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 Manny Kaabir (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Manny Kaabir (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:41 am

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I'm a bloody pirate, of course I don't play fair
The Firebird, Manny Kaabir

Name: Manny Blue Kaabir (Manny Fuller originally)
Codename: Firebird
Alias: Captain "Firebird" Blue; "Manny the Phoenix"
Age: 37
Height: 6.2
Weight: 165 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: India
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Manny's a traditional pirate, believing in finders keepers and survival of the fittest. He doesn't like being betrayed. He's a romantic at heart, and believes pirates should do only what they must to survive, and never promote violence. Despite this he has a mean streak, but he's also polite, and very nice, especially to women, who he tries to recruit for his ship almost every raid he preforms.
He thinks that justice is ambiguous, as whoever has control and wins the fights, is the one that decides what the current "justice" is.
Base of Operations: Caribbean
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Baahir Kaakir (Adoptive Father; Deceased), Sandra (sister), biological parents (deceased)

Allies: His crew, Sandra and her family


Occupation: Pirate
Theme Song:
Pirates of the Caribbean OST: He's a Pirate [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
One Piece OST: Overtaken [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: He's well versed in hand to hand combat and sword fighting. He's a good shot, and an extraordinary navigator on open sea.

Weapons: Conventional firearms and sometimes bladed weapons like swords

Marco is a mutant with the power of transforming into a blue phoenix.

-Phoenix Form: Manny's phoenix form gives him increased speed and the ability of flight, as well as the possibility of launching aerial attacks. In his full phoenix form he can fly up to speeds of mach 3 easily, as well as leave trails of blue fire behind him

--Fire Regeneration: The blue fire he manifests allows him to regenerate any wounds with fire, much like how a phoenix is said to rise from it's own ashes. Because of this, Manny is very resilient and can take a huge amount of damage in his phoenix form with no visible consequence other than the time taken to regenerate. Manny apparently is unable to change to this form or regenerate at reflex. This makes Manny more vulnerable while he is in human form.  However, while elemental users retain their injuries until they heal naturally, Manny can recover from any damage he accumulates in his human form by reverting to his phoenix, or hybrid phoenix, form

--Hybrid form: Manny can transform selective parts of his body without changing the rest of his appearance. In his most commonly seen human-beast form, he only transforms his arms into wings of fire (sometimes choosing to maintain his hands) so that he can fly and still attack with standard kicks. He has also revealed the ability to transform his feet into phoenix talons, with which he can slash his enemies; Manny has also displayed being able to summon the blue flames around his person, in his human form.

-Elemental Shift Disruption: But, perhaps his most useful ability is a strange power shared by his entire crew, which seems to be either a byproduct of his mutation or a secondary mutation, likely related to his bloodline. Using a passive and latent psionic signal from his mind, he can disrupt those who shift their bodies into other matter, and interacting with them as if they still hold their original physical shape. Thus he can attack those that take normally impervious forms. This latent psionic energy seems to affect those around him, and alter their brains in a way for them to also emit it.


Manny was the oldest son of the Sandra's family, with 10 years of difference to Sandra herself. He grew up relatively normal.
However, during a vacation to India, when his mother was already expecting Sandra, he got lost from his parents due to an incident of undisclosed origin, and was essentially orphaned. However, after wandering the streets of the coastal city for days, he was taken in by a pirate named Baahir. He come to view him as his real father, and was inspired by the great free man that he was.
He viewed piracy as a romantic adventure, and hated it when is "father" was forced to do illegal trades that ended up contributing to the violence in the world
In time, he learned that was the only way for his father to feed them

One day, when he was 18, while they were out on a mission, his father was killed by corrupt sea officers, working for a rival pirate who then appeared to make sure Manny's father was dead. Manny was angry at the cowardice displayed by a man who called himself a pirate, and attacked him in rage, unlocking his powers and killing the murderers.

From that day on, Manny took the middle name "Blue" in honor of his American heritage. He became know throughout the Indian seas as a powerful fighter, a romantic idealist, and a gentleman. He never killed anyone, and always stole only money so he could survive. He was a pirate in the true sense of the word
After 4 years, when he was 22, he meet a young Henry, who was on the run because of his power. Manny saved him from his attackers, and invited him to be his first mate. Henry accepted, so as long as he could use the cannons. Manny accepted with a smile.
Several years passed and the two became the most wanted men in those seas, and at the same time the most beloved, as the always helped people in need.

