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 Gary Ellsworth (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Gary Ellsworth (Heroes Uprising)   Gary Ellsworth (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 12:12 am

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Alright Stew...you're the boss

Name: Gary Ellsworth
Codename: Earthquaker
Alias: N/A
Age: 30s
Height: 7.7
Weight: 188 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: He comes off has dumb, but is actually a very competent fighter, and as just about mastered his ability on his own. He thinks fast, and comes up with unique ways to use his power. He's simple, and tends to trust people. He can be very destructive while using his power, something people tend to berate him for.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Base of Operations: New York
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father. Mother

Allies: Stewart, Aaron, SXM

Enemies: Kira

Occupation: Assistance PI
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Songs
-Needless OST: Magma Kid [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
-with Stewart: Pinky and the Brain  Theme [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: He's a brawler, and knows some basic martial arts. He knows a lot about geology, mostly self taught.

Gary is an elemental mutant with the power to control the earth. He's perhaps the strongest of the elemental users because of his ability to influence the very planet, creating destructive effects

-Geokinesis. The ability to control geological elements, like rocks, sand and dirt, and even minerals. So long as it's mineral or geological in origin, he can control it, no matter it's source (it can be alien to planet Earth)
He can flip over ground, and restore damage to the terrain, as well as create massive structure and manipulate even mountains.
He can control things like diamonds and other minerals to create powerful armors and weapons, and manipulate metal to create shields and prisons.
He's even been show manipulating the tectonic plaques of the Earth, ripping them open to throw people into the chasm, trapping them in the Mantel beneath the crust.
He can also use a sort of sonar, picking up even the slightest of disturbances around him and react accordingly, basically "hearing the earth"
He can also control lava and magma since it is basically melted rock. He can't create the magma, because he is unable to generate heat, so he needs a preexisting source
-Earth Body: He can turn his body into any form of mineral substance he has come into contact with, including plain rock, diamond, metal, and numerous others. His body can be turned into magma by intense heat, but he can retain control over it and even use it as a weapon before it cools. He can use surrounded earth to increase his size and strength.


Bio: Gary was a normal person growing up, nothing much happening around him. He lived in a small town, the kind were people know each other very well. One day, he got into a fight with a bully, and that lead to the awakening of his powers. At first, his friends were scared of him, and so was the rest of his small community

However, as time passed, they began to accept him. He had fun helping the people out, and they in turn never looked down on him or feared him. He also took an interest in Geology as a result of his powers.

One day, however, another person with a power attacked the village because he had heard of Gary. This man could do the sames things Gary could, and they fought on even level, despite Gary being younger. The man, unable to beat him, leaved the village and killed everyone but Gary. In fury, Gary sent the man down to the very bowels of the Earth, hopping the pressure would kill him.

With nothing left, he departed for the city. As soon as he got there, he used his powers, not knowing that the city isn't has accepting as his old town. He was saved by Stewart, and from then on, decided to do anything he said.

They both got captured by the company, and both escaped at the same time. Gary leveled a city to get Yama's attention for Stewart, but when it didn't work, he easily fixed the damage

He participated in the tournament, defeating Wave in the first round, while demonstrating his enormous potential for mass effects, creating a shield to rivaled Wave's sound cannon. In the second round, he fought Filipe, and managed to pin him down by manipulating the lava in the nearby volcano. However, Filipe managed to freeze the Lava, and then him. He lost, and his soul was taken. It was returned in the end of the tournament.

He spent the next months trying to hunt down Sancho with Stewart. They ended up helping Yama and his group again, this time serving as teachers in Genosha.
He followed Stew and the two became pro registration, fighting against the the anti movement. However, he was mostly inactive through this period.
When Stew got an invitation from Aaron to work on capturing Kira, he followed him yet again, always inseparable

When the Predators attacked, Gary helped defend LA. During this fight he finally showed his true power, having trained all this time to master his Geokinesis. After Namini had managed to ground the ship with two Chou Shinra Tenseis, Gary opened the Earth's crust and shoved the ship into the molten mantel beneath. He was left exhausted by the feat.
When he participated in the final attack, he again went overboard and used the very moon to smash the remaining fleet into nothing but rubble. He put the moon back in place after.

He appeared next during the Phoenix Alliance following his friend around as he finally caught Kira.
He appeared next during Dark Reign, where he once more showed his ability for massive damage when he single handedly took down an Phalax mother ship.
He made a brief cameo during X-Lords

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Gary Ellsworth (Heroes Uprising)
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