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 Heroes Uprising

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising   Heroes Uprising - Page 37 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 1:20 am

"Milo groaned as he took two more bites of the cookie screaming heard hell amplified by his super hearing, so far things weren't going good."

Milo: Thanks Sandra...had to use my mom's recipe. Anyway enough talk about bakeries, Aaron do you really want to die? James what's the final decision..it's not the first time Aaron picked them over us. Marie's never left us..me....

"Milo's eyes shined with power as energy and electricity began surging through his body flowing into the orb he'd formed in his palm which began expanding. As he did this he stretched his neck while opening a portal from the negative zone returning Oliver and them to earth's atmosphere near where they first entered the portal."

Milo: Ollie and them are back, Amber my business with her deals with God's homies so..unless you  know how to contact the big man then let it go and bring Marie back..now this is my final warning..Aaron..I'm not Yamairo..you're my friend...I like you..but Marie I love her.
"Sebastian hit the ground spike i nhis chest, as he began bleeding, people fleeing in panic, as people fled they were dialing 911 Shawn stood up."

Shawn: Why isn't he getting up? What the hell is..Hey who.
????: Shawn Jackson you're coming with me.
Shawn: WHo the fuck...
???: Do not talk to an angel of God with vulgarity..when you are the one the Lord himself is putting on trial..murder of innocents is not tolerated.

"The Angel teleported over to Shawn vanishing, as outside sirens were heard as police cruisers lay on the ground as Sebastian lay on the ground bleeding now dead."


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Heroes Uprising
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