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 Stewart Lawliet (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Stewart Lawliet (Heroes Uprising)   Stewart Lawliet (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 12:11 am

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Case closed my friend

Name: Stewart Lawliet
Codename: L
Alias: Stew
Age: 30s
Height: 5.11
Weight: 139 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: He's bit eccentric, and thinks of himself as a evil mastermind. However, his pure, sometimes innocent demeanor leads him to help the good guys more often than not. He also possesses very high morals. He also possesses an astounding will, as he has conquered the possible greed and hunger for power that comes with his ability. If he had not, he would have most likely turned into another Zulan. He also likes sweets.
Base of Operations: New York
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother

Theme Songs
-Abney Park - Victorian Vigilante [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
-with Gary: Pinky and the Brain theme [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Allies: Gary, Aaron

Enemies: Kira

Occupation: Private Detective
Religion: Agnostic
Skills: He's a skilled Neurosurgeon, one of the best in the field. A genius detective, able to crack any case, both paranormal and not.


-Intuitive Aptitude. He can instinctively understand and manipulate the workings of any complex system. He seems to use this to analyze situations, rather than take powers (unlike Zulan). He seems to be highly effective at this, and manages to create entire scenarios and plan way ahead of time, making him a lethal strategist and cunning detective. He has acquired at least three other powers by studding other evolved human's brains.
--Infrared Vision
--Time-space manipulation

INT: A++

Bio: Stewart was raised in a normal family, and had a normal life. His ability developed early, and without realizing it, it gave him a great advantage in school, making him a genius through his education. He followed medicine, and eventually majored in surgery.

He became a know surgeon, and specialized in neurosurgery. However, during one of his operations, he happened to look at a brain of another evolved human. This caused him to gain his ability, and caused an accident. No harm was done
Although he was forgiven the first time, he was not so lucky the second, and he once again caused mishap when he took the powers of a telepath. He overloaded on the info, and the patient died. He was fired, and decided to use his now discovered skill to become a detective, and, in his mind, rule the world (although, his efforts normally end in comical situations)

One day, he meet Gary, and the two formed a bond of friendship, Stewart giving directions and coming up with the plans, and Gary leveling entire cities if necessary.
They were captured by the company, and apparently, Wave made constant fun of the two. One day, Yamairo's attack gave them a chance to escape, and Stewart took another power for him. He now seeks to take Yama's power without killing him. His efforts always fail, and he ends up helping him instead. He was the one that helped calm down Kathy, and also helped save Anna and Alisa when they were trapped underground.

He got caught up in the tournament hosted by Shawkun. He fought Dave, almost beating him. However, when he understood why Dave was fighting, he gave up, and encouraged him to save Sandra. He lost his soul, but it was returned to him in the end.

After spending the next months hunting down Sancho, he was asked to help train the students of the new school set up by Milo. He accepted, but continues to gather info on Sancho.

As the Civil War started, he became pro registration hoping to use their resources to find Kira. He spent the Civil War and Legacy arcs helping the government. When Legacy feel, he again went back into solo investigation
Soon, Aaron approached him and offered to help him find Kira. Stewart accepted, and him and Gary teamed up with him.

When the Predators attacked, Stewart and Gary helped fight off the LA invasion, and later Stewart helped coordinate the attacks.
He finally caught Kira during the Phoenix Alliance arc, helping put an end to them and finally getting the answer to his question of who the killer was

Stewart's next appearance was during the Hunter war, as he and Gary helped fight off the invasion on their local turf.
After that, he appeared again during Dark Reign, where he and Gary helped serve the resistance. Although not know to anyone, it was their combined effort that took down the Phalax ship orbiting the planet and removed the last forces Jorgan had at his disposal
He made a brief appearance during the X-Lords, but the resistance was quickly crushed and he fled once more

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Stewart Lawliet (Heroes Uprising)
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