When the two decided to journey to the land where pirates are made, the Caribbean, they made a crew of pirates with similar ideals and the two set off. While stopping at Japan (Manny had wanted to go there before setting sail through the pacific, they meet Eston, who was on the run from the local Yakuza. They helped him out of his troubles, and he decided to join their crew.
While ducking in South America, they meet the 10 year old Henrique, and had him tag along with them. Henrique came to see the crew as his family.

When they arrived at the Caribbean, they started to make a name for themselves, and after a year, were targeted by the USA navy stationed there. More specifically, by Admiral Menace.
He attacked Manny's crew, who at first won due to Manny's power. However, Menace soon unveiled his power and the two had a showdown, in which Manny discovered his secondary mutation, to be able to hit elemental shifters.
He gained a huge respect for Menace, and bid him farewell as he escaped.

The fighting between the two would become know through the islands of the Caribbean.
However, when the Registration act force mutants to sign. Menace refused to do so because of his own ideals. Manny gained a huge resentment for the USA government and for anti-mutant ideals which he never cared about before. He also shaped his views about Justice and survival of the fittest from that time
He continues to be active, and while not as young and more serious, still the same romantic pirate of the old days.

His first interaction with the SXM came when Rachel, Filipe, Troy and Katy went on a cruise ship through his area. He ended up raiding their ship, and fought against Filipe. He easily overwhelmed him, as Filipe didn't expect him to be able to attack him head on.
After that, he was approached by Sasori from the Akatsuki, who invited him to join. He said that soon, the world would end up forgetting what freedom is, and that he should fight for it. Manny of course wasn't convinced, but joined in hopes of finding out exactly what the hell the group was about.
He was tasked with capturing the elementals, as he could strike them down. He managed to capture Filipe and Troy. When the group regrouped in the island at the center, he meet Sandra for the first time. Her story moved him, and he decided to help her out by being her comrade, extending an invitation to join his crew.
The SXM showed up to save their friends, and Manny ended up fighting the demons that exited the portal to the Brimstone. After that, he returned to his crew, not really wishing to keep aligned with the Akatsuki. Sandra took him up on his offer to join the crew.

After that, he mostly kept to his routine, occasional struggles with Menace and living his life as a pirate. However, whenever Sandra was threatened, he'd end up helping her as well.
His next major appearance was when Eston returned to Avalanche for a while, in return for leaving the crew out of whatever they had planned (this included Sandra). However, Manny and the rest went and forced him to come back, with Eston deciding that trying to do personal sacrifices with Manny would be pointless.

After that, when Sandra returned to the SXM, he stayed at the island for a short time. There he witnessed Dave come back, and break up with Sandra. he helped Dave wake up to the fact Sandra still loved him by punching him in the face.

He and Menace, as well as the rest of the crew, helped fight in the Hunter Wars, securing the shore when the X-Factor was taken out, and the helping free the city of Boston from their control.
After that, he decided to join the SXM to keep Sandra company. He leads his crew as a separate team

He remained with the SXM for some time, until Dark Reign. He was one of the few members to not be captured, and he and Aaron joined forces to track down Fior, who could get them documents that proved Jorgan's foul play. When the SXM split up after their victory, the group went back to the Caribbean. However, he soon returned after they retook Genosha.
During the incident with Amber, Manny was killed in combat with the shadow. The shadow also caused Sandra, who was present, to lose control of her powers and see into his subconscious, and discover they were brothers. After the fight, he was brought back, Sandra refusing to let him die after she had just "found" him. When Sandra told him, he didn't real feel surprise, and was just glad to be there for her.

The crew soon left again for the high seas. He returned briefly for the X-Lords incident, joining up with the naval force of the resistance, but they were quickly defeated, and after the rewrite by TOAA took up residence back on Genosha again.

He was captured and throw in jail during the events of MRD's take over, under unknown circumstances. After he was released he decided to visit his sister, running right into strange events involving a Dave impersonator.

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Manny Kaabir (Heroes Uprising)
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