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 Catherine Anderson (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Catherine Anderson (Space Uprising)   Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:25 am

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I am the Herald of Galactus, the Voice of the Planet Eater, and his Elemental. You will bow down

Name: Catherine Anderson
Codename: Elemental
Alias: N/A
Age: 28 (no longer ages)
Height: 5.6
Weight: 139 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: She's incredibly bossy and spoiled. Unlike her brother, she will do whatever it takes to win a battle, even attack downed enemies or target innocents. She hates her brother's laziness, and will often hit him to wake him up. While she's now technically a good guy, her bad mod still exists. She's taken to toying with Filipe, calling him Icy. She shows a more respectful side, especially in regards to her boss, and any ally in general.
She's lost all emotions since she became a puppet.
Ever since she came back to life, she feels she owes a great debt to Galactus for bringing her, and more importantly her brother Peter, back, so she follows his orders to the letter and his extremely loyal to him.
Base of Operations: N/A
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father (Velon) and Mother. Brother (Peter)

Allies: Samuel's Group, Galactus

Enemies: Akatsuki

Occupation: Herald of Galactus
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song: The Prodigy - Spitfire [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: She's a master of several martial arts, which she used in conjunction with her powers to better manipulate the elements.

Catherine can be called a Elemental Goddess, for she has complete control over the elements around her. After becoming a herald of Galactus, she also gained control of the power cosmic, which augmented all her powers to incalculable scales.

-Geokinesis. Catherine can control the earth and soil around her for several effects. She can create shields, weapons, and manipulate any geological structure. As an Herald, her powers can control entire planets easily and she can cause meteor showers and other cosmic level geological calamities

-Hydrokinesis. She can manipulate any preexisting water source to great lengths. She can change the state of the water, into ice or vapor. She is able to create water projectiles, waves and shields, and even manipulate the water in another's individual. With the power cosmic, she can manipulate entire ocean's worth of water.

-Aerokinesis. The ability to manipulate the air and wind. Pressure bullets, shields and even hurricanes. With the power cosmic, her can manipulate cosmic storms and even create atmospheres in space

-Pyrokinesis. The ability to excite atoms and create fire, manipulating it at will. She can use a wide range of fire attacks, but from fire blasts to streams of fire, from any part of her body. With the help of the power cosmic, she can even create supernovas and manipulate stars. She can also create lightning with her powers, and with the power cosmic she can create thunder attacks matching even Thor.

-Power Cosmic: She has access to the same powers as the Silver Surfer. In her case, the powers augment her mutant abilities. However, she as access to other powers. She sustains herself by converting matter into energy; does not require food, water, air, or sleep (although she occasionally enters a sleep-like meditation in order to dream); and can survive within nearly any known natural environment, including deep space, hyperspace, and even within black holes and stars. She can manipulate energy in all it's states. She can navigate through interstellar space, dimensional barriers, and hyperspace, which he can enter to exceed the speed of light. She is also nigh invulnerable, and has strength, speed and endurance well above most beings in the galaxy.

STR: A++
AGI: A++
CON: A++

Catherine and Peter Anderson were born somewhere in Chicago, sons of the Agency mutant Velon. However, Velon never knew this.
Their mother raised them until she was around 5 years old. At that time, Catherine developed her powers, and their mother left them, fearing that they'd attract the agency and Velon back to her. They were left on their own, and placed in the foster care system. Peter was separated from her sister, but Catherine used her powers with flawless control at just the age of 6, and busted the both of them out of their respective families, as they went on the run. While she was the most powerful, Peter was the one that looked out for her, causing her to develop an extreme sense of attachment and protection for her brother. She would often attack people that even mildly threaten her brother, and between the two was the most responsible.
When Peter also developed his powers, the two became criminals, mostly robbing banks. Eventually, they met Samuel who had just been brought back to life. He took the both of them in, and gave them something they had never had, a family.

When she fists appeared to the SXM in the small game Samuel had set up, she fought Filipe, beating him by tiring him out. She then fought Chulance and was beaten after underestimating him.

She then appeared during the demon invasion, helping the SXM on Samuel's orders. She was essential in saving the island, as she used her powers to restore it's foundations. During the Secret Wars, she fought SXM again but her group lost

During the civil war, her side sided with the anti registration. While she couldn't do much because of the sentinels, she helped as she could
During the Legacy arc, she was the only member of her group not captured, managing to escape. She then found Luke, and with James help, managed to get intel on Legacy, that greatly helped the SXM fight them.

She helped fight Vinlo and defeat him for good, focusing on his clones along with Ray.

When the Akatsuki attacked the mansion, Samuel managed to save everyone temporarily. She ended up fighting Sasori, and was kept on the defensive most of the time. When Sasori used the Satetsu: Kaiho, she managed to avoid the poisoning by removing her own blood, and destroyed the father puppet when it was about to attack her for the coup de grace. However, when she tried to counter attack with blood bending, Sasori revealed he was a puppet himself, finishing her off with the surprise move.

However, he took her body, and she's now a puppet in Sasori's arsenal.

After around 2 years of being a puppeteer, she was rescued by Velon, and together with Peter she was brought back to life by Galactus.
In turn, the planet eater made her his new herald, and she took the job as a way to pay him back for his help. She never discovered Velon is her father

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Catherine Anderson (Space Uprising)
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