
-He is capable of making soul deals, and can detect souls, and track them.
-Voice Mimicry-He can mimic the voice of any being, or when thinking of a being, can say what the being is currently saying if there not currently speaking the later aspect is useless.

Despite the Angel's lost host of abilities he shares all the Angels common weakness. Holy Fire is capable of burning him, and he can be trapped in a flaming circle of Holy Oil. Heaven's weaponry is capable of harming them, and presumably Cursed weaponry can hurt them as blessed weaponry can hurt there counter-parts demons. The Heavenly Host's weapons can harm him, and beings with enough raw power.

Namek was formed 2016 years ago, during the time of Jesus Christ's ministry on earth, he was one of the many Angels monitoring the Son of Man. After Jesus's reign on earth ended, Namek decided to join Angel Academy, training to become an agent of God, years later after graduating and forming many relationships including a romantic relationship with another angel. He joined the Angel's military, and trained hard Ruth being his superior. During his training he developed a strong bond with Ruth despite her unique view of humanity, and her position, he learned she'd had a romantic relationship with Void years ago, and regretted him abandoning the Heavenly Host, but he kept that hidden, and they formed a unique bond.

Namek became one of her best soldiers, and decided to enter a new program God set up for Angels to connect with humans, believing it would help his position in the Angel's military. He went to earth and joined many American militiaries,  and joined many miliarties connecting with the various militiares around, after completing the program he returned to Heaven, and rejoined Ruth working his way up now a High Ranking Soldier soon to be General of her army. He worked for God battling various demonic forces, and was one of the Angels hunting Blackheart after he obtained the soul gem making human souls in danger, and wanted to lead a squad into Hell after Uriel told him of the innocents burning there, wondering why God didn't just release them considering he was omnipotent.

He later went down to earth to kill David to prevent him from releasing demons. He failed his mission due to interefernce from Sandra, and William. When the global demonic invasion began, he went to Genosha with other Angels to aid in the battle against the demons. He continued to serve Heaven leading him into numerous conflits with the Shadow X Men which all ended during the battle against Heaven when the host were wiped out.


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Namek (Heroes Uprising)
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