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 Peter Anderson (X-Force)

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I just want to sleep...

Name: Peter Anderson
Codename: Overdrive
Alias: N/A
Age: early 30s
Height: 5.9
Weight: 179 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: In contrary to his powers, Peter is aloof and lazy, normally seen lying down sleeping. Like Armstrong, he's very noble, but is still evil and will do whatever it takes to win. He does however, have one golden rule: Do not attack women. He also seems to have respect for Samuel, more so than just an underling, but has a friend.
Base of Operations: Genosha Mountain
Universe: 616
Known Relative:s Sister (Catherine), Father (Velon)

Allies: Samuel's Group, X-Force

Enemies: MRD

Occupation: X-Force Member
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:

He's an experienced fighter.

While he's technically a speedster, his particular power gives him a degree of speed other speedsters can't match, and allows him to fight on pair with even Milo or Madara. He's one of the strongest humans on the planet

-Speed Manipulation. Peter can control the speed of any object or person including himself. He can increase his own speed to far beyond light. His body is also built as to withstand the hardships and friction of high speed travel.
--Super Speed: He normally only uses super speed to quickly overwhelm opponents, but he can be fast enough to overwhelm even Milo and Harry. He was fast enough to match Madara, basically meaning he could move fast enough to make his physical blows be felt simultaneously in several spots.
--Molecular Excitement: He can excite his own molecules so as to phase through other solid objects. The objects molecules will then collapse causing it'd destruction. He can excite molecules in a way so as to cause explosions.
--High Acceleration: He can accelerate so fast that he leaves behind shock waves. His acceleration as been remarked unmatched.
--Regeneration: He can increase the speed of his healing, allowing him to heal wounds almost instantaneously
--Speed Bestowal: He can give super speed to others, allowing them to travel at speeds equivalent to those of a normal speedster. Mutants with healing factor will have it increased
--Speed Removal: He can remove the speed from other people causing them to move slower. He can use this in a barrier like effect, sapping the speed from the entire area.

Developed Attacks:

Lazy Punch:
Peter first slows time down with his barrier like effect, and then uses his light speed to kick his opponent thousands or more times in seconds. When he stops the barrier, all the momentum from the punches goes into effect and causes damage at the same time. Given as these blows were already powerful having been preformed at high speeds, the target will be sent flying and disintegrate almost immediately. Peter has said that if one day someone would survive this, he can't be sure how far they fly.


Peter and Catherine were the sons of Velon and an unnamed woman. The woman took them from their father to escape the agency, but when Catherine developed her powers, abandoned them as well. Peter has one grudge, and that is to his mother. The 7 year old was separated from his sister, and put in a foster home. However, Catherine used her powers to bust them out, and they went on the run.
During this time, Peter was fiercely protective of his sister, and while he hadn't developed his powers yet, he would often protect her from any threat, which usually ended with her sister beating any attackers, sometimes to death.

When he was 14 years old, sick of her sister having to constantly save them, he had an argument with her. However, he regretted it right away, and has he was running to catch to Catherine, he developed his speed powers for the first time.
Eventually, after a life as bank robbers, the two were picked up by Samuel, who gave them something to call a family.

He works for Samuel. He was the guardian of the 10th house. His speed was too much for Yamairo, and he easily defeated him. He then faced Milo and after a quick battle lost and was severely burned thanks to Milo's massive nuclear suicidal technique.

He then appeared multiple times by Samuel, and finally helped the SXM fight the demons on Samuel's orders. He fought in the Secrets Wars.
When the Espada attacked, he served as back up for Milo against the Quinta. There, he revealed the truth about his powers, that he could manipulate speed.

After the Espada incident, Peter helped the anti registration in the civil war, but he couldn't do much as the sentinels kept the heroes pinned down most of the time.
When it ended, he helped fight off Legacy, but was defeated, saved later by his sister and Luke

When Samuel's group moved to help stop Vinlo, he was controlled, his true powers finally showing, putting both Milo and Harry in trouble, until Harry used is new attack, Solar Flare, to defeat him.

When Samuel decided to investigate Akatsuki, he had Peter super speed across the planet and look for intel on them. When he returned, he found his friends and sister dead. He tried to fight Madara along with Milo, managing to match Madara's Kamui. However, Madara soon combined his powers and defeated him.
He was saved, however, and Madara defeated.

When the aliens searching for Sandra, the phoenix,  attacked the planet, Peter ended up serving as back up for Milo in DC. He used a new power, Lazy Punch, to completely destroy the giant main ship. It was later revealed that wasn't the mother ship.

Peter remained with the X-Force, helping them on several missions. During the Dark Reign, his team was shut down and forced to run due to HAMMER's constant pursuits.
Eventually Jorgan was brought down, but HAMMER's persecution didn't end. It was in this environment that Amber lost control of her powers and a very dangerous force know as the Evils of the World was unleashed. Peter, during a mission to attempt and discover the origin of this force, was killed protecting Erica and Simon. He came back as puppet to this shadow, but when the shadow was defeated, Peter was given the chance to finally rest, joining his sister in the afterlife.

Eventually Velon brought them both back with help of Galactus, who saw potential in Catherine as a possible herald. He put life back into her puppet body, and in return for her servitude, brought Peter back. The two said their goodbyes as Catherine left the planet
Now alone, Peter joined the X-Force once more, and discovered his father was Velon, butting heads and helping him numerous times.

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Peter Anderson (X-Force)
